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  1. So I’m just really exited for the full release of the madness project nexus game, and due to being a beta tester I’ve been playing through the new arena mode with several characters and love the idea of choosing one of several origins and then specialising with powers and better abilities after that. I’ve made this topic to just spitball ideas for what might or can be implemented into the game, as well as a few other things involving the arena. Jesus powers: I love the new nexus bolt, ranged pickup and the buildup attack, and I would like to see a few new sub powers that he possessed in
  2. I mean. I think a few of the bosses count as robot animals anyway, but I don’t think animals really fit in with the madness combat/ project nexus aesthetic. This is a sort of dying world aesthetic where everyone is just trying to survive and every day a bloody slaughter occurs, where the worst off eat zombies or shoelaces and the best off make due in the wreckage of an old factory district. Animals just shouldn’t exist in this type of world
  3. Honestly I love the game, but I feel like weapons are missing one rather important detail, what are the strength requirments to one hand each weapon, or even just to wield huge weapons. I would say each weight class, like tiny, medium, huge, gargantuan, etc, but the requirements seem to vary on each weapon. And the lbs sign does not help in this regard as I seem to be able to one hand a 12 lbs weapon but not a different 10 lbs weapon.
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