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  1. how to add multiple characters or remove a character in a story mode (for example there is 2 characters in the mission and you add or remove a character so it will be 1 or 3 characters than) or remove a character in a story mode)
  2. i said you need flash player 11 projector and i made someone from rebooting the madness and also i added roadtrip throught to the mod
  3. 2nd last edit December 31st 2020. last edit: January 3rd 2021. Update Download January 5th 2021: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hlgfsvyhtxypjy9/Madness_Project_Nexus_%28Enemies_Modified%29.swf/file this is my first mod with jpexs i modified the agents glasses the engineer mask the soldat body and the riot guards mask recommended to play with adobe flash player 11 projector. download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/f1pbgacz9svgiws/Flash_Player_11.exe/file
  4. i am too lazy to do it myself and just replace some assets like the heads with the rebooting the madness head
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