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  1. I need the name because I wanted to do a remastering of that user's agency because I'm quite liking the organization and I'm a little disappointed that he left something so good so I'd like to ask for permission so if someone remembers his name please tell me
  2. well it's good to me and see someting diferent for our favorites mercenaries
  3. sorry for the textual cancer for those who managed to read this shit that I had really created that I do not serve to create an organization.
  4. I thought that this would be the typical organization that only wants to protect Nevada and destroy the typical AAHW, no? However it is noted that this has differences with PON (Protectors of Nevada) as for example your organization not only wants to protect Nevada but the whole world of anomalies such as monsters, viruses and other harmful organizations that use science for the aforementioned and I hope you enjoy your stay here and enjoy what you do seriously you have talent and it shows and you have an impressive creativity I would like to join this faction however I am already in one and th
  5. una pregunta cuando sale el mod de pn2? solo pregunto si no tomate tu tiempo.
  6. I really do not get tired of saying this is the best organization I've seen in my whole life. You really do a great job in improving this every time and it shows that you put love, dedication and commitment to this good job.
  7. This reminds me of the conflict that has existed for 50 years in my country between guerrillas, mafia, gangs and paramilitary groups
  8. ok seeing it from another perspective has your answer logical and honestly the ranges were too exaggerated but more, however, I would like you to put the grunts again because really starting from official is something like very hurried do not you think? Also if you see that you want to put the grunts back put them with a basic armament (only a suggestion) and to finalize also the AAAA consortium (PS: sorry if you find it annoying but simply are just some minimal suggestions)
  9. It is very amazing and interesting this race at the same time they are quite powerful and the truth was very intrigued to know about the origin of veles and also do a good job narrating new ideas
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