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    1. G17


      how to use cheat to madness realm mod copy

  1. Search it up or download? Or add me on Discord: Sam Puckett#2708
  2. Basilix


    why is this discussion topic useless, if you wanna make a topic then make more than just ''hi'' please?
  3. Do you have discord? Add me: Ensydeouz BlvxkByrd#6056
  4. Look at the video link in description, of the owner.
  5. That mod is canceled. Old Days Mod has a beta download in the new youtube video posted by the creator itself.
  6. New Update! All agents, grunt's, atp's are yeelon's new minions (from realm 5 the monster ones) New Kelzad Design! (design like realm 5) and yeelon too!, Hank has a new design too which is cool!, same goes with the new design of kelzad's lightning sword!, Since Kelzad was based through grunt's body, i had to change the doctor hornfar head, to become Kelzad, hold shift and type HEAD07 and BODY13 Yeelon is based on phobos sprites, so to be yeelon's look, use HEAD08 and BODY08 cheats, Here's the link and enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/file/esvohoqo514ivzh/mc_nexus.swf/file
  7. Forgot to mention, Mag Abomination is Freyr, if you wanna see him, Use Cheat: CALL38N
  8. Fixed: use cheat HEAD04 for zalmandar head! and Cheat BODY24 for the doctor clothes, do the cheats while holding shift, once done, stop holding, if not know how to activate for other cheats to work, hold shift and type CHON, when you typed while holding shift, stop holding, and begin the cheats journey, it's required to do with other cheats in order to work. Enjoy!
  9. Big Update: New Main Menu, New Arena, New Buttons, New stats while in mission/arena, Added Freyr and Zalmandar (problems with zalmandar head) http://www.mediafire.com/file/esvohoqo514ivzh/mc_nexus.swf/file
  10. You can atleast download my copy of realm mod, the topic exists called ''Madness Project Realm (sorry for copy read description)''
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