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  1. i thought it's gonna be a one-time glitch at first until i retry the stage even going as far as re opening the game the entrance was still there.
  2. after finishing the fight i come across the mysterious Entrance when you enters it it will bring you outside of nexus city for some reason. Desktop_2020_10.21_-_20_15_47_04.mp4
  3. The last zombie constantly stuck on the cliff or smth. Desktop_2020_10.21_-_19.46_10_03.mp4
  4. so i got beat down near the moving platform and the body still rag-dolling on the ground it keeps on going even tho i got hit by the flame a few times,rending me unable to fight back or even get up at all. Desktop_2020_10.16_-_18_00_05_01.mp4
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