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  1. Spriting is amateurish and choppy but its still my creations and im proud of it
  2. taken up animation and with the help of a good sister. I've still got much to learn and hone but I will become one of the best. Gun Shot.mp4 nother gun run.mp4
  3. CANT figure out why theyre side ways
  4. I'm not dead. Just a break ya know? Anyways heres Garmr and some grunt bois
  5. >Access Cerebral Cortex….. [GRANTED] [Project: GARMR awaiting ORDERS…] {You’re orders are to break a stalemate between our forces and well-equipped rebels within District Foundry 069-1 these rebels have splintered from the original faction. These rebels have raided three of our weapon cache bunkers, using them against us. They have a surrogate MAG Agent activated under their command. This may be your first challenge but me and the successor believe you’re ready for this kind of danger. Expect a few energy based weapons, though prototypes they can breach your suit.Know that your
  6. More drawings. some monsters I made
  7. The Next addition is going to be a longer one but after it. I'm gonna make a fanfiction account to be more compact. So expect something I guess..
  8. Second short of GARMR >Access Cerebral Cortex….. [GRANTED] [Project: GARMR awaiting ORDERS…] {Currently District 027-5’s sewers are being used as a rebel weapons trafficking route. You’re goal is to assist an ATP combat Engineer with planting explosives through the entire sewer section. He cannot be injured at any cost. If you find any rebel cells, your second objective is :EXTERMINATE: the cell and destroy any weapon caches. Know that there have also been sightings of the Blood Brood within this sewer section. Kill any you find and burn their bodies. You wil
  9. My first Shorts will be dealing with a character called GARMR. Super mutant that is controlled by the New AAHW in my story. A synopsis will be written of the worlds current setting and events. This is a big step for me cause I've never really posted my writings aside from discord friends. so far they say its great so I'm hoping others will think the same >Access Cerebral Cortex….. [GRANTED] [Project: GARMR awaiting ORDERS…] {You’re are being dropped into a warehouse where an unknown amount of rebels reside. It is believed to be a medical waystation to transpo
  10. Maybe like an automated Nail gun with a propulsion mechanism much like a crossbow. I'd imagine the Syringe gun from tf2 would fit this kind of design
  11. Ms.Riona


    Im intrigued
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