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  1. https://www.fanfiction.net/~fungicidal OH FUCK, TURNS OUT THESE DUDES GO OUT AND DO SHIT SOMETIMES
  2. I think they've mentioned it a couple times as an option for future DLC, if the game proves financially successful enough to warrant it. The kickstarter missed the mark on its inclusion once it came out a bunch of those credit cards weren't real, but I do hope they end up making it.
  3. Great stuff, the squinting is something I don't often see many people draw well. Grunts tend to look kind of odd when applying features to them, but this works great. That mag also seems to be carrying around some trophies.
  4. Pneumatic guns are great, I like the idea of a huge tank being fastened to one's back to power the thing more efficiently.
  5. ACTIVE DUTY FORM You are itching to ship out. Your pipe has not tasted brain matter in a while, or you just feel like making yourself useful for a change. We got you covered. Please sign the following document with your full name, rank/title, and tick all the boxes that have your preference. Your officer/personal coach will have final say in where you are deployed and with what duties, so as long as you don't irritate them you should end up assigned to the duties you marked. Average wages consist of 25 SCRIP per outing, varying based on duties performed. Duties with higher-than
  6. GTS REQUISITIONS CATALOG Fancy meeting you here, chum. Now that you've had an outing or two under your belt and your core is getting a good workout, chances are you will be able to actually lift any of the following options, and perhaps even use them to your great advantage! We know you'll make us proud, and Spades knows you'll do everything in your power not to disappoint. Remember that the average wage from an outing is 25 SCRIP, which is a very fair price for the lack of effort you are clearly putting in. You can do better. STATE-OF-THE-ART MELEE EQUIPMENT BL
  7. Likewise! There's not really an ETA right now that I know of beyond "try and make it before the end of the year", but the arena mode update is coming out rather soon which is one of the last big overhauls before release if all goes to plan on the devs' end. The changelog is a good indicator of where krank and swain currently are with things, I feel!
  8. I obviously can't speak for the devs, but having played the game for quite some time now I can safely tell you that pretty much everything you mentioned is already in. Personally I feel the gore could be messier, but it's definitely got plenty.
  9. Are you lost? We all feel lost sometimes, friend. Especially when all sorts of weird shit begins to go down in your neighbourhood, and what used to be a safe place to enjoy a hotdog is transformed into a battleground for savage gangs, cold and uncaring corporations or shadowy agencies. Sometimes things that should be dead are not. You want to rise up, do something about these jerks who moved in and ruined everything, but you lack the resources. You lack the training. You lack the skill. Not every fella has the will to harden themselves. That's where we come in. What are
  10. Gotta love the Literally Explode button. Nice work, impressive!
  11. Seconded! Not much to contribute beyond "goofy fake guns are fun and make for interesting loadout choices". As for my own suggestion: I'd love more semi-automatic pistol diversity, such as the automag, the para or a match version of the USP lookalike, with matching stat changes. Might already be redundant with weapon mods for the latter, of course.
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