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  1. Well goddamn, I should read dates better then. Sorry!
  2. It totally does, bus stop is full of dudes chatting about the demo.
  3. Haven't heard any statements, but pretty sure it ain't gonna happen. Last I heard they were considering making it a post-release DLC type deal. What they had planned for zed mode sounded really awesome, but also "Oh boy, 6 more years of devtime" awesome.
  4. Lovely work, very comprehensive. Glad to see multiple angles on the guns, them textures are gorgeous. The striker .45 is lacking its chunky barrel modification, haven't seen it spawn without that in the quartermaster.
  5. Think the counters are because of really good timing, so pat yourself on the back for that. MERC Gunners are a pain in the ass, hit them in the back of the head with a thrown axe or a quick burst from your sidearm and they should kneel fast. Hirelings just kind of pick skills for themselves based on their class, which can change as well once they get good enough.
  6. Title says it all. Replicated three times now across different patches, guessing that's the moment to submit a report innit? The unarmed Mag Agent who drops in from the roof in the third wave of Endless Train also has a penchant for doing his cool one-handed coup de grace, even though he has no gun so he looks like a doofus. I kind of like it though.
  7. Most satisfactory. Any reading material is appreciated, the lobby is rather dry and don't get me started on the breakroom.
  8. Experienced this as well, latest patch and playing on lower settings seemed to have fixed it for me.
  9. Oops, already in. Pretty much any of the wave missions can be done indefinitely at the end. Fucking around in the sleepwalker after finishing the VR tutorial just lets you fight regular grunts and agents in the classic PN arena, which is dope. There's even G0L3Ms later on.
  10. https://www.fanfiction.net/~fungicidal OH FUCK, TURNS OUT THESE DUDES GO OUT AND DO SHIT SOMETIMES
  11. I think they've mentioned it a couple times as an option for future DLC, if the game proves financially successful enough to warrant it. The kickstarter missed the mark on its inclusion once it came out a bunch of those credit cards weren't real, but I do hope they end up making it.
  12. Great stuff, the squinting is something I don't often see many people draw well. Grunts tend to look kind of odd when applying features to them, but this works great. That mag also seems to be carrying around some trophies.
  13. Pneumatic guns are great, I like the idea of a huge tank being fastened to one's back to power the thing more efficiently.
  14. ACTIVE DUTY FORM You are itching to ship out. Your pipe has not tasted brain matter in a while, or you just feel like making yourself useful for a change. We got you covered. Please sign the following document with your full name, rank/title, and tick all the boxes that have your preference. Your officer/personal coach will have final say in where you are deployed and with what duties, so as long as you don't irritate them you should end up assigned to the duties you marked. Average wages consist of 25 SCRIP per outing, varying based on duties performed. Duties with higher-than
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