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    bug [1.09b] buffed weapon mod bug

    It happened in my game, just exit and enter again.
  2. LuGamer011

    bug Elevator bug (v BETA 1.09.b)

    Also, the buggy ones move slower than the normal ones.
  3. LuGamer011

    bug Elevator bug (v BETA 1.09.b)

    Hello, today I'll show a bug that makes my game in history mode un-playable. It happens in the version 1.09.b . The thing is, when I play the level The boom factory the elevators glitch making this happen. And I can't afford some level parts, like the bridge. Hope you can fix it! -LuGamer011 from Argentina. P.S sorry my bad english ? BUG IN BETA v 1.09.b.mp4