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  1. + a minor typo. Should be "If the nexus core CONTINUES moving forward"
  2. Am I missing something? I wailed on this Sleepwalker GOL3M for FOREVER and a half and even got a 1271 combo on it before it died.
  3. No collision with the wall here in the stairwell room where you fight the GOL3M in Climb! I only discovered it by falling through it.
  4. This time the fan in Murder Room 1 seems to be being shifted by the corpses I'm tossing in there. One set of fan blades is tilted at a large angle from the other. I'll post a picture when I can.
  5. Mine lagged like all hell until I had to quit, but didn't freeze entirely.
  6. Correction: The head wasn't chopped off, like I thought. Rather, the head was by itself, and the body disappeared. Of note in the image: The lone head despite the the three grunts I shoved in there.
  7. It doesn't seem to be hacking up the cannon fodder that I shove in there. They die, but no corpse, or blood splatter happens. They simply vanish and the counter goes down. That was the highlight of my arena mode character. EDIT: When I killed a grunt by shoving him to death, and his corpse fell in the fan, his head was chopped off, and blood splattered on the wall. It works with already made corpses, but not with those who die by the fan, apparently.
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