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  1. Lobones12

    bug [v1.12.b] 2 Murder rooms

    The weird thing is that they're both different. The one on the left has different and less units than the real one on the right.
  2. Lobones12

    bug V(1.0.9b)Silenced guns dont shoot

    Yeah, my silenced guns do not even do damage. But one of my pistols only has a different barrel and not a silencer, but it still doesn't do ANYTHING.
  3. Lobones12

    bug 1.09.a arena mode bug

    I'm having some problems with playing some arena mode levels. So far, I have tried to play training room and murder room but nothing happens. I just load into the map but it doesn't start. Not even the wave 1 sign or skip button appears. And neither does the countdown to the fight.