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  1. Still, that's really strange that all guns fire three rounds. Making several weapons fire bursts is reasonable, in my opinion, however giving us more guns sounds good too.
  2. VEVEN

    bug [v1.12.b] 2 Murder rooms

    I think i don't even have to explain this.
  3. VEVEN

    Inner City - Can't find the power source

    I found battery here: Try pressing E while searching for it. This will highlight the battery.
  4. 1. I don't know is it a bug or not, but I remember when Krinkels was streaming he could ring the bell right at the beginning to get a little easter egg. Now I can't ring the bell. 2. In second room: 3. In room with the lift: + you put 2 lines of "sprint" in controls.
  5. VEVEN

    Version 1.12a has launched!

    Hell yeah. Finally.
  6. VEVEN

    Searching for something to play?

    I play Nuclear Throne sometimes, even thought it's possible to make MC mod or something like that. I don't really like EtG. You know, that type of stuff you just don't like. Also played Broforce and Streets of Rogue, yeah, they're good too. I'll try Deadbolt and then Hotline Miami, never even heard about first one. Thanks for answering!
  7. VEVEN

    Searching for something to play?

    Waiting is hard. And while we're waiting for new updates for M:PN2 we can play something else. Here goes my question: what games do you know, which have at least a bit similar atmosphere as Madness? I'm asking because i'm bored as hell, I want to play something but I couldn't find anything interesting for me. Maybe this topic would help people to find/share good games. Don't know, I just hope I won't die of boredom.
  8. VEVEN

    Firearms you'd like to see in the project nexus

    How about this boi from the game which will never get the third part?
  9. Murder room have this problem too. Guess it's like the lifts in previous update.
  10. VEVEN

    bug [V1.09B] prolouge impossible to complete

    Had the same problem, but it's not happening for me now. I just used alt+tab then and everything worked again. also, this bug happens in some levels on the rooftops, 3-1 or 3-2, i dunno
  11. VEVEN

    About "Madness" difficulty

    You know, it's not only about me being lazy. I mean the way you unlock the madness difficulty is not very good in my opinion, and I want to know what other people think about it ?
  12. VEVEN

    About "Madness" difficulty

    I just started a new game to replay all levels on Madness difficulty, but I'm too lazy to complete level normally, and then play it on Madness. I think something have to be done about Madness difficulty. Like, making it available from the start, unlock it by completing the game (which is not possible now) or just unlock it for the period of beta test. What do you think about it, guys?
  13. VEVEN

    Burger Gil question

    I guess so.
  14. VEVEN

    bug [v1.09b]Flood control bug

    Yeah, I died a lot in this section just before the bossfight, and i couldn't pick up anything after loading back (to the checkpoint, good idea btw), but when I were fighting (if room is not cleared) I could pick up things. That's really strange, i think it's not because of some weapon's attribute.