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  1. Moving the topic here as it seems the Technical Assistance side of the forum is inactive. I stopped playing PN some time ago thanks to personal stuff, and now I wished to tackle it again and see how much had changed. At the moment I am with Sanford and Deimos and, if my controller is plugged in, it instantly starts in coop mode. I'd love to know if there was a way to disable coop in-game only, not having to unplug the game-pad every time.
  2. I have not played PN2 (Or, i guess, now just "PN") for quite a while (I believe I stopped right before the coop update). As I played Story Mode and got to the first part with Sanford and Deimos, the other character defaulted to P2. Is there a way in the options for me to avoid that? I wish to play the game solo.
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