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  1. Wally takes the opportunity to run the other direction and charge at the tank, but he fall over and stopped breathing. ( bye bye, Wally. The soldier’s life ain’t for you)
  2. Wally forces himself up using the body as leverage before leaving it with a respectful two pats,” Ay’ our luck ran dry for both of us.” Wally is motioned by Carters to tug along further.
  3. Dummy is gonna then shoot two more shots into the most damaged zed ,with his shotgun, spending one UAP on two Ranged Points. He would then end his turn by using up his two last UAP to run 30 meters the same direction, spending 6 MP.
  4. Dummy would take out his Winchester and use one UAP to gain one shooting point but also receive an extra shooting point because of the shotgun bonus to waste 2 shots into the first zed. He then uses the rest of his UAP to exchange into 6 MP to back peddle 30 meters.
  5. Wally gets on his side and slides right by a body to drag it towards him. He searches the body for any medical items mostly, but he wouldn’t mind finding some funds,” Yea, lieutenant they fixed you up a nice thinking bowl didn’t they?”
  6. Now dummy would waste the rest of his ammo to use this attempt to get two body shots and one headshot by shooting from his revolver.
  7. Wally’s body trembles violently for a second before swaying back to where it was before He still his holding his side but he is able to stand firmly now,” AHH THAT HIT THE SPOT SARGE! We gonna fuckin’ blow all their backs and fronts right? ” Wally takes one of his pistols out still using his other hand to hold onto the wound.
  8. Dummy would then hold his ground and reload his revolver.
  9. “Yea in a moment captain..” Wally eases himself out of the peice of rebar, leaving some residue of his blood stuck on the rebar itself. Wally then limbs over to Carters,” Fuckin’ chums can’t spare me even a swab of disinfectents. You do me some kindness, right lieutenant?”
  10. Dummy tucks away his sword into his bag of holding for later use and takes out a whinchester 1879 and a .38 special revolver. He holsters the whinchester and aims the iron sights of his dingy revolver towards the horde. He presses the trigger three times to get three shots flying towards the horde. 3 UAP= 3 SP Two shots aimed to the torsos’ of random zombies the last one aimed for the head of a random zombie
  11. What spiral of fire closes in on the group, and screaming can be accompanied by it. The spiraling fire isn't some sort of artillery, but just Wally on fire....(In mid air) Wally's fall is broken when his body slides into a piece of rebar right into his side, avoiding any major organs. Wally breaths a little frantically (his still slightly on fire) and manages to say,"My clothes didn't burn off with my back skin didn't it?" His clothes somehow survived kinda meh, except whatever he had on his back.
  12. Dummy continues his blind assault, letting the weight of the blade take his body spinning around getting the blades to spin over to where the grunt is. 6 meele attacks aiming for the torso
  13. Dummy decides to close his eyes this time and continuously swing the blade horizontally on the sides of the grunt’s helmet. 3 UAP for 6 meele strikes
  14. As the armored grunt wails on Dummy with multiple axe swings bouncing off his rib cage, Dummy would wind up his L337 sword and swing it vertical upward towards the grunt’s helmet repeating the same motions to expend the rest of his UAP. 3 UAP= 6 meele points
  15. Oh sup Glad you noticed the wall o’ text mister and the lack of a proper system. But we are just some simple men in a simple world. Only us chickens here
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