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  1. Climb! is hella tough. The first main challenge is the double MAG fight, then after that you got an office area that I've not gotten past yet. That's not to say Sanford and Jebus' level isn't easy either. Thanks HIVE. I'm playing these levels on Normal and I don't wanna imagine having to redo them on Madness because right now, they are incredibly difficult. I imagine once the game is officially launched in Early Access, levels will become much more balanced as more people can get their hands on the game then. The Mining Sector is a bit of a slog since the levels are fairly long and don't
  2. In general, I find that I get stuck trying to find C-4 and other important collectables in levels. It's a little frustrating because there's not much hints on where the important object is. So I thought of a solution. Why not make the important items glow a little? It'll help stop them blending into the scenery, making it easier for less keen eyed players. You think this would work at all?
  3. I gave Jestin a little visual upgrade. Also may have disturbed the Pilot by knocking his bin over, hehe.
  4. Had him since Alpha. Amazed that the save file hasn't been corrupted by the updates.
  5. WeirdScience. Made the Sleeper Labs level so bearable, the lack of medical cabinets combined with a marathon of a level made it real tough. I also like Just After Midnight cause that's some top quality beats. makes me wonder if there'll be a soundtrack released when the game comes out?
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