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  1. Updated the forums and updated to a new theme, You can switch between dark and light theme from the user bar under the site logo forumdemo.mp4
  2. The whole site will be replaced soon enough.
  3. We updated the forums and the theme . any issues please let me know
  4. I will work on a system for this some time soon. i have the role set up for it already.
  5. At this current time, there is no option to do this. we hope at some point we could add this to the in game settings menu.
  6. Removed the 30 minute post editing limit. happy editing.
  7. Added Discord Login Option, Can Be Located In Account Settings Added Social Info Options, Can Be Located In User DropDown Menu (for Discord Add As: USERNAME #1111
  8. C:\Users\NAME\AppData\LocalLow\Gibbing Tree\Madness_ Project Nexus 2\Careers
  9. Swain is Michael Swain. is this your first time installing the game?
  10. i would doubt it, the control scheme just isn't suited for a controller unless we take out features to make it work.
  11. Post your Madness memes here. use the Images tab. anything that does not break the forum rules. ?
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