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  1. Yep, I checked my spam folder as well, no dice. No results for a search of that full email name, and the only results for "Madness: Project Nexus" were again forum dms and the old alpha steam key. Is there any way I can get the soundtrack email re-sent? One of those emails probably has a receipt in them somewhere so I can provide it if needed.
  2. So when the soundtrack for the game went on Steam a couple of months ago it said that you would be getting keys out to those entitled as soon as you could get them. Have they been sent out yet or not? If not then silly me. If they have then my key might have not made it past the spam filter... I searched up both "madness" and "soundtrack" in my email and aside from a couple from like 4 years ago there didn't seem to be any results. Could I get some feedback on this, please?
  3. In this room in Climb! there is a powerbox that needs to be destroyed to progress. However, the only way to destroy it is to shoot it while it's off screen from the raised platform. By the time I realised this, I had spent most of my ammo fruitlessly trying to fire under the barrier or killing enemies, and because I missed most of my shots (because I couldn't see where it was) I couldn't destroy it. The camera pan to the box didn't trigger until after my ammo was gone. Unlike other sections like this, there is no ammo box to replenish ammo, and enemies do not drop guns. I had to restart the le
  4. I'm guessing it's when he dies during the animation, because I experienced a different bug with my companion being dead, where it would respawn them on the train and their portrait would be bright green from the green healing effect when they talked.
  5. Finally 'beat' the Blackguard after a few attempts. When I blew off his body armour it revealed a shrunken torso that was fatter and the ends and very thin in the centre, like there was some model bug. Also, when I 'killed him' after he got out his minigun, the other Tower Guards ran off, but he just stayed at 0 corpus. He was still 'alive' though, but his AI was disabled. I was not able to progress after this. EDIT: Somehow it is possible to kill him for real by chucking a grenade under him, launching him in the air, and letting fall damage finish him off. Ragdolling him in o
  6. The fanatic bandits are almost exclusively equipped with either bad melee weapons or knives. The melee is fine, but it's particularly annoying when 3 or more bandits spawn in with knives, because they will throw them at you at supersonic speeds from offscreen and your tac-bar will vaporise instantly. They do almost no damage, but it's still annoying to have enemies tear off your tac-bar and not be able to do anything about it. I may have missed something obvious about the Graveseeker fanatic bandits because I'm an idiot, in which case please tell me, but otherwise they block 90% of your melee
  7. I started up PN2 Arena Mode today, and when I pressed (I) to enter my inventory, this is what I saw:
  8. How about an assault rifle that was accurate in short bursts and single fire, but the longer you held down the trigger the faster it would fire and the more damage it would do, while massively reducing accuracy? You would have to consider the tradeoff between firepower and and conservation of ammo, and make tactical decisions: Is there a big enough clump of enemies that reduced accuracy wouldn't make a difference? Do I need to focus on getting out of this room alive first, and think about the long term ammo supply later? Will I kill these zombies faster and safer spraying at close range or tak
  9. Hey, I think you forgot to change the link on the PN2 website. It still links to the old forums, which still provides the URL for this forum, but even so, you might want to change that.
  10. MC 11! God tier, legendary animation. Well worth the years long wait!
  11. I think I might have briefly played Sift Heads street wars. I used to be quite into Sift Heads, I've played most of the games.
  12. Ah yes, I 'member Adventure Quest. What was ToonTown? I've never heard of it but it sounds interesting.
  13. Same here! I remember I first saw my older cousin watching it when I was about 5 in 2009.
  14. Yeah, that's what I ended up doing in the end. I somehow managed to get both his cleaver and his knife, and I just used deimos as bait for the regular Zed while I killed Gil.
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