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  1. Luke


    Oh, ok. Neat!
  2. Luke

    Firearms you'd like to see in the project nexus

    How about an assault rifle that was accurate in short bursts and single fire, but the longer you held down the trigger the faster it would fire and the more damage it would do, while massively reducing accuracy? You would have to consider the tradeoff between firepower and and conservation of ammo, and make tactical decisions: Is there a big enough clump of enemies that reduced accuracy wouldn't make a difference? Do I need to focus on getting out of this room alive first, and think about the long term ammo supply later? Will I kill these zombies faster and safer spraying at close range or taking headshots from a distance?
  3. Luke


    Hey, I think you forgot to change the link on the PN2 website. It still links to the old forums, which still provides the URL for this forum, but even so, you might want to change that.
  4. Luke


    MC 11! God tier, legendary animation. Well worth the years long wait!
  5. Luke

    What MMOs do you guys love?

    I think I might have briefly played Sift Heads street wars. I used to be quite into Sift Heads, I've played most of the games.
  6. Luke

    What MMOs do you guys love?

    Ah yes, I 'member Adventure Quest. What was ToonTown? I've never heard of it but it sounds interesting.
  7. Luke

    First MC animation you saw by Krinkles

    Same here! I remember I first saw my older cousin watching it when I was about 5 in 2009.
  8. Luke

    Burger Gil question

    Yeah, that's what I ended up doing in the end. I somehow managed to get both his cleaver and his knife, and I just used deimos as bait for the regular Zed while I killed Gil.
  9. Luke

    If you wanna have fun

    You could make it so once the apotheothises (apotheosi?) are in the game you need at least some level of the Mag apotheosis for dual wielding heavy weapons like the miniguns or shooting even a single one with any accuracy, although maybe an epic sharpshooter apotheosis would allow you to shoot a single minigun with sniper like accuracy similar to what the Auditor does in Madness Combat 8 too.
  10. Luke

    Old Arena Mode Back PLz

    They already have the old arena map in the story mission Sleeper Labs, although you only do one wave of lunatics and sleepwalkers before you move on. I wouldn't be surprised if they added legacy arena missions for the regular and Zed arenas in PN1 (maybe with the old style of waves)
  11. Ok I'm going to take this as meaning I'm an idiot and I missed a really obvious generator that you have to shoot behind the spikes lol?
  12. So on the Scenic Route level, a couple rooms after you beat the Mag Bandit, and just after the room with the dinner bells, there is a T shaped room with a spike door directly ahead of you, and a dead end corridor with a grated switch. There are a few zeds here, but endless waves of Swamp Zed will come out 4 at a time from the pipes in the roof. They didn't stop coming out for at least 8 minutes, the grated switch never opened, before I tried killing all of them as fast as possible. I managed to kill all of them so there were no more zeds after about 2 minutes of trying, and symbol in the upper right flashed green for about 0.3 seconds, and the grate opened (and stayed open), before another wave of zed spawned in.
  13. I mean, guns, obviously, but you don't really have access to that much ammo or that many guns in most zed levels, it seems. I used to have a lot of trouble with them once I ran out of ammo, but it turns out that Sanford's hook is brutally effective against them. All you have to do is throw it at them, 80% of the time it will insta gib their head from a distance, and because the hook comes back it doesn't cost you anything. Far more effective than whaling on them for 20 seconds until your character decides to land some headshots.
  14. Luke

    Burger Gil question

    Yeah, I assumed it would be, it's just he only started doing it once he did a takedown on Deimos in a really awkward corner and his movement bugged out a little bit for a few moments.
  15. Luke

    Burger Gil question

    So is Burger Gil SUPPOSED to start running at a speed of approximately FUCKYOU mph once he gets down to 2 corpus or is that a bug?