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    I have simple questions and suggestions to Mr. Swain and Lord Krank. Will there be more maps? Like a ghost town filled with Zeds? also, will there be a function where you can create your own character? With custom hairstyles, clothes? (I know you can create your own weapon and cheats in Kickstarter damn it) I did not acknowledge anything of Pn2 since I had more things to do so don’t fist me with a happy slap.
  2. The transmitter is actually at the back of the head. Also, i forgot to mention, that the Controlled Agents can turn around quickly like in a video game since they are controlled.
  3. I have some suggestions for enemies in PN2. 1: Elite Soldat/Engineer. They have increased tac-bar, health,etc. Their masks/thingies are changed into red and their uniforms have changed to red. They also have a star on their vest. They can also wield 2 weapons. 2: Controlled Agent (change the name if ya want) They cannot die unless you destroy their transmitters (a controller directed to the brain) or destroy the one who's controlling them, or shut off their power supply for them. NPC: Maybe some freindlies would be nice? Who give free health in Easy mode? (Normal and Hard and Harder
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