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  1. I don't think such alliance will be possible (Cursed use infected and other abominations to aid them in fight and Liquidators are supposed to get rid of them right?)
  2. Grunts are spine of most factions ,but faction made only out of grunts doesnt seem to be insanely tough...
  3. Not smooth enough . characters are teleporting in the middle of screen and 3 starting ones got brain errors . 7+/10
  4. I play games for a challenge not for runtrough for casuls , as i said assistance should be optional like cheats devs mentioned , secondly most enemies in this game are basicly cannon fodder with no special abilities nor tac bars and even if they do , good player does know how to combo weapons or who to pick off first so lil hide n seek with mission objects is ok for me .
  5. Don't wanna sound mean but , what's the point of playing if there is no challenge only ''YO PICK THIS BRIGHT ITEM UP'' sort of mechanic , I think this should be 100% optional if such mechanic will be added to the game.
  6. This guy looks like he is ready to reclaim Jerusalem from mecha zombie alien hippies ... 9+/10
  7. Shouldn't that go to discussion part? Also do you suggest that mc11 will be released 1 day after hl3 is finally out?
  8. I hope not , it would take too much time to make other versions while PC one aint 100% polished and ready yet
  9. Well in order to balance the fact that zeds dont dodge they are more durable , otherwise fighting them would be child's play on other hand Gestalt is a unique enemy / sort of boss
  10. It would be great if there would be a jukebox with madness combat series soundtracks etc < ya know nostalgia n stuff>
  11. Well next thing which is official would be AAHW mode (i think it ll be similar to Mighty Quest for Epic Loot <before Ubi screwed it up> , when it comes down to mechanics)
  12. Let's just hope it ll be before 3rd episode of HL2
  13. Free? Ahahahaha u serious boi? do you seriously think devs would let such masterpiece go out for free , ye keep dreamin.
  14. Moral - dont try to shoot the sheriff <Redeemer>
  15. Temporary allies you say? I got weird metal slug 3 vibe out of it
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