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  1. nootnoot

    Does anyone know how to get the chainsaw?

    Fun fact, if your character is leveled up enough, you can dual wield chainsaws.
  2. nootnoot

    Who's your favorite enemy to fight!

    It's always satisfying to kick grunts, then shoot their incapacitated bodies.
  3. https://soundcloud.com/locknar/violator-engine The song was removed from Soundcloud, personally I really liked that song, is it coming to PN2?
  4. nootnoot

    About "Madness" difficulty

    Just don't be lazy then.
  5. nootnoot

    Tac-Bar & Grappling

    The big guys in the Facility, I think they're called Elite Agents, their attacks penetrate through Tac bar, is that normal?
  6. nootnoot

    Loving the discounted cosmetics!

    Frontal Bombsuit Plating for 8k? Hell yea!
  7. nootnoot

    How the fook do I beat the sheriff?

    Shoot him till he dies I guess.
  8. Overwhelmingly positive, if that's what you mean.
  9. nootnoot

    What's Your Favorite Music Track From PN2?

    Deputized and Vulture Feast.
  10. nootnoot

    Firearms you'd like to see in the project nexus

    Mega Hammer from Pn1, Lever action shotguns, M14, and the OA-93.
  11. nootnoot

    My character ( 7/29/2018)

    I thought there already was a glowless tricky mask in the armory. I def saw it many times, along with a "slit" eyes variant.
  12. nootnoot

    My character ( 7/29/2018)

  13. nootnoot

    My character ( 7/29/2018)

    My character right now, still need a few skills in the Acrobatics tree in order to be maxed out.