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  1. bossman just runs into a wall instead of going through the door
  2. everything in the level itself seemed to work fine and it was awesome but when i had completed it i was in a stuck camera angle and couldn't do shit and when i tried to go back to the main menu it just gave me a black screen. (this btw is the camera angle i was talking about)
  3. (Just Steve Enjoying Some Coffe also i got a Tablet so YAY!)
  4. His Name Is Steve So Please Be Nice to Him Because He isnt The Smartest Fellow in Town.
  5. they just dont rotate its like they're dead(noticed a few mins later: apparently every fan(vent fans,the fan next to the pc where you can hire squad mates etc.) have stopped spinning
  6. Ey if anyone misses the old arena mode as much as i do then write a comment here :-)(Krinkles plz)
  7. no in the flood control level you are unable to pick up anything atleast thats how it was for me
  8. you can dual wield miniguns now so have fun:)(btw i have 4 miniguns equipped:D
  9. this mode technically was added so that the devs could test models enemies guns and items sooooo.....
  10. yea this is hella annoying i couldnt pick up the trident the boss dropped but i wanted it so badly
  11. also found this while playing V(1.0.9b)club adbent bug
  12. well i was surprised by the update 1.0.9b comin out so fast but i noticed that silenced gus dont shoot bullets anymore so please fix it
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