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  1. Editing PN1 is quite the tricky thing to overcome with all the programming nonsense i have to get set up. I was trying to find a way to replace some of the clothing in arena with more er.. Fashionable choices? What i'm saying is i was trying to replace a coat but i have yet to understand why the image i import usually gets stretched out. Is there some odd limit or requirement i have yet to know? All i want is just some sick-ass bandages to replace the lame couple of jacket and vest choices in the arena store. Please tell me if i'm actually a lobotomite and how stupid i am for not knowing t
  2. Says this year in 2019 is when he releases the mod but doesn't release it in 2019, Reveals it to be released on madness day 2020 to further blueball people.
  3. The mod has a glitch where if i try to move diagonal or press and two movement keys at the same time ( Up and down or Up and Right) It will force my character to keep going in that direction when i let go
  4. I wish there were multiple bandages Lol
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