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  1. MoonlapseVertigo

    About wounds in bodies, looks and consistency

    I think that enemies still fighting when crippled would be too much, I guess. Maybe that would be fitting for the Zed enemies, sleepwalkers or abominations. About the sounds, I dunno. Maybe it's subjective, but in my opinion I think that having a special gory splash sound instead of the usual BAM sound when you critical hit someone with a shotgun and blow their brains out would be perfection.
  2. I may sound like a broken record for the people that discuss this topic frequently with me, but I decided to post about it on the forums, since it's easier to see and to read. Let me start by saying that this game has a WONDERFUL potential for a very gory and satisfying experience. Bones and flesh beneath every character's skin? That's awesome as hell. But one thing I've been noticing for a long time now is that there's not much consistency when it comes to wounds in general. Sometimes, I would fill an enemy with lead on his torso and there would be only two blood spurts on his legs. Or shooting someone clean at the torso and him not having any wounds at all. There's much room for improvement on this part of the game. Also, another thing I wanted to talk about are the looks of the wounds themselves. Sure, it would be very demanding to have 3d wounds ala Max Payne 3 (And it wouldn't really fit with the style of the game), but having them look a bit more like bullet wounds with a little dark spot at the center of the wound would improve on the feel a lot. Also having different wounds depending on the type of weapon (If it's a firearm, blunt or slashing weapon). is great. Like having a big horizontal bloody slash wound on the enemy's body when you hit him with an Odachi. Sound design is also very important. In my opinion, the sound effect that plays when you critical hit someone should be different depending on the type of weapon. It's really weird to hear that punching sound effect multiple times when you're filling a horde of enemies with bullets. or hearing it when you just scalped someone with a katana. Anyway, these are only suggestions. They'll probably come at the end of the development cycle, when Story Mode is finished and Arena is in its final stage of polish. But it would be cool to have 'em nonetheless.
  3. MoonlapseVertigo

    Firearms you'd like to see in the project nexus

    I know we have quite a few Assault Rifles, but having a G36c equivalent would be really cool.
  4. MoonlapseVertigo

    Firearms you'd like to see in the project nexus

    Man, it would be really cool to have the SPAS-12 in the game. My favorite shotgun by far.