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  1. I'm not talking about crossbow or such. This was influenced by New Dawn's saw launcher, and I thought a similar vibe of improvised weapons in the post-apocalyptic world (or apocalyptic, for if you view it that way) of MPN2's Zed Survival mode. I don't see it having any merit in the campaign or arena mode, where available munitions are enough to get the job done. A world that's has been destroyed and reborn into a twisted visage of itself is bound to have limited resources, such as ammo, run dry. Some may be preserved, but it'll rust out beyond any use. It might not, however if you're a survivor, you're more likely to go to gurantees rather than maybes. This weapon would come into play, either by bandits or you, when the weapon and munition quantity is nearly extinct as humanity itself (end days, as stated on the kickstarter), which Zed Survival looks to potray it to be. (If the kickstarter updates aren't deemed irrelevant now, in that case) I would imagine it working out like the Helsing or Tihar from the Metro 2033 series, powered pneumatically and utilizing a conventional magazine-like system. I don't have a accurate mental picture of a practical design -a cobbled together, but has a charm to it-, although I'm still contemplating the concept of it, function and appearance.
  2. I find it amusing imagining Sanford and Deimos having Microsoft Mike and Sam voices, especially the bit of meathook-man slapping the ATP mask off of Deimos' face.

  3. ColonelPKA


    I don't know what to feel about it, in the Madness universe, no animals of any kind would be seen. Beside, most of the audience is fixated to Hank's (or another character) slaughter.
  4. ColonelPKA

    Interactive game

    Shoot his hands, aim for connective tissue.
  5. Wow, it's my eighteenth birthday...can't believe it...

    I wish all well with the pleasures of the past, getting into adulthood is something...


    1. Audanti'sshitposts


      Welcome to adulthood where all your time disappears!

  6. ColonelPKA

    Interactive game

    Wow, Jeremy's the unluckiest Grunt ever ? Grab the gun and dome him.
  7. ColonelPKA

    Interactive game

    Retreat, and then fire shots at his head until he goes down. Luckily for Jeremy, he got the healthkit.
  8. ColonelPKA

    Interactive game

    Jab him in the face with your free hand, and then smash it down.
  9. ColonelPKA

    Interactive game

    Order them to turn around and lie down, hands flat against the floor. To make sure they stay down, kill them, then take anything valuable you have space for.
  10. Hey guys, I'm not dead.

    It's been a while since my last post.

    Reason? Well, graduating year is a real grind to my poor fingers and time?

    Anyway, I predict that next semester will be easy (well, according to my personal opinion of the timetable) so I'll have more time, so hooray for that ? 

    See ya guys soon!

    1. Audanti'sshitposts


      Glad to hear you graduated man!

    2. ColonelPKA


      Thanks :) although I have next semester to go through before I hit graduation lol

      Still, thanks for the encouragement!

  11. ColonelPKA

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    Carter's scrutinizes the man, remembering his face before answering. "He's over there, by the fire."
  12. ColonelPKA

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    Instead of a blast helm, Carters' Santa cap catches the swath of snowflakes falling from the heavens. A brown-white furred collar overcoat covered his arms and uniformed frame. He consumed a shot of rum from which he just bought, leaning on a wooden wall in the trench, contemplating life and decisions. He still has his rifle, although bereft of ammo, beside him.
  13. ColonelPKA

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

  14. ColonelPKA

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    He leaves to stock up on grenades.
  15. ColonelPKA

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    "Better than last year, in my opinion. We're slowly pushing them back."