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  1. Pretty sure that happens when you right click while holding a key. Never had it happen when holding two keys at the same time. Could also be lag.
  2. Unless sleepwalker is inactive. It's a race to see who will make this mod first.
  3. MydoomfesT


    When export it, it doesn't contains the packages scripts and the font(it will change it to the default font). You can only get a good .fla if you personally ask swain. But he doesn't just hand that stuff out, for obvious reasons. Edit: The reason the package scripts, like itemgenerator, don't export properly is because Jpexs seems to have a problem with the files. These are the error messages Jpex gets when the swf is even opened.
  4. Kinda, stuff like a dismembered head will appear in lockers, but no special weapons/armor will be in the shop
  5. Then what did you use this for?
  6. Why is the automag V a mini shotgun. Use the automagV from interactive
  7. Maybe just make then look like giant agents or giant elite bodyguards
  8. They're probably going look like generic grunts
  9. Sothink seems to always give me an out of memory error when extracting sprites
  10. Jpex doesn't let import my modified itemgenerator.as
  11. If only there is a way to make them only have one foot
  12. I found the file that controls the stats of enemies like grunts and agents, but there is one bit that confuses me. weaponarray, what does this do? For the grunt, the line contains, "ppk","beretta","glock20" but some grunts spawn with weapons other than that.
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