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  1. Yeah this hard af, I didn't expect grunts would throw their weapons. And it was on easy!!!
  2. MydoomfesT

    Madness Project:Nexus mod Old Days

    ooooo i new mod
  3. MydoomfesT

    Madness Project nexus ModV7

    One improvement is that there is supposedly more items you can mod into the store like SARS guard here are links to what i mean https://madnesscombat.wikia.com/wiki/Madness:_Project_Nexus/weapons https://madnesscombat.wikia.com/wiki/Madness:_Project_Nexus/armor The mod also didn't seem to have the electro cannon unlike mod v6
  4. MydoomfesT

    Madness Project nexus ModV7

    One error I found is(possibly when get all max stats) when you get shot in arena, your character keeps on playing the tac bar break animation over and over
  5. MydoomfesT

    Madness Project nexus ModV7

    Nice! it isn't made by johnson but it's just as good