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  1. Zandermanith

    Firearms you'd like to see in the project nexus

    The Bren's actually already in the game! MG42 would be neat though.
  2. ...Upon realizing the vent can be re-entered by Hank, the circumstances of this prog stop suddenly become a lot more specific and "If you had this happen you probably did it on purpose" but I'm gonna point it out anyway. On the first elevator sequence where Hank and Sanford split up, if you murderate everyone then have Sanford exit through the door you entered through, Hank and Sanford will both be present on the first floor when they re-enter. If you have Sanford enter the elevator and then have Hank exit through the door then re-enter, Sanford and Hank will be present on the first floor, except the elevator will have already gone up. Hank can enter the vent to the second floor, but Sanford can't, as the elevator requires both members to be present and doesn't feature auto-teleporting, Hank won't be able to proceed up the elevator without Sanford, who's stuck on the first floor.
  3. If they don't change it with the next update, I'll be surprised. I mean I always thought the Merc H Rifle was supposed to be a marksman rifle dealeo, but now it fires in bursts.
  4. Zandermanith

    bug [1.12D] Mag Execution Ragdoll Bug

    Now this requires a rather specific set of circumstances to occur that I just so happened to cause, but I'm gonna mention it anyway. If a character is blown out of a Mag's hand while they're in the middle of their execution attack, they still get affected by the ragdolling prompt that occurs after the animation is finished. Note how Hank was blown off the building and then fell right back off while climbing it at the same time the Mag fired his shot. Just don't mind my bright idea to decidedly fire a DC-NAN at point blank range.
  5. If one companion is dead when you transition into the train chase scene (Or more likely if they die during the animation), then the appropriate cutscene won't play and by extension, the timer won't either. The actual gameplay sequence still played out as normal, albeit skipping the first dodging obstacle, though I didn't care to find out if the timer was just invisible now or not. Also the endless debris that's meant to fall during the "Find C4 in one of a billion containers" section isn't currently falling, not sure if this is a bug or a change, but if it's a change then it kinda renders the exercise of opening a billion containers pointless. Actually just seemingly all the "random" falling rubble is broken. And the door to Crackpot's room goes through the top of the entrance when opened.
  6. Quite a severe bug that I'm pretty sure has been around a while now, although I dunno why I didn't mention it before. In the part of the stage where you have to lob grenades at a doodad to unlock a bridge there's an upstairs (Upramp?) portion and if you stand anywhere in the circle, the camera will move above the ceiling and completely block the camera and only show darkness. It's quite a large portion of the area so it's a bit of a big deal, especially considering that's where the Engineer squad spawns in.
  7. Zandermanith

    bug [v1.12D] Hits Stop Registering

    This occurred to me a couple of times during Climb! and I thought it had be patched out, but it seems that isn't entirely the case. This now happened to me during Seeking Asylum, all attacks will stop registering, both player side and enemy side except for thrown weapons. It came up first during the final friendship test and I was actually saved from it by an Asylum Patient's kick to the face! The second time occurred right at the start of facing the boss, on one hand, now he couldn't hit me at all, but on the other hand, I had to spend several minutes throwing swords at his sporadic rear end.
  8. Zandermanith

    bug [v.1.12.D] Tutorial can't be completed.

    I doubt this bug will be fixed as the Tutorial's already been completely gutted and reworked behind the scenes, right now you'll just have to check off Skip Tutorial in the Character builder.
  9. Zandermanith

    Companion Reaction Animations

    I've found it most notable in Story mode when I leap onto a Golem's back and he retaliates, I switch to my partner to wail on him while the other does that kick in the face. It seems like half the time when I switch to my partner, he does that "Hands out looking around suspiciously" animation which takes up a full couple of seconds. It's really irritating. You've been in the room for like a minute already, there's nothing else to see there.
  10. Zandermanith

    Companion Reaction Animations

    Something I've noticed in both Story Mode and Arena Mode is how AI companions will occasionally (Or in Arena, after almost every kill) do an animation, whether it's a slow clap, or waving their hand in the air in triumph or whatever. This is nice and all, but can this be addressed? These animations cannot be interrupted manually, it stops characters from attacking for a couple of seconds even in the middle of a firefight because they wanna celebrate their existence. If you switch playable characters to someone while they're doing their animation, you can't move or do anything with them until they're done with it. It's cool and all to add little personality touches like that, but when they so severely cut into the flow of the game for no reason other than flair, it's probably best to make them interruptable or rework them altogether.
  11. Zandermanith


    There are bandits, they're pretty close to animals!
  12. Yeah this bug has been around for as long as I've had the game, it'll probably get fixed when the team starts work on tweaking Arena mode.
  13. Zandermanith

    The M249 needs another mag!?

    Hey if you think the M249 is bad, at least it has a 200 round magazine, the BREN is basically an AR with LMG penalties, including only having one spare 30 round magazine. These reserve ammo mechanics are only present in Arena mode, which probably hasn't been tweaked in a long while (With the focus being on Story mode). It's likely some things will get retuned when the team is done with story mode and move onto polishing Arena.
  14. Zandermanith

    bug [V1.12D]

    Please remember to write the bug in the title. The devs are already aware of this issue, although they've never explicitly stated if they're gonna fix it or not. I imagine they will, I mean every gun being burst fire is silly.
  15. Zandermanith

    Drop is Now "R"?

    One of the changes that came with 1.12 was changing the drop button from "Q" to "R" and moving Reload from "R" to "X". I've personally swapped Drop and Reload's new prompts around with the keybinding options, but I'm just curious as to why this change was made? Was there some kind of technical issue with "Q" acting as both picking up weapons and dropping them back down? It seemed like a logical control option to me.