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  1. There's a computer to the left of the door to the pilot, you can hire hirelings there.
  2. It was a Kickstarter tier that was never reached, but it's still a maybe for post-release content if the game does well.
  3. Try going into the game's Properties on Steam and "Verify the integrity of the files", that might work, but if it doesn't, it's unfortunately a bug that as far as I know doesn't have a consistent solution.
  4. I don't think anything from the Kickstarter is relevant at this point. Zed Survival's not even gonna be in the game period. At least not at launch. AAHW mode could still be a possibility, but I think anything online-related is out the window.
  5. It's easier for business and newcomers that this game isn't advertised as a sequel considering the original game isn't on Steam and is just a Flash game. Incidentally the original game has been rebranded as "Project Nexus (Classic)"
  6. The game cannot be purchased currently, not until the game releases to Early Access. But the release is right around the corner! I mean it's been right around the corner for the last couple months, but this time it's actually right around the corner, I believe they're just preparing the promo stuff like the Steam page, live action commercial and new website.
  7. Can confirm the pistons stop operating when the level is reset. The current dev build of the game has an absolute metric crap ton of tweaks and changes, so here's hoping this bug is one of the things they already addressed.
  8. I wonder what goes on in the minds of people who decide this is a worthwhile thing to spend time doing.
  9. I feel like that's an idea you might want to expand upon more. Origins currently (Granted they're basically placeholder) are just small passive changes with some starting gear.
  10. Yep. The team's aware it's broken, they're not gonna bother fixing it because they're currently working on revamping the intro anyway. You'll just need to hit the "Skip tutorial" checkbox in the character creation screen to bypass it.
  11. Oh yes, are you also still considering retooling particular Story mode rooms as Arena stages? I remember discussion of that during one of the ancient podcasts and that seems like a rather easy way to add more variety to Arena alongside hand-crafted stages specifically for it. Maybe it could be considered a bit lazy, but hey, given the nature of the game, a lot of rooms in Story mode are basically arena rooms that you don't stay in for as long.
  12. Well at least it's an authentic Madness experience, I mean when do you see Madness guys carefully tap firing with full auto weapons?
  13. Most excellent. I have a strong desire to see my OP Arena guy get flooded in gunfire in maps other than Murder Room 5.
  14. Summer. Within the first half of summer if I had to take a guess considering the original release date was May.
  15. I know proper work hasn't actually begun on Arena mode yet, but I'm wondering if an endless mode for stages will be considered, I assume you can program an automated formula for scaling enemy distribution. Like you could have a stage on Easy, Medium, Hard and Madness and after completing it on Madness you could unlock Endless mode. Mostly I want this because there's some stages I really like the design of (Training Room 3, Abandoned Outpost), but as you get more powerful, earlier stages, even the hardest difficulty becomes absolutely trivial. This is of course, the natural course of
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