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  1. AgentGabe55

    Who's your favorite enemy to fight!

    Oh boy do I know how that feels. Stick to Sanford's hook because trust me you can go on alot of killing sprees with that thing! Especially with those Zed's!??
  2. AgentGabe55

    Who's your favorite enemy to fight!

    I very much agree!
  3. AgentGabe55

    Who's your favorite enemy to fight!

    Omg yes!??
  4. AgentGabe55

    Who's your favorite enemy to fight!

    Ive always wondered what the madness community thought about enemy types! Mine personally is support units! There big, fast, durable, annoying, and they stun you alot! Yet there so dang fun to fight! So everyone what's yours! ?
  5. I love playing as Jebus! His sword along with his magic makes him insanely fun to play as! He can slam dunk enemies! Disintegrate them! And all sorts of stuff! Who do you guys love to play as!
  6. AgentGabe55

    What's Your Favorite Music Track From PN2?

    Blood son for sure! It's so dang catchy!
  7. AgentGabe55

    What's your favorite level of the campaign mode in MPN2?

    Personally mine is Deep storage! Fighting the Nexus along with all sorts of cool and neat enemies gives me a fun and joyful experience! Gestalt is also scary as heck and he's definitely one of my favorite enemies. ?
  8. ? ?️????️?️????  ? ??

    commit not living

  9. AgentGabe55

    Groupen asken

    Personally I think it's a really good idea!
  10. AgentGabe55

    Generic stuff

    Oh sweet!
  11. AgentGabe55

    Sons of Veles

    Good job dude! You have a very creative imagination and I can't wait to read and see more! ?
  12. AgentGabe55


    Sir yes sir!
  13. AgentGabe55

    Generic stuff

    Hey I have a question. Since I'm a newer soldier to this beautiful army I start out as a private right?
  14. AgentGabe55


    I am very skilled in combat and I'm also an excellent marksmen. If you want I could start out as an officer and then further along the lines I can get promoted however that's up to you sir.
  15. Hey leader! I'd like to know what rank I can start with because I would like to join your military.