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  1. I... don't know. I've never had this problem with working Demo before. Maybe you've been going about this the wrong way, maybe DEMO is not how you're supposed to get this mod working after all.
  2. The only people who have the game now are the ones who backed the kickstarter back in 2014, or bought the game from this website in 2017-2018. You can't buy the game right now, you have to wait for it to release on steam.
  3. he asked that back when the discord was private and you've had to have the beta to enter
  4. Nope. Dw though, I've fixed the issue in the new version of the mod (17e). This happened because there was an invalid item that normally doesn't appear in the quartermaster shop.
  5. Yeah the mod was outdated* for a while, the game updated to 1.31.e It should work now
  6. https://imgur.com/a/lJWZrUf There were a few weapons added in 1.15 (arena update) so im gonna update the imgur gallery later. Watch out for spoilers!
  7. Ik it's outdated, update to the mod soon
  8. XDefault


    look at my latest post
  9. How to join the official M:PN discord server (This was previously a full guide, but recently the server has been released to the public.) https://steamcommunity.com/groups/madnessprojectnexus/announcements/detail/5283258201392103761
  10. Do you have Discord? It would be a lot easier to talk there than on this forum. Add me to friends if you do. XDefault#1241
  11. Yea some problems can occur with custom stuff because some pc's read data differently. That issue is acknowledged and fixed already but the file on this page is a little outdated. I will be uploading the latest version of the mod because currently I have major internet problems.
  12. that would be too much for me but if someone would do that for me then i would definitely add it to the mod
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