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  1. XDefault

    Old Arena Mode Back PLz

    maybe a 5th gamemode "endless" on every map (and add the old 2 maps from pn1), and you get xp depending on you current wave, kills and such?
  2. XDefault

    The Great Army of Grunts

    Or can it >:3 I hire only the best of the best (min. core 2 everything).
  3. This is the official group of the Great Army of Grunts. -This group is mainly for Madness: Project Nexus 2 players, who want to join to the Great army of Grunts. Requirements: -No hat (only mask wich covers only half of the face is allowed, althought not recommended) -Vest (optional) -Gloves (optional) -Cool weapons -Boots (optional) -Good Abilities. Prefebly maxed out character, but its optional. (minimum core 2 abilities) -be kind (not to enemies tho ?) If you want to join, you need to give me a screenshot of your character and skills you have to have a possiblity to join. Steam group link: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/GruntGang What's this group for? It's for sharing screenshots, talking/chatting, participating in events, having fun, sharing fanfics, roleplaying etc. This is a military-like group. I am the Highest General of the Grunts. Admins are Battalion Commanders Moderators are Captains Members are Soldiers Everyone is a grunt. If you betray, the only one being betrayed is you... This is me, The Highest General of the Grunts. You take orders from me, you listen to me and you don't betray me.
  4. XDefault

    The Adventures of the Super Pals RP

    uhh, no xd
  5. XDefault

    The Adventures of the Super Pals RP

    my character
  6. XDefault

    The Adventures of the Super Pals RP

    Name: Boi Age: -1 Powers/speciality: super lazy, rest is unknown  Backstory: this lil boi got fired from aaaahw (agency against agency against hank wimbleton) cuz of being too lazy. 1 day after this the corporation was gone. Dont mess with this boi
  7. XDefault

    Firearms you'd like to see in the project nexus

    yeah, it would be good ?
  8. XDefault

    "How to kill employer" aka. most devastating weapons

    Hmm............. The Shocker: It one shots EVERYTHING
  9. XDefault


    Oh, a shotgun lying on the ground. Hmmm. *takes it and runs away*
  10. "Polish Madness" is the name of group. I created it. Every polish person who is seeing it: you are welcome to this group ;D
  11. XDefault

    First topic weapon

    it could stun them ?
  12. It would be cool, but in my opinion pn2 still would've been better. In pn1 i think it would be simply 2d pn2 stages
  13. XDefault

    Madness Project nexus ModV7