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  1. Well, there are many nuances. In the first place - the main task of the Cursed. Quote: "Their main task is eliminating any danger, that threatens their country. They moved to Nevada, because of the insanity, that spread to other countries from that place. They want to stop this madness at all costs." Liquidators will keep neutrality with those who do not act as an aggressor and do not threaten both them and the world in general. Given that in this context, in the words "They want to stop this madness at all costs" priority is not to kill people as such for the sake of domination or someth
  2. I am glad that you liked it, I will try to please you more. As I said, the Liquidators are a neutral organization. So, the alliance is quite real. With the agreement of both parties, of course.
  3. Liquidators - it's a non-governmental paramilitary group dealing with the internal problems of Nevada:the destruction of monsters and bandits. Their ideology is to protect Nevada and the rest of the world from biological viruses, anomalies, failed scientific experiments that can lead to catastrophic consequences. Perfectly equipped and organized The faction emerged as a result of a disaster in the Nexus Laboratory, which took dangerous and hostile creatures to the streets of Nevada. Residents of the city huddled in groups, increasing the contingent for the joint destruction of the infect
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