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  1. Captain Ticklesticks

    bug [V1.12D] Weapons changing size when taken in/out from stash.

    I can confirm this bug, but it is a real bastard to replicate. It only sometimes happens, and I cannot identify any pattern so we can consistently replicate it, other than that it occurs when equipping guns from storage. I couldn't replicate the bug with the T9, Mac-11, or FNC. I could only replicate it with NP-5. Furthermore, I always notice that when the front of the gun changes, it always switches between a two-handed or single-handed stance (btw, this means the guns can also elongate, and go from single-handed to two-handed).
  2. Severity: Game-Breaking. This feature is clearly listed, the player cannot fix it, and it affects every player who plays Arena Combat and picks an origin. What Happened: I was playing Arena mode, and I noticed that my mission rewards were unchanged even though I picked the Mercenary origin (they get a +10% bonus to mission rewards at the expense of -20% to squadmates starting level). Thinking that the modifiers may have only been broken for the Mercenary origin, I started a new career with the NEXUS Scientist origin (25% faster hacking and search speed). I ran the mission Abandoned outpost in my Mercenary Arena career and recorded the search and hacking times. I then exited to the main menu, selected the NEXUS Scientist career, ran the mission Abandoned outpost, and recorded the search and hacking times. The times are admittedly a bit rough around the edges, but I got a fairly consistent 3-second hacking and search time in both careers. Expected Result: We expect the origins to have some sort of in-game effect because the game represents to us that picking a given origin will apply some sort of modifier to the arena career which will tweak gameplay. In the case of the Mercenary origin, additional funds at the expense of inexperienced teammates, and in the case of the NEXUS Scientist, faster interactions at the expense of getting the shit punched out of you like the massive nerd you are. If Arena Mode origins are not expected to function yet, then this should be communicated to the player in-game. Steps To Replicate Bug: Pick Arena Combat --> New Career --> enter a name --> select any origin --> create character. Play any mission, and notice that your origin didn't do anything.
  3. Captain Ticklesticks

    bug 1.12b Silent patch bug found

    Just want to add that the "Flashing red corpus block outside of an arena level" bug persists in 1.12.D. Important to note that this bug can occur even if you do not leave a level early to avoid death, but can occur after normal mission completion if a corpus block is critical. Starting another mission or exiting and reentering arena mode will fix the issue.
  4. Captain Ticklesticks

    bug [1.12.D] Arena Mission Select: Mission Prizes and Challenge Rating Do Not Update

    I hope you are right. I figure it is good to document it--especially because the bug was not listed on the forum as far as I could see.
  5. This is a normal-priority bug, as all the player needs to do to fix this issue is to click the difficulty button again, and the proper challenge rating and mission prizes will display. Nevertheless, if the player is unaware of this bug, it can put him or her into confusing, unfair, or frustrating situations as they may be oversold on a mission's rewards or underestimate a mission's difficulty. I was playing arena mode and selected the mission "Training Room" on "Normal" difficulty; the "This stage will be . . ." line indicated that it would be "a breeze." I switched over to "Abandoned Outpost;" the difficulty remained on "Normal." Seeing that the "This stage will be . . ." line still indicated that the selected stage would be "a breeze" I entered into the stage. I loaded into the "Abandoned Outpost" on "Normal" difficulty What I thought would be an easy stage ended up wiping the floor with me. After reviving, I returned to the mission select area and noticed the mission reward increased substantially and the "This stage will be . . ." line was now listed as "challenging." Typically, the difficulty rating is an approximate representation of how challenging the stage will be to the player given various factors (I am too lazy and uninformed to know what those exactly are). If a stage will be significantly more challenging to the player, we expect the displayed difficulty rating to change to represent the aforementioned challenge. Furthermore, if a mission's prizes change from one stage to the next then we expect the onscreen mission details to change to reflect that. The problem can be observed across all missions. All you have to do to replicate the issue is go to the mission select screen, select a difficulty, and switch to a different mission. As long as the newly selected mission has that difficulty unlocked, the displayed challenge rating and mission prizes will be unchanged (mission names, tiers, briefings, and objectives will display as intended, however).