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    P.O.N - Protectors of Nevada

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    P.O.N - Protectors of Nevada

    Protectors of Nevada is a non - governmental paramilitary organization that has launched activities in the state of Nevada. Is a company founded to protect the Separate property of the canadian company "Protectorate" - an engineering company specializing in robotics - in Nevada. Description of the history/description of the PMC: PMC Protectors of Nevada - P. O. N - it was officially registered as a PMC in 2015 year. The main staff were former members of the Criminal organization "Raiders". PMC Protectors of Nevada was created to protect the branches and laboratories of the engineering company "Protectorate". The legal address of the Central office of "Protectorate" - 134-Berry Road,Toronto,Canada. From 2015 to 2021, P. O. N was engaged in (is) contracts for search and seizure, protection of enterprises. The staff of P. O. N were often accused of illegal activities in the underground, transit of drugs and smuggling, extortion of funds from civilians and murder, indecency and other crimes. But it is worth noting that P. O. N is engaged in the protection of cities, the destruction of illegal gangs and the fight against the current informal government of Nevada - A.A.H.W. Information: Structure Staff and troops Troops Structure: The management body is the so - called Leadership, the more accurate name is the Presidium and Headquarters of the PMC "Protectors of Nevada". Fully controls various global operations. Is also part of the company's "Protectorate" as the authority for the administration of the PMC "Protectors of Nevada". The user controls the outposts, a major military settlement, Center-Center and Winchester-East - and the ongoing major speeches of the army,raids and so on. The army is divided into corps, the corps to the brigade; P. O. N territories are divided into three sectors: the territory near the Zone-51 - "Center-Center", the territory in the South - "southern limit", the territory in the North - "Northern limit", the territory in the wasteland - "Wasteland", the territory near Winchester - "Winchester-East". Total corps-5. Staff and troops: Any type of troops is a 1P650-unit. Total military personnel - about 1,100 people across Nevada. Special forces-about 150 people across Nevada. 1P650X - [INFORMATION CLASSIFIED] Robots - [INFORMATION CLASSIFIED] Mutants of Dr. Skender Nadishan -about INFORMATION DELETED in the catacombs X304V. Troops: 1P650: Infantryman { Light foot soldier Infantryman Heavy infantry } Machineg unner{ Light MG MG Heavy MG Heavy MG with ballistic shield Juggernaut } Sniper{ Marksman Infantry with optics Sniper Heavy sniper Brewster } Antipersonnel-Antitank{ Grenadier T-grenade thrower P grenade thrower Operator of the flamethrower T-the operator of the flamethrower } Highest{ Commando Officer Officer-Defender } $Appointment{ Field engineer Orderly Ammo carrier Gunner Signalman Medical assistant Demoman } 1P650 Nightmare Ops{ Assassin Eye Ghost Stormtrooper Baphomet } 1P650 Bear{ Bear-Scout Bear-Stormtrooper Bear-Defender Bear-Grizzly } 1P650 Surt{ Surt-flamethrower Surt-grenader } 1P650 Mortemaspis{ Mortemaspis Armored Mortemaspis } 1P650 Knight{ Knight- stormtrooper Knight-scout } 1P650 X { DJ |Juggernaut Defender| Bunker { DJ Bunker DJ Teutonic Knihht } BCP |Biological Combat Prototype|Chimera{ BCP Chimera BCP Сilin } } 1P650 R{ C. L. A. W{ Standard configuration Transportation configuration Combat enhanced configuration Nuclear configuration Flame throw configuration Plasma configuration } AGR{ Assault configuration Blocking configuration Plasma configuration } Tecamseh{ Rocket booster configuration |Scout| Heavy configuration |Nephilim| Concealed configuration |Rustle| Configuration drive |Codebreaker| } } why has god abadoned us: because of ducking pie 1P650 Bear (GasMask - HECU, others - Dan0ru): Infartyman/Machinegunner/1P650 X DJ Bunker (dan0ru): C.L.A.W (IsraelNickerson): 1P650 R Tecamseh {Standart nonerole conf} (Dan0ru): thats all i think