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  1. I've been recently playing through the story on a second save, and I've noticed that when entering the room with the keys, that Gestalt appears in for the first time when you grab them both and kill the unfinished MAGs, if you swap to Christoff around the time the camera pans up at the control panel, the camera will get stuck there, being unable to switch back and making escaping Gestalt impossible. And while not entirely related, I'm still irregularly encountering that bug where I'm unable to attack in a certain room for no discernable reason
  2. Can we at least get the option to turn that burst firing off or something?
  3. I’d certainly prefer to carefully watch each shot I use when dealing with zeds. Fighting them in groups of more than two in melee combat is a nightmare
  4. Well it's less that and more if I've got three bullets there's one guy left who's something minor like a grunt, I'd rather be able to just shoot him once, so that way in the next room I can shoot the last two at some other guy before wedging the gun firmly in the face of the third guy. Because sometimes I wanna appreciate a gun I haven't seen before. Also I just don't like burst fire. X3
  5. It's just something I've noticed, and I think it's weird. A Bren Gun, last I checked, wasn't capable of such things, but I'd much prefer being able to control my rate of fire myself. I've always seen the suitability of using bursts of ammo with automatic weapons, but I'd much rather dictate that myself rather than be forced into it. Holding the mound button down for full auto works fine. But unless I get hit or the weapon runs out of ammo, I can never fire less than three rounds, which isn't ideal when a grunt or agent goes down in only one.
  6. Capt. Latrios

    bug Aud's 1.12b bug hunt finds

    I also encountered one just now during the Hive fight. Got him to the end of his many lives, and then he just stood there, breathing, but not moving, and definitely not in his agonizingly-painful-to-avoid-with-only-one-corpus death throws where he blankets the room in missiles
  7. Capt. Latrios

    bug Unable to attack or switch characters in mission (v1.12a)

    Yeah, I've since done that, and switch squadmember has changed to ctrl (Though the binds list won't say that) And i've found that you're able to attack after getting to the next room, but for the first room *on both missions* you can't attack and need to wait for your squadmember to kill everyone first.
  8. Was excited to start the new available missions after transferring my save over, only to find that I can't shoot, switch characters, or even pommel strike. With either mission. Best I can manage is swapping weapons. Hitting restart hasn't helped, neither has exiting and trying another mission (or trying the same mission again) I was perfectly capable of shooting in the overworld, but I am simply unable to do anything. Aside from that defensive parry move you do when you roll the mouse wheel. Update; It seems that (presumably) near the end of Hank and Sanford's part of the mission, the outside area near the second helipad and the terminal that sanford can't hack, the ability to fire weapons or actively attack in any way is again lost, which is a shame, because i wanted to try out the new bren gun that I'd found. And while not directly related, I feel I may as well mention it; how the heck is Christoff supposed to get at that keycard? Summon it over? Because it's not highlighting when it appears, and the robot's not picking it up