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  1. Alias supplements his Famas and Megachette with a Colt .357 Revolver Magnum. Upon identifying the out-of-range threat, Alias decides to replace his Famas with a M14. Realizing that the ATP Soldat will be able to hit him from the current distance, and realizing that he would not likely not survive the soldat's initial attack regardless of cover (as it would only take a single burst to kill him), Alias decides that attacking first would offer the highest chances of survival. Having equipped the new weapons, Alias spends 3 UAP firing towards the center of mass of the ATP Soldat (a net o
  2. Alias selects a Saiga 12 and fires as many rounds as he is able towards the Grunt's head.
  3. I briefly went over it in the other thread, but I believe that discord RPs and forum RPs can have their own niches. The CRM discord RP has, in particular, an excellent gameplay aspect. Additionally, response times are generally quick, and a lot of progress can be made in a single session. Furthermore, dialogue in discord RPs flows well for obvious reasons. While forum RPs are much slower and have much fewer gameplay elements (usually amounting to "1d100 for everything"), past events are better preserved than in discord RPs (imo, scrolling is very inefficient when you're looking for a part
  4. (This is precisely why http://orokos.com/roll/ exists. In the old forums, most rolls were done either by trust -- high rolls or several successful rolls in a row usually got screenshots-- or by orokos.) (From what I can tell, though, the forum RPs I've taken part in are light on the "gameplay" to encourage more narration -- hence the text walls-- and to move the plot forwards quicker.)
  5. Having received his instructions, Alias spends 3 UAP (a net of 6 Ranged Points, FAMAS fires in bursts of three, equaling a total of 18 shots) attempting headshots on the out-of-range target.
  6. Having noticed that the previous Grunt had an instruction attached to him, Alias decides to wait until appropriate directions are provided before engaging. (Do you want me to engage out of range?)
  7. The Alias wordlessly spends 1 UAP to close in 15 meters. He unslings the Megachette with his left hand and expends his remaining 2 UAP to slash the Grunt in the torso 8 times.
  8. With a dull thunk, the Alias lands in this blank world, this empty room painted white. He stiffens, as if he had recollections of this featureless place. The abnormal thought soon exits his simple mind, as his shoulders resume their slight rise and fall. Alias holds his FAMAS at low-ready. A megachette is slung over his back.
  9. Hey Luke! 'member that random arena place you set up where Drak Godmodded everyone with his Auditor Mark 3.0 OC? Those were the days... Wonder where Drak is?
  10. It's a good idea to order one guy to hold position on each side of the stage, though it's definitely possible to do it solo if you run fast enough, as Sanderson said.
  11. In the old forums, we posted those in the Junkyard. I'd be interested in reading them, though!
  12. Strikers exist in the game right now in the form of the Nevadean Blaster. They're not fully auto, though; you'll have to grab a Nevadean Bulldozer/AA12 to satisfy that itch.
  13. Can't disagree with you there. The Buffalo from BL2 is a prime example; popping heads with that rifle felt 10x more satisfying than it would with a basic bitch Jakobs rifle. And hey, at the end of the day, the more guns, the better. I'm a bit of a min-maxer, however, so viability plays a factor in how much I'd want to use a specific weapon. The use cases for S&W 500's are vanishingly slim, so I seldom pick it up-- the niche it fills is fulfilled much better by shotguns. I just hope that isn't the same case for any snipers that Krinkels plans to add in. It'd be a shame if they were fun
  14. MERC rifles aren't particularly heavy hitting though. Triple their damage, then it be pretty dope.
  15. Here it is: http://www.smackjeeves.com/comicprofile.php?id=162723 Please do keep in mind that this webcomic, like PN2, is in a bit of a development hell.
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