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  1. Its fine, not really much time has passed, just be ready to give us a little fun.
  2. I suggest knocking the abomination down some how and maybe try to make pease with the mag agent?
  3. Probably get up and make friends with the people, it seems like a smart idea afterall.
  4. I think it would be more inline with the Iraq war. With the people all over in chaos and similar combat tactics.
  5. Well the officer rankings are basically grunts, but with infantry training. I think statistically if we want a stronger faction we must spend more time on upgrading and improving our units rather then rely on using basic grunts. The down side is that our units do take a lot more time to train, but the price is more then worth it.
  6. Well generally the old organization was poorly written and most of the ranks were as well. It seemed too excessive to just have one unit be special because of the type of their weapon rather then their actual abilities.
  7. Hello Hello Hello my dear comrades and friends, it is I. So today i decided to open up a old server on discord to you guys since it was on the last one, this has no coalition with the main servers on the CRM nor any other rp server. This is just my own little for you guys to enjoy and to figure out your roleplays with. https://discord.gg/YQ5Ug7h Thanks and have fun!
  8. Im impressed, i’ll be looking forward to this.
  9. Wess sees Nathanial fall out of his view, he streches out his hand to attempt to pick him up with his telekinetic abilities. (59)
  10. Wess concentrates on his surroundings and takes a closer look at what’s happening. (53). He then attempts to sinking the giant underwater (79)
  11. Wess attempts to strengthen the whirlpool to no avail(32), turning to the mag he attempts to push him further into the whirlpool (52).
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