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  1. You hide inside the Mag and basically use it as a mech. You run through the hallway plowing through the zombies. You burst into the zombie room killing every zombie in the room. You burst into another room and it's filled with followers with guns and they blow the mag bidy to pieces... what do you do?
  2. You run straight past the men dodging their bullet's you jump behind the Mag's body and you light a piece of cloth from the Mag's clothes and throw it in front of the men. The zombies see the fire and focus their attention it and then to the men. They run on the men and jump on them mauling the men.
  3. As you are running out a few zombies get close and you hack their heads off before they can attack you. You run out and another group of men wielding pistols were in front of you blocking your way out and the zombies gaining quickly. What do you do?
  4. You attempt to open the door... it doesn't budge. You use the Card the door slides open but the card get's stuck (You lose Keycard) you walk into a room and then an awful smell invades your senses. It's rotting flesh! The room is filled with dead bodies that have painted on smiles! You here shuffling and the bodies begin to move. A grotesque creature with it's flesh hanging off it's face and body. More shuffling is heard and then a horde of them come out from under the bodies! They all start running at you!
  5. You find a lighter and a keycard. There is another door in front of you. What do you do?
  6. As you run out it attempts to chase after you but it hits it's head on on the top of the doorway causing the pipe to go deeper into it's head and would hit the brain killing it. As you ran out a group of those men weilding axes ran at you . You killed all of them but ran out of ammo in the process. More men come in... what do you do? In your inventory is, 1 sword.
  7. Madness Interactive of course but the fact that the cursor isn't locked in the screen is so annoying. Let's see what else... well Project Nexus of course and Alone in the Madness. Now wasn't there one that was like an Rpg like the first few Final Fantasy games but it was Madness Combat?
  8. You jump up onto it's back and you run to it's butt. You pull out the sword and as you make an attempt to cut it's hands off it grabs you and pins you to the ground. You grab a pipe that's laying nearby and drive it into it's eye blinding it in one eye. It screams in agony and swings it's hands wildly it hit's you and sends you flying against the wall but then... it hits the door! It starts to malfunction opening and closing wildly and then you hear REEEEEEK the door is stuck open! What do you do?
  9. As he was trying to get the sword out he felt a shock of pain in his foot. He looked at you and began charging at you. He'd trip over and would bang his head on the ground and would have a hard time getting up due to his injury. (I gtg I'll continue this )
  10. 10 Magazines 7 Bullets Each it can pierce a small bit through the skin and muscle. The sword would go in the butt and it would scream and would grab you throwing you against the wall and would get distracted trying to get the sword out of his butt.
  11. ``Well does it have any weaknesses and have any of you actually beat it?`` You'd ask. ``Well no weaknesses that we know of and yes we have beaten Mags before.. now let's get on with fight.`` He'd shove you into a room and gave you a sword and a Deagle. Right in front of you was a Mag Agent wearing one of those masks.
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