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    bug [1.12d] Ghoul Disappearing

    Yeah Ghoul disappearing was an old bug from when Last Leg first released I believe. Now he is becoming Houdini again.
  2. Audanti'sshitposts

    Drop is Now "R"?

    I agree this was an odd change to make. Especially since Q was such a natural drop button with R being the best reload button. Also why not allow me to change my controls back to left and right mouse when I change them to keyboard keys? That seems a lot more pressing rather than messing around with controls that were already perfect.
  3. Audanti'sshitposts

    Version 1.12D released a few days ago

    This update mainly contains a whole slew of bug fixes for the story levels as well as some bug fixes for Arena such as the removal of the duplicated MR1. That being said there are still more bugs to root out so I implore you all to do your duty and report any and all you find!
  4. Audanti'sshitposts

    Beta access

    No somebody cannot "upload" a version of the game and post it here. As that would be considered piracy and is highly illegal not to mention disrespect toward the developers. I am sorry you missed your chance to purchase the game but the fact remains you have to wait for Early Access like every else.
  5. Audanti'sshitposts

    Beta test

    The Paypal was shutdown last year. So unless you find someone with a working game code or acquire the game through other means. You cannot play the beta until Early Access releases onto Steam.
  6. I am aware of this bug in fact before the latest silent update yesterday it happened to me as well. Perhaps try launching the game again today and the bug might be patched now.
  7. Audanti'sshitposts

    Operation: Jupiter

    So how goes the writing on your fic Stranger?
  8. Audanti'sshitposts


    By the way fun fact on Crackpot's boss fight: You can actually skip killing the Graveseekers if you knock off his first corpus block with grenades. As he is programmed to respond to that as well as the killing of the two big guys. Be forewarned if you do this you now have two Graveseekers, Crackpot, Zeds and numerous bandits gunning to pound you into a chew toy.
  9. Audanti'sshitposts


    Funny enough I only completed Flood Control when it came out and somehow managed to defeat Jorge and Church my first try. Something that in previous levels would take me at least two tries when ever they were a boss. I think the most optimal way is to make use of melee as well as any guns you have on hand and defeat Church first as Jorge's weapon does not do nearly as much damage as he does. Plus I believe Jorge stays stationary the entire fight while Church spears your ass with his trident then does a weird Hadoken ball attack.
  10. Audanti'sshitposts


    No worries I have had to do this before myself and have even had to rely on it once when I lost my saves. Thankfully, I left them with somebody who I had an open Discord convo with. Anyways I will privately message you the save data so you can insert it into the files. And even walk you through the process if necessary.
  11. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug [v1.12.b] 2 Murder rooms

    I never considered that actually. They are bringing back a few maps like Blue Monday right? Maybe that is the reason why the Murder Room was cloned.
  12. Audanti'sshitposts


    If you want my friend I could probably help you out by passing you my save file. It has all the story mode levels completed and you can choose which to play. Don't feel bad about how difficult the game is because quite frankly in some areas the difficulty is just plain broken. Especially in the Mining Sector (That train section can burn in the pits of Hell!) I also agree more checkpoints should be a thing after significant junctions in a mission. For instance in Climb the newest Hank and Sanford mission you don't get a checkpoint until AFTER you have gone through waves of enemies including two MAGS!
  13. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug [v1.12.b] 2 Murder rooms

    Yeah I remember when I saw this at first I thought it had simply reset my MR1 progress but then realized it had cloned itself. I also got video footage of the cloned and original rooms.
  14. Audanti'sshitposts

    Arena mode suggestion

    I whole heartily agree with this suggestion. Though I will admit to never having a problem with losing my throwables I can throw them all to zero and they still regen after a stage. But I do worry about losing my FNC rifle or Dragon Slayer sword when doing arena levels especially MR3 that is the WORST level to lose weapons on. I can't tell you the times my squadmates have bumbled their way into the spike pit and cost me a pretty penny since I have to outfit them again.
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    bug 1.12b Silent patch bug found

    So it seems the silent patch meant to fix some issues actually ended up causing unrelated ones such as this one where I loaded my save and noticed that Sanford was missing at the museum entrance but Hank was there with the Dragon Slayer sword. Swapping to Sanford causes this. 2019-04-12 19-19-28.mp4
  16. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug 1.12b Silent patch bug found

    Found one more for the pile. The classic flashing red corpus block outside of an Arena level. I decided to avoid death in Facility by exiting the level. 2019-04-12 22-55-39.mp4
  17. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug 1.12b Silent patch bug found

    The bugs start coming and they don't stop coming! Floating Locker Doors in Facility. Yeah this video is proving that my mere presence is breaking the game. 2019-04-12 22-46-20.mp4
  18. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug 1.12b Silent patch bug found

    I have decided to compare the original MR1 with the cloned MR1 in terms of the easy difficulty setting. On the original it works as intended. While on the cloned it spawns Nexus and Robotic enemies. MR1 Cloned Room Incorrect Enemy Spawns: Well I decided to go back to Easy Mode as the first time I did so it spawned Two Nexus Troops who I think were scouts and then five robots. And it seems the process is able to be repeated thanks to this video footage of the second time I encountered this occurrence. 2019-04-12 22-03-33.mp4 2019-04-12 22-31-28.mp4
  19. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug 1.12b Silent patch bug found

    Another to add. The Invisible Chainsaw/Rocksmash! Exactly what it says when scrolling over the icon the player model holds air instead of a physical object. 2019-04-12 21-33-16.mp4
  20. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug 1.12b Silent patch bug found

    I found some more bugs to post. Hanging black screen bug: This one occurs whenever I load my story mode save and then hit escape and go to the main menu. A black screen refuses to fade to where I can see the letters but the music still plays. Murder Room 1 progress reset bug. I had long completed all the difficulties for MR1 several patches back and this latest patch for some reason has reset it to easy. I also loaded the level and completed it as it was only two waves with even fewer enemies compared to earlier builds of the game. SHADOW ROOM JITSU! I somehow cloned MR1 I think what happened was that when I decided to play through the reset level up to normal difficulty then exit the game it for some reason duplicated the first Murder Room. So now I have the Murder Room with all my progress and the "new" one.
  21. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug Aud's 1.12b bug hunt finds

    While playing through the recent update yesterday and today I encountered my fair share of glitches and sequence breaks. I will do my best to recount them to the best of my ability starting in where I found them. (Most of these were found in the Climb level. While others were located in Shakedown.) Shakedown Glitches: Deimos yeeted into the Shadow Realm. Starting this off from the Hive boss fight while controlling Christoff I noticed that Deimos was being targeted by a three shot volley of Hive missiles. Hive let them loose and Deimos ended up soaring past the level ceiling and was out of bounds right behind Jeb who was unable to revive him. Of course Hive soon killed me causing me to have to do the fight again till I won it eventually. Deimos's negative grenades. This was found on one of my many runs against Hive. Before I entered the boss fight I noticed something peculiar about Deimos' grenade counter more importantly that it was reading negative one grenades. (Saved it as a screenshot to show it to friends but it has now been lost.) Jebus blood hitmarker. This one was during one of my first fights with Hive last night. He had downed Jeb and caused a strange sort of blood splatter to appear complete with a sound. When he ended up hitting the downed savior with missiles again the issue was fixed. Strange colored ATP mask found on Climb. Fairly certain this one is a glitch of some sort. Bouncing Nexus Agent glitch. Somehow during the Gestalt chase sequence an Agent was being bounced up and down on the laser grid making the noises as well. Until Gestalt came along and launched him away. 2019-04-11 14-36-20.mp4 2019-04-11 14-36-20.mp4 2019-04-11 14-36-20.mp4 2019-04-11 19-37-12.mp4 Climb Glitches: MOLE HANK! This is a simple one I like to call Mole Hank. I was busy ascending up the second elevator sequence as Sanford had died upstairs and I had the Dragon Slayer out ready to fight but I hit a slight problem. I somehow ended up being stuck phased through a good chunk of the lift floor causing me to be trapped and have to force a restart. I also have a screenshot of this. 2019-04-11 19-37-12.mp4 2019-04-11 15-50-52.mp4
  22. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug Aud's 1.12b bug hunt finds

    I died twice after getting rid of his final Corpus block and then getting hit by a lucky missile. I probably died at least a good eight or nine times to Hive on normal before I realized that using melee attacks on him is the best way to kill him.
  23. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug Aud's 1.12b bug hunt finds

    Climb Glitches continued: Elevator sequence break. During one of my runs I had the GENIUS idea to see if Sanford was able to go back through the room with the green light over it after finishing up the first elevator portion and with Hank already up above. Walking through the door indeed placed Hank behind me and I was able to get him some health from the prior room. However, upon going back into the elevator room and stepping onto the lift as Hank. The lift took off before Sanford could get on. I then had Sanford go back through the previous room to get Hank back to try to fix this but then realized one critical error. The lift was now above me and could not go back down. I was able to send Hank through the vent but was unable to do anything else which forced another restart. This one also ties in with the Changed Camera Glitch. Were by if you position Hank on the lift upstairs and time it right. You can swap to Sanford as he is going through the door causing the camera to get fixated on the upper portion of the screen. Odd Rope Possession. This one was just a weird one in general. Around the area where you encounter the scientists with the laser weapons there is a set of ropes connected to hooks that you knock down to get to the cases. For some reason one of the ropes decided to just start going wild on a run I was on. Sanford's Negative Flashbangs. Somehow I was able to get Sanford to negative three flash grenades on the Climb level. 2019-04-11 18-15-10.mp4 2019-04-11 17-26-10.mp4
  24. Audanti'sshitposts

    Save Data Location

    For those looking for the new save data location. You need to search for the Gibbing Tree folder on your local disk then transfer the career files for Story and Arena over to the folder marked Madness Project Nexus. You also will need to move the save logs from your Arena and Story saves into this new folder as well. If done correctly you will be able to access your saves again.
  25. Audanti'sshitposts

    Version 1.12b has been released

    I believe this is mainly bug fixes I can confirm for instance that the bug that prevented players from attacking in the first room of a level has now been patched out. My friend also told me before the update the Hank level was bugged in a critical way and not able to be finished. Hopefully that is not the case now.