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  1. Audanti'sshitposts

    Zed Survival Mode

    From what I recall Zed Survival is likely slated to be DLC. Though that only will come about should MPN2 sell well enough to warrant the creation of DLCs.
  2. Audanti'sshitposts

    Having trouble with difficulty

    Remember to upgrade your hirelings as well they have to be manually upgraded via their skill trees as you do. You should be able to switch to them in the inventory screen and go to their skills.
  3. Audanti'sshitposts

    The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For! Update 1.13 a!

    When a weapon breaks it turns into fragments, and you can in fact kill enemies with the fragments.
  4. Audanti'sshitposts

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    "We have found evidence of these cultists taunting us with their grand plan going full speed ahead. Not to mention that suicide note looks vaguely suspicious perhaps the man condemned to this cell was a member of the cult or perhaps investigating them himself. How can you be so calm at a time like this? Do we even have the resources to stop them!?" The normally carefree facade was falling off Roscoe's face like a rock-slide fitting that everything else would only cause minor discomfort though actual evidence might as well been poison to him.
  5. Audanti'sshitposts

    The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For! Update 1.13 a!

    Yeah that is one of the most common complaints so far I understand the mooks are not going to necessarily be fair and attack you one at a time though they could at least have the decency to not stunlock you till the heat death of the universe. To be honest melee combat in general this update is very much lackluster and somehow less enjoyable than the previous update. Not to mention really not a fan of despawning empty guns.
  6. Audanti'sshitposts

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    The ex-lawman brow furrowed as his eyes fixated on the date 1943. What on earth could a note so dated be doing resting under the pillow of this cell? Not to mention how pristine it was to surely the ink would have been faded or smudged by now something was unsettling about all this could it be a false trail by the cultists that had taken over the town? He hollered for his partner. "Nathan in here! I found a note that you need to read pronto!"
  7. Audanti'sshitposts

    The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For! Update 1.13 a!

    I took your advice and the saves still do not work. According to Swain the old saves are not serialized like the new ones are hence why they no longer work as intended. Not to mention as a friend of mine pointed out even if you could get old save files working with the current update the game would likely crash given the new items and features not present in the prior build that the old data was using.
  8. Audanti'sshitposts

    The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For! Update 1.13 a!

    Are you certain about that? I attempted to track down the new file location but was unable to locate it despite using the same methods of searching under the %appdata% folder and checking the locallow tab. Yes it was possible to cheese boss fights with grapple Jeb for instance was notorious until you grappled him then he became very weak and you could win the fight in under five minutes. Crackpot was another if you were able to grapple him with say Sanford's hook or whatever you had plenty of time to just wail on him before he could teleport or throw any of his magical cocaine. You could also knock him down off his perch with grenades in one of the earlier versions not sure if they patched that or not. To be honest the most annoying thing about this update outside of empty gun despawn and no grapple is how brutal melee combat is you practically get stunlocked while only being able to target one enemy at a time.
  9. Audanti'sshitposts

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    "Unknown object under the pillow in here stand clear going to investigate!" The scoundrel felt stronger in his own stomping ground of a police station with the authority of his previous professional that rush of power was brief though. He silently added under his breath "Hope this doesn't blow up in my face". Slowly he picked his way over and then with the speed of a coiled snake he tore the pillow away and leapt back preparing for the worst. Rolled a 76 from Roll20.net in case you wanted me to make a roll here.
  10. Audanti'sshitposts

    The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For! Update 1.13 a!

    This is also the update where saves were wiped completely for both Arena and Story mode. Weapons now have durability to them and the players ability to grapple was removed to prevent cheesing boss fights though enemies can still grapple.
  11. Audanti'sshitposts

    Buying guns in arena mode are such massive scams

    Who needs much armor when you can just roll in with your dressed out in various bits and ends hirelings and just start tearing shit up?
  12. Audanti'sshitposts

    Having trouble with difficulty

    I would say store your best weapon with the tab key so that you at least keep that. Also here is what I do have a ton of hirelings with me. I typically bring along four of my boys with me to places like the club and I can watch them just smash the Nexus forces. You might also want to make sure you are upgrading yourself correctly as well as upgrading your hirelings.
  13. Audanti'sshitposts

    Change the realease date on steam.

    Given how dead the forums are around these parts you are better off pestering Krinkels and Swain via Discord DMs.
  14. The Newest MPN2 update has FINALLY been unleashed to the masses! New intro screen, new main menu screen, new content, new weapons, new costumes, new levels, NEW NEW AND MORE NEW! Get to playing as soon as you can hope you remembered how to fix your saves because if not you are going to be starting from the beginning not that there is anything wrong with that as there is quite a few new things to see there. The weapons also have a new durability system and guns now despawn when empty and dropped. RIP impaling people with shotguns and revolvers.
  15. Audanti'sshitposts

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    Pondering why the cells were left in such a state he pulls the ajar jail door fully open and begins to root around inside. Checking if anything is worthy of investigation. (Do I need to make any rolls for this or not?)