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  1. Welcome back to another sporadic Madness Project Nexus Two update. This time around the Arena purists have something to look forward to as this update caused the old arena to undergo extreme changes. Featuring new levels, helicopter, NPCs, weapons and the whole nine yards. As always get your asses in gear and find those bugs. Lest Swain postpones the next update to the heat death of the universe!
  2. With a flex he saunters over to the sleeping stranger and places a hand upon his shoulder to softly shake him awake.
  3. You placed the old output log data and what not in right? The update wiped out saves on both story mode and The Arena meaning we have to start from scratch. So attempting to use the old data to load in will not work.
  4. Grumbling about specific time bullshit the ex-officer decides to alter his firing angle as well as his placement in an attempt to match where the shell casing would have came from. Before once again sending out another shot from his handgun.
  5. Grappling was removed in one of the previous patches to prevent cheesing bosses like Jebus.
  6. Eh, not really there were some RPs here and what not but he site never really was popular enough. I still RP on here with one other person but other than that the forums have been dead aside from opening day and the first few months.
  7. To answer your first question the original CRM server was deleted after one of the admins illegally streamed Robocop and some asshole raiders spammed reported the server causing it to be shutdown. There is a new discord server called Discord of Madness that you can visit via the link here. https://discord.gg/mCnSaWy
  8. Do you own the full Beta version or the Demo of the game? The demo ends in the city the beta allows you to play up through the Science Tower.
  9. The last surviving moderator here likely nobody is gonna be made a mod after all no one really visits this forum and I am the only one to keep a vigil here.
  10. "Fancy little illusion might not be so quaint after I put a round through this door." One handing the pistol in his right hand he let off a quick shot determined to match as close as he could to where he found the original round.
  11. "Found footprints in this cell right here! Going to shoot the door and see if that will do anything. Make sure to be on your guard in case I end up triggering an alarm okay?" He was careful not to disturb the footsteps as he slowly closed the door in front of him.
  12. This is the incorrect part of the forums to post this please post it under the Mods section of the Project Nexus Classic Subsection. If inquiring about MPN2 mods then post it under the tutorials section of Madness Project Nexus.
  13. There are in fact more guns and melee weapons in the full game.
  14. He stepped inside and started to search around carefully. Going over the interior with a fine-toothed comb.
  15. "Got something you might want to look at over here!" Hoisting his find in the air for his partner to glimpse before holding it out to him. "Casing from a Forty-five caliber firearm and a bullet hole to match on the inside wall here. Perhaps this is connected to the note we stumbled on?"
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