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  1. "Found footprints in this cell right here! Going to shoot the door and see if that will do anything. Make sure to be on your guard in case I end up triggering an alarm okay?" He was careful not to disturb the footsteps as he slowly closed the door in front of him.
  2. This is the incorrect part of the forums to post this please post it under the Mods section of the Project Nexus Classic Subsection. If inquiring about MPN2 mods then post it under the tutorials section of Madness Project Nexus.
  3. There are in fact more guns and melee weapons in the full game.
  4. He stepped inside and started to search around carefully. Going over the interior with a fine-toothed comb.
  5. "Got something you might want to look at over here!" Hoisting his find in the air for his partner to glimpse before holding it out to him. "Casing from a Forty-five caliber firearm and a bullet hole to match on the inside wall here. Perhaps this is connected to the note we stumbled on?"
  6. Huh I remember a glitch similar to this on the same level. Though I triggered mine by accident when a Graveseeker threw me into the ground. Though I ended up in the Outskirts all the same.
  7. Yes it is finally here after all the patience, time, and money sunk into the game players that missed the boat on the Kickstarter & the Paypal can finally experience a little taste of what the game has to offer. This marvelous demo can be accessed via typing up "Project Nexus" in the Steam store search bar or can be accessed through the game's main store page. Feel free to have at it you bunch of glorious bastards and keep those reports filled in!
  8. "Nothing inside here. Going to focus on the outside perhaps when the body was discovered and retrieved it possibly left some identifier." As he stepped out of the cell and directed his withering gaze upon it and the surrounding stone and metal. He carefully studied all the details of the iron bars the shape of the lock anything identifiable within his field of view. Desperate to glimpse even a shred of evidence. Rolled a 13.
  9. His keen eyes scoured the cell for any detail no matter how insignificant and unassuming. Even something as simple as a tile moved out of place or the pillows being slightly fluffed could conceal a vital clue or valuable bit of intel. He dedicated all his investigative skills into coming the insides of the cell as well as the outside portions of it. Hopefully his persistence and eye for suspicious patterns might be enough to yield what to do next. If not both Roscoe and Nate would have to start going cell to cell carefully examining them with their time running short. Rolled an 11.
  10. "What could tell the story though? If not a noose then the cause of death could be anything. Poison, gunshot, cutting, even starvation could be a possible and likely method of self-termination. That being said as much as I hate to concede the point. You are right we should look around it might lead to something else. The more we understand about this town the better position we are in to shut these freaks down. Knowing is half the battle after all."
  11. The Grapple mechanic was entirely removed it is no longer in the game as of the current patch.
  12. From what I recall Zed Survival is likely slated to be DLC. Though that only will come about should MPN2 sell well enough to warrant the creation of DLCs.
  13. Remember to upgrade your hirelings as well they have to be manually upgraded via their skill trees as you do. You should be able to switch to them in the inventory screen and go to their skills.
  14. When a weapon breaks it turns into fragments, and you can in fact kill enemies with the fragments.
  15. "We have found evidence of these cultists taunting us with their grand plan going full speed ahead. Not to mention that suicide note looks vaguely suspicious perhaps the man condemned to this cell was a member of the cult or perhaps investigating them himself. How can you be so calm at a time like this? Do we even have the resources to stop them!?" The normally carefree facade was falling off Roscoe's face like a rock-slide fitting that everything else would only cause minor discomfort though actual evidence might as well been poison to him.
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