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    this mod modifies the game making you can play a new story I am warning you that I am going to start working on this mod when I finish the old days mod
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    Make sure to download this update as it introduces controller support, a new file path for saving, changed controls, and new story levels such as Deimos and Jeb working together! GOOOOOOOOO! Edit: Also contains co-op modes
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    I updated the first map,it is that before it did not look very good
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    Aspiring / budding game dev here. This is mostly a hard-as-nails (there's a really easy mode too), stylish gameplay mod that I made by editing the script and adding features over the years. This update has some minor changes from the very last (easier easy mode, harder hard mode), which I just kept linking on my Newgrounds news posts. (slight spoilers ahead) Download: https://gamejolt.com/games/madnessnexusmodinfamy/385430 More chaos, and more replayability. More moves and timed counters. More things to dodge, and more reasons and ways to dodge them! Everyone moves faster and headshots matter a bit more (they heal you). I wanted to balance the usage of more moves (unarmed, melee and dodges), randomize enemy abilities, weapons and encounters (some will throw weapons or grapple you, and a Soldat or something scarier can spawn where they aren't supposed to be) and spice things up as much as I can. All mid-level soldiers and characters can occasionally perform low to high level dodges, melee and unarmed attacks (some iframes for some melee). Enemies can aim from afar and even from off-screen (starting at level 3 in story mode), making you weigh whether to dodge or shoot first (it's slightly random, but fine tuned to your reaction time with the rest of game flow, as well as selected difficulty). You can disarm guns with timed unarmed attacks, and swords with timed blocks (the latter is really useful, as subsequent counter-attacks will heal you and pass through enemy blocking and tac-bars). You now have sweet-spots, and usually need to hit tac-bar enemies past your reticle / max accurate range (stay away from mid- range enemy shots for this reason) for the fastest kill. Yeah, I took a few mechanics from PN2, put a spin on some, and made a couple of my own. Sweet-spots and unarmed attacks that can pass through tac-bars (50/50) are in. I tried making grazes, but your health-bar just chips away per tac-dodge until it reaches your last chunk (so heal it back). Nobody keeps track of their mag's load - your ammo bar can dip randomly to encourage attentiveness, conservation, and more close-quarters fights. Your melee and unarmed are more affected by strength (random per hit). Easy is normal, normal is hard, and hard is extra hard. Easier modes just give you more chances and are sometimes just as hard as harder modes. Everything has RNG involved (chance). Pay close attention to everything in a fight and find worst scenario tactics and strategies. You'll find yourself paying attention to the little things, and your heartrate maybe going up as your reflexes adapt to all of them. The skill ceiling's intended to be set really high. Arena mode is now kind of 'endless'. You'll eventually reset levels and some stats, but keep gaining skill points so you can keep playing with them, and that's it. It just keeps you from being too OP. Story mode now has a few branching paths and options (spoils a bit more than the original game). Doors and sometimes entire map layouts are randomized (keeps you guessing which paths to take). Balancing hard-hitting guns with melee combat is one of the toughest things to do. P.S. Entering a door at the same time Sanford throws his hook crashes the game, so wait for the animation to finish first. Also, don't hesitate to play it on Easy. Have fun!
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    If one companion is dead when you transition into the train chase scene (Or more likely if they die during the animation), then the appropriate cutscene won't play and by extension, the timer won't either. The actual gameplay sequence still played out as normal, albeit skipping the first dodging obstacle, though I didn't care to find out if the timer was just invisible now or not. Also the endless debris that's meant to fall during the "Find C4 in one of a billion containers" section isn't currently falling, not sure if this is a bug or a change, but if it's a change then it kinda renders the exercise of opening a billion containers pointless. Actually just seemingly all the "random" falling rubble is broken. And the door to Crackpot's room goes through the top of the entrance when opened.
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    I find it amusing imagining Sanford and Deimos having Microsoft Mike and Sam voices, especially the bit of meathook-man slapping the ATP mask off of Deimos' face.
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    I'm not dead yet, just hibernating. expect more kinda soon I guess sometime
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    Definitely need more guns, especially on those level Flood Control and Chasms ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Well, i say... Skill tree was said, Shift+Wheel up Disarm But now Shift+Wheel up=Grapple. Then how to Disarm grapple??
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    I play Nuclear Throne sometimes, even thought it's possible to make MC mod or something like that. I don't really like EtG. You know, that type of stuff you just don't like. Also played Broforce and Streets of Rogue, yeah, they're good too. I'll try Deadbolt and then Hotline Miami, never even heard about first one. Thanks for answering!
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    A very well thought out and detailed analysis of the boss fight mechanics of PN2 and how they honestly could be improved. I would also suggest you mention the Sheriff Boss fight in terms of trial and error as I remember the PN2 Beta chat just exploding when it came to confused players asking how to damage the armor plated Sheriff as well as his two deadeye sniper companions. Not to mention more save points are a must as well as not stripping the player of their weapons upon death in a boss fight. Or worse forcing them to replay the entire level again because the boss happened to get a last second lucky hit in.
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    Should I change the sleepwalkers for this grunt?
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    I'll join this later today
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    I don't think such alliance will be possible (Cursed use infected and other abominations to aid them in fight and Liquidators are supposed to get rid of them right?)
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    This meme is legimately accurate lmao Especially playing in Madnes Difficulty
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    I agree with this idea grappling assigned to a button rather than the scroll wheel would work wonders.
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    There is definitely some confounding of intent due to arena's current flaws, so these options might be best addressed after armor reworks are in place and we have a better understanding of the intended arena endgame. While you'd be better off asking people who desire novice/journeyman characters directly, I do a have a few thoughts as to why I think this perspective is worth entertaining. Letting players choose whatever skills they want is a fair approach, but it's also arguably the safest and most boring. Instead of making a totally well-rounded character, providing a motivation for players to specialize on a below-apotheosis level or even a sub-core level promotes experimentation of different types of play as opposed to finding a single be-all end-all playstyle and just sticking with it. The result of allowing complete freedom in progression is one or few logical conclusions for strong characters that most players will gravitate to, instead of a larger variety of playstyles that might result from creating constraints. Tom Francis' design philosophy for Heat Signature hits a lot of thoughts that I relate here - While some players go out of their way to experiment, many just take the safest, lowest effort route and roll with it to completion, which is why his games are designed around choosing difficulty and easing players out of their comfort zone. It's also an approach followed by a lot of rogue-likes. PN2 doesn't have the same low-commitment playthroughs but it's extremely mechanically diverse, to the point that incentivizing players to explore their options may be a necessity if you want players to experience every aspect of it. Introducing these incentives entails an extension of playtime and a greater variety of gameplay at the cost of more grind and potentially fewer choices, and I think those are pretty valid concerns, which is why I'm just throwing these things out as suggestions rather than objective positives. Obviously I don't think the player should ever be forced to build a mook and nothing else, but there could definitely be reasons to push players to do so and to build richer narratives in the process.
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    As unarmed combat generally takes an auxiliary role in the player's repertoire, the strength of grapples is that players have access to it regardless of their weapon. A delicate balance needs to be found where unarmed combat remains useful without making grapples a waste of your time, or vice versa. Given there's almost never a paucity of melees at any given time balancing grapples may eventually involve tackling unarmed combat as a whole, including the adjunct mechanics I whinged about above. Corpus drain might break immersion too much to be worth it - either we're passively hitting our targets, which confounds player input, or we're hugging them to death. If just speeding up the punches isn't enough it could be worth a shot. It's less of players having to deal with constraints and more of players wanting to deal with them - There's an appeal to creating zany, specialized characters with flaws instead of cookie-cutter Hank imitations. Even the baddest MERC units only have tac journeyman; player-made or developer-imposed there are many interesting design opportunities to be found in creating limits on character progression. As it's in regards to the realm of sandbox gameplay a lot of this is rather subjective. Regardless of whether you see this complaint as valid or not, ramping up the benefits and drawbacks of armor should rectify this issue for the most part.
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    I think most of what you've addressed are things I've taken issue with myself. A lot of it boils down to preference, but the big points that are clear problems are: Grapple is too slow and stops the game while you're doing it. Enemy Tac-Bar stops the game while you wait for the pink bar to drain. I've got a few ideas on how to address this. Grapple DOES need to be a LOT faster than it is. Allowing the next hit in the chain to start more quickly would make a big difference. I might also just add a passive Corpus drain for being in Grapple in general to speed it along. The UI will get touched up eventually also, but not until we settle on the system. As always, I don't mess with UI until we know the system it represents is solid. If we just change grappling again, I've wasted a day creating UI for it. The game requiring you to upgrade your Tac-Bar isn't a problem, since it's not like we cap you out at a max number of skills. I DO want the benefits of armor to be greater but also diminish Tac-Bar quite a bit more than it's doing now. Definitely, the big things we're going to tackle first are those things that slow or stop gameplay. Those are big no-nos.
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    one of my qualms with weapons that fire caseless ammunition is that you lose out on that sweet outpour of brass.
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    Audanti has a really awesome system set up on the CRM Discord for the more intense RPs. So yeah, you should definitely take a look at that instead; there might be an RP area for the forums soon though, who knows? Especially if a certain Elite comes back around. ?
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    My God, PB2. Yeah... can't forget it man. I used to be GeNo's clan leader. Met a bunch of people, including DoomWrath and Stryde. I'm actually planning on making two videos on my channel about PB2.