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    this is a mod that modifies the game and makes it look like in the first chapters of Madness Combat
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    P.O.N – Protectors of Nevada. Description: Protectors of Nevada (in further – P.O.N) is a non-state paramilitary organization (~PMC),the main activity of which is protection of the territories of Nevada State,USA. Is a subsidiary of the scientific and engineering company "Protectorate". Info list: I)History II)From the inside III)Activity IV)In numbers V)Relations with factions Additional info list: I)Territories and areas of influence II)List of units III)List of operations VI)Conclusion I) History 1)«Protectorate». «Protectorate» is a science and engineering company, the main activity of which are development and deployment of robotics in government agencies of various countries, armies and PMCs,and also researches in various branches of science. Founded in 1998 by *** and ***, based on a group of engineers and scientists from The University of British Columbia, Canada. In 2002, with funding from DARPA, Protectorate built the AD-1 — the prototype of mechanized quadrupedal drone, equipped with a nextgen onboard computer. The drone had successfully passed field tests in Iraq, but due to the high cost of production did not receive further funding. Total produced 6 AD-1, 4 of which were sold to three different PMCs. In the period from 2003 through 2008, Protectorate was engaged in the development of its own robotics prototypes, did researches in quantum physics, bio-robotics, robotics,assisted BostonDynamics in the development of different robots, developed various commercial closed-source software, developed and sold modifications of existing robotic combat platforms. In 2010, Protectorate has 4 factories and 8 branch offices in the United States and Canada.. In 2008 with the support of several U.S. government organizations Protectorate established “Protectorate NE” - a unit (branch?) in Nevada on the territory of Area 51, to explore the anomalies of Nevada and to recreate the so-called "Improbability Drive". Two years later, because of incurring losses due to attacks on groups of scientists by illegal gangs and the official refusal of A. A. H. W on August 21, 2010, in protection of the unit, Protectorate NE hired The Private Security to protect the complexes of Area 51 and several groups of scientists. In the subsequent time until 2013, the company was engaged in recruitment and replenishment of security staff, testing of developments and research technologies of Project "Nexus". In 2014, with the financial support of the Presidium of Protectorate, NE-unit on the basis of private security and the remnants of "Raiders" has established a P. O. N, whose role initially was to regulate the amount of illegal armed groups in Nevada, protect civil objects,to test the latest developments of the Protectorate and mainly to protect separate property of Protectorate. At the moment, Protectorate is actively developing and deploying new types of robotics and weaponry in the armies of different countries, monthly supplementing list of U.S. patents and regulating the activity of P.O.N. Company achievements in science can be seen in the example 1P650 R C. L. A. W, 1P650 X DJ Bunker, 1P650 X BCP Chimera, 1P650 R Wendigo and others. The company's products can also be seen in arsenal of NATO and various PMCs. 2)”Raiders” "Raiders" is a criminal community (gang) that ran in Nevada from 2003 to 2014. It was established on the basis of a group of bandits in the city of Gunderville in 2002. From 2003 to 2014 committed about 500 raids, the are involved in more than 1,000 crimes. The community was mainly engaged in such things as plundering, despoliation and raids on civilian objects and objects A. A. H. W. In 2014 the gang made a big raid,which target was one of industrial complexes of A. A. H. W; the raid called "Operation "Storm"".During the raid, most of members of the gang were killed or captured by agents of A. A. H. W,as a result of which the “Raiders” have begun to disintegrate rapidly. The remains of "Raiders" signed contracts with the organization "Protectorate",from that moment actually becoming their Private Security. The internal hierarchical model of the gang was a so-called pyramid,sorted by the strength,nature of operations and significance of the bandits,as well as,in fact,the number. In total there were 4 so-called units: 1) Unknown members of the gang – trivial bandits,murderers and robbers. Mostly engaged in smallholder robbery and oftently unsuccessful attacks on A. A. H. W. Disintegrated after operation "Storm" on other illegal gangs. 2) The "Night Racers" unit was a motorized squad, consisted of relatively well-trained physical and mental criminals of Nevada. In fact, it was only unit that organized raids, mostly on various autonomous cities, A. A. H. W bases and other facilities. Was actually destroyed (eliminated) by A. A. H. W agents during operation “Storm". 3) Division "Huron" - an elite team of gang. It included successful bank robbers,professional killers,former police officers and former military. Was engaged in trade in the Nevada's Black market, elimination of “unwelcome” persons, professional robberies and other crime. Partially destroyed during operation Storm,most of the members moved to the future P.O.N 4) "Dukes". The ruling elite of the gang,consisting of wanted by Interpol criminals, former mafia bosses and other individuals who had earned their place in history. Basically organized major attacks and “legally” represented the organization. Also was in charge of very large transactions on the Black Market. After the collapse of the gang, "Dukes" signed an agreement with the Protectorate on the entry of "Raiders" in the Protectorate's state of Private Security. After the creation of "Protectors of Nevada",all members of the "Dukes" were arrested and killed. 3) "Protectors of Nevada» P.O.N was officially established on February 10, 2014. At the beginning of its existence P. O. N was engaged in establishment of administrative structures,forming equipment and weapons; escort and protection operations of Protectorate's research groups had just begun . The first armed clash for P.O.N soldier happened on March 21,2014: complexes of Area 51 was attacked by an unnamed gang or raiders;the attack was successfully repulsed by the members of organization. From 2014 to 2015, P.O.N soldiers were engaged in operation “Robin Hood", in which were acquired or captured the various technologies of the Project "Nexus"/ A. A. H. W. As a result of operation Protectorate have more than 10 MAG-Mutators and countless documents and developments of the Project "Nexus". After the operation, Protectorate begun the development of genetically modified soldiers, the first of which was 1P650 Defender-Juggernaut "Bunker". At the same time, P. O. N actively increased number of troops, conducted operations against gangs, occasionally attacks A. A. H. W complexes to replenish and acquire resources and technologies. Also,troops,under the supervision of the Protectorate,were engaged in private contracts for search and seizure,elimination and protection of enterprises of large organizations. By the beginning of 2015,number of P. O. N troops exceeded 400. In mid-2015, the organization conducted operation “Valentine”, during which the so-called "inspector of temporary anomalies" Ivy Valentine must be captured in order to obtain and use information about the future technologies. The operation is officially considered a failure: the object was evacuated by former members of the "Raiders", a significant part of the troops was killed in a clash with an unknown creature. After that operation, P.O.N's management decided to reorganize troops for skill and efficiency improvements of military troops. Reorganization and re-equipment of P. O. N was carried out from 2015 to 2017. In the same period, P.O.N established the special operations groups, implemented and tested drones and other developments of the Protectorate. It is worth mentioning that P.O.N from the very beginning actively cooperates with the Black Market of Nevada, supplying weapons,substances and people. In 2016,P. O. N captured several autonomous cities, thereby expanding its zone of influence, increasing the number of troops and resources,as a result of which the raids on the A. A. H. W complexes actually came to naught. All cities retain autonomy and the former administration; the entry fees have been imposed for wanderers and travelers;roadblocks have been built, enlistment offices starts to work; cities begun to act the laws of the United States. List of captured towns: part of Winchester, Dayton, Hinderwell,Tifsburg. At the end of 2016 the patrol of the organization joins a clean-up operation of catacombs *** from monsters and other biologically not classified beings with members "Liquidators". The joint operation opens up opportunities for cooperation between two organizations. In early 2017, P. O. N, during operation “Sobriety”, liquidates a drug cartel in the South-East of Nevada. Received resources and funds are used to supply and improve the army. This is the first operation of P. O. N on liquidation of large criminal business. From 2017 to 2019 (to the present), P. O. N engaged in operations of elimination illegal bandit formations,provides services for the protection of certain individuals or units of certain companies;soldiers perform various contracts; troops are engaged in the protection of loyal autonomous cities,informal operations and trading on the Black Market. II) From the inside 1)Controls The main administrative body of the organization is the Central Governing Body, or the so-called Center (can also be called as the Center-Center, Management, etc.). Located on the territory of Area 51,activity of the body fully regulated by the Protectorate. Responsible for the global activities of P. O. N, major operations and relations with other organizations. It consists of three departments: 1) C401 Department or Policy Department. 2) C410 Department or Internal Department. 3) C411 Department or Operations Department. The Policy Department develops and implements policy in the sphere of relations with other organizations (factions,groups,companies). It has no subsidiary controls. The Internal Department develops and implements the internal policy and structure of the organization accordingly. Has subsidiary bodies of management and regulation on the majority of objects of the organization. The Operations Department is a body of military administration:it develops global operations, regulates the activities of troops. Has subsidiary bodies of management and regulation on the majority of objects of the organization. Is the largest Department. Each Department has it's own Board of Directors and its own Head of Department. Cooperation of departments of the Center in making important decisions is presented in Presidium — the council of heads of departments and other important persons,commanders,scientists and representatives of Protectorate. The decisions of the Presidium are directly regulated by the Protectorate. The Operations Department has a management body, C411-01, which is the Sub-Department, responsible for the development,planning and conduct of operations by special forces.The activities of the Sub-Department is not known, all information is classified and not subject to disclosure. Municipal (Local) Controls are next in importance. They rule in loyal cities, outposts and other significant territorial objects of the P. O. N. Responsible for regulating the actions of troops, supplies of settlements and outposts, operations that are kinda trivial. Are regulated by the Internal Department and The Operations Department. Have subsidiary bodies. 2)Structure of troops Entire state of military men P. O. N commonly called army. The commander-in-chief of the army is Colonel-General — also Head of The Operation Department; also, the Presidium may be the commander-in-chief,if necessary. The army is divided into 2 units — the East Unit (East) and North Unit (North). Both unit subordinate to Center and to General-Colonel. The units are divided into battalions (max. - 6), battalions are divided into platoons,detachments,garrisons. At the head of units are generals. At the head of battalions are captains or majors. The garrisons of objects and individual groups are also subject to Municipal governments. Each battalion is equipped with its own Central Radio Station,each battalion has several mechanized groups,an artillery group, an air defense group, a SpecOps unit,a robotic unit, an anti-tank group and sometimes a heavy mechanized unit. The military ranks of the organization have a similar structure as the military ranks of the USAF,Canadian Forces, etc. List of ranks of the organization (in ascending order): Private-Recruit Private PFC (Efreutor) Corporal Senior Corporal Sergeant Senior Sergeant Sergeant-operator Lieutenant Lieutenant-operator Captain Major Major-operator General Colonel-General The ranks of special forces are not advertised. Each soldier has a unique employee identification number (1P650) and an account in the employee database. Sergeants and ranks-above have an additional ID,master key and extended account in the employee database. 3) Staff There are many non-military professions and structures in P. O. N: negotiation service,communication service,management,finance department,technical unit,team of workers,contracts service and other services. Each employee has an 1P650 ID,a callsign and a multi-level key to access the organization's database. 4) Military Training Each soldier is obliged to attend an intensive training once a month at his squad sweep point. If recruit has no experience of military operations, has no certificate on passing of a Course of the Young Fighter and analogs, didn't consist earlier in PMC or has no evidence of passing medical examination, he (she?) will be tested on the Polygon. Polygon is a training complex on the P.O.N's under-control territory. If the recruit passes regulations,he is taken to the service as a Private-Recruit. On the Polygon P.O.N's instructors and fighters train recruits,some of the regular group,sassault groups,1P650 Bear teams and 1P650 Nightmare teams. The results of training are classified using the system of evaluating the effectiveness of soldier – SPES (Soldier Performance Evaluation System (latin. Hope)). SPES has 4 main grade classes and 2 additional grade classes: 1) L – Low Performance. Criteria: low (or below average) level of physical training of the individual, low level of combat training, low coefficient of effectiveness in the field,incompetence,poor disciplinary training. 2) M – Medium Performance. Criteria: average (or above average) level of physical training of the individual, average or high level of combat training, average (above or below average) coefficient of effectiveness in the field,good disciplinary training. 3) H – High Performance. Criteria: high (or above average) level of physical fitness of the individual, high or excellent level of combat training, high efficiency in the field,good or excellent disciplinary training, high/outstanding level of intelligence. 4) E – Excellent Performance. Criteria: excellent (excellent) level of physical fitness of the individual,high,excellent or exceptional level of combat training,high or maximum efficiency in the field,excellent disciplinary training, high level of intelligence. Incremental estimates: 1) N – Not allowed to combat. Criteria: complete incompetence of the individual,serious health problems,disciplinary problems. Usually exhibited with an L-class grade. (L-N) 2) U – Unique Abilities. Criteria:issued to soldiers who have shown unique abilities in various tests. Can be placed next to any other rating from the main list. (H-U, M-U, E-U, even L-U?) Soldiers with rating N must be demobilized and usually fired or moved on to non-military post. Recruits are mandatory trained for improvement of their skills from L to M or from M to H. Special forces are trained according to the H or E grade class. Soldiers with the EU or HU SPES-grade may be trained according to the special forces training program. Also, soldiers with the estimates of M and H can undergo the program to transform in different 1P650X-creatures. 1P650X evaluated and conduct training separately or together with the regular units with the same rating system SPES,but with exceptions of some tests. Training of soldiers correspond to the levels of soldiers of different armies and some special forces. Performed physical,direct combat,psychological and mental preparation of the soldiers. Training of special forces P. O. N correspond to the level of such special forces as SAS,Joint Task Force 2,Delta Force,GIGN,SWAT and others,also with unique training using Protectorate technologies. Recruits, who have previously served in the army,in the special forces or PMCs, are evaluated by SPES also on the basis of documents from former jobs and preliminary tests. There is a possibility immediately upon admission to the service to go to a SpecOps group, depending on the competence and specialization of the recruit. 5) Supply P. O. N has several supply points all over Nevada, about 15 supply lines and a network of independent "Caravans". Weapons and ammunition are supplied by “Mikord Weapon Company” and other companies, are bought on the Black Market,collected by Collectors after the fightings. Equipment is purchased from manufacturers and/or produced by the Protectorate. Supplies are supplied by Protectorate or by Collectors. Medicines are supplied by the Protectorate or purchased from Nevada Medical (look Tarraka's stuff hey!). There are several railway supply lines,respectively, several supply stations. All products are certified, all deliveries are documented in accordance with the rules of paperwork. Often, soldiers engaged in self-supply,trading with the A. A. H. W or robbing A. A. H. W (rarely) and other small organizations. 6)Salary Soldiers are regularly paid a salary,but the main income comes from operations, contracts and bargaining on the Black Market. Depending on the evaluation of SSN regular salary military personnel varies from the average by +-250$. The term of regular salary payment is from a month to two. Private-recruit salary is $400. Private's salary is $800. Efreutor's salary is $1000. Corporal's salary is $1200. Senior Corporal's salary is $1400. Sergeant's salary is $1900. Senior Sergeant's salary is $2300. Sergeant-operator salary is $2800. Lieutenant's salary is $3300. Lieutenant-operator's salary is $3800. Captain's salary is $4100. Major's salary is $5,000. Major-operator's salary is 5500$. General Salary is not advertised. Income from operations is oftenly from 100$ to 30000$. Income from trading on the Black Market depends on the prices of the Black Market. Non-military salary (depends on the specialization of unit) - from 200 to $ 50,000$. The income of SpecOps soldiers is not advertised. Income of officials,employees of the Center and heads of departments is not advertised. 7) Communication, data P.O.N's radio spots with operators are all over Nevada, their number is estimated at 100-300 units. Each large detachment or garrison is given a portable radio station, along with scramblers and other encryption devices. Any communication session is protected by strong encryption. Communication is also carried out by tools (means) of data transmission over WAN, respectively. P. O. N is provided with modern and sometimes innovative technologies of communication. Each member of the organization has an account in the P.O.N's database, which contains basic information about the individual,personal a list of operations. Each member of the organization has submit any application using the account features. Access to transaction data and other records is provided by an ID and cryptography keys. Materials about the organization's cybersecurity will be posted in a separate document. III)Activity 1) Operations P. O. N conducts operations of various scales and purposes. The most common operations are about eliminating those or other illegal armed groups in a particular territory. Also conducted and conducts operations on: Sweeping various locations of the mutants. Liquidation of the activities of certain gangs in some large areas of Nevada. Elimination of the major drug cartels. Capture of cities,as well as outposts from other organizations (Currently not held) Resource extraction. Artillery strikes on some hard-to-reach places in order to eliminate threats in the form of criminals or mutants. Raids on non-loyal cities. The elimination of certain individuals on the Black Market (unofficially). Protection of loyal settlements, transportation. Extraction of documents of the nexus laboratory (Operation Robin hood,others) and other developments of other organizations operating in Nevada. Elimination of any presence of any factions in the airspace above the territory of the organization. Assistance to loyal organizations or groups,joint operations. Special operations are not advertised for the purposes of secrecy. 2) Contracts P. O. N's soldiers regularly carry out contracts on search and seizure,on protection of enterprises,on training of personnel of various organizations,on escort of convoys,etc. Contracts are concluded directly by the Centre-Centre with the support of the Protectorate and are issued to a battalion depending on the workload of a battalion in various contracts or operations. 3) Cities P. O. N designs the captured cities by creating recruiting points, food bases,strong points,supply lines,checkpoints and so on. Part of the garrison of each town keeps order,thereby protecting and preventing violations of US law. Despite such activities,P. O. N soldiers often commit unlawful acts, rob and kill residents of the city. Such crimes are monitored and reviewed by Municipal (Local) Controls,and the perpetrators are punished by justice. 4) Spionage (Reconnaissance) P.O.N's reconnaissance regularly collects information about operations,patrols and incidents of the A. A. H. W, the activities of the groups "the Liquidators" "The Cursed", "Lunar Wolves" and others. Such measures as wiretapping,information gathering; recon units are on duty, rare sabotage is carring out. Also P. O. N,with the help of Protectorate's technologies, actively develops and implements counterespionage measures. 5) Black market Members of the organization regularly replenish stocks of weapons,drugs,pyrotechnics,equipment and people for the slave trade of the black Market of Nevada. At the same time, measures are being taken to eliminate criminals and drug cartels. Anyway, P. O. N is a major player in this market. 6) Struggle for Power in Nevada P. O. N in fact not benefits capturing power in Nevada and go against A. A. H. W,Auditor and other organizations. All annexations of the territory are carried out primarily for the sake of increasing the amount of profit received by the organization. Therefore, officially, P. O. N has no purpose of seizing power in Nevada to ensure stability and peace. IV) In numbers Officially, military personnel throughout Nevada — from 1600 to 2300. Officially, special forces soldiers across Nevada range from 300 to 700. Officially units of equipment throughout Nevada — from 30 to 200. Officially 1p650x units (Not including 1P650 X DJ Bunker) – from 100 to 500. Officially units 1P650R - from 10 to 150. The mutant experiments in the catacombs X304V - *** V) Relations with factions P. O. N conducts joint operations with PMC "Liquidators",also organization's soldiers conduct joint exercises and exchange of experience. P. O. N cooperates with a large PMCs "Bullterriers", conducting joint exercises and operations. Relations with the A. A. H. W is still unclear: in the past P. O. N almost regularly attacked convoys and base of the Agency,was the place to be a clash with the Advanced Weaponary Department in the course of operation “Valentine". Now the operations against A. A. H. W have almost come to naught: in the future it is planned to diplomatically consolidate the neutrality of A. A. H. W and P. O. N. But this information is not confirmed,and plans about A. A. H. W still can not be announced. P. O. N cooperates with the organization "The Cursed",conducting joint operations (rockclucky-mucky pleaze). P. O. N is in neutral-hostile relations with group "Lunar Wolves". P. O. N officially fights against any illegal gangs,criminal organizations and drug cartels. At the same time, the organization is actively cooperating with the Black Market. P. O. N remains neutral towards the faction of the "Holy Order". P. O. N officially maintains neutrality in relation to the laboratory of Doctor Schprichwort,though the Protectorate is eager to seize the technology of the Doctor. P. O. N remains neutral towards the MCC fraction. Additional information: I)Territories and areas of influence Officially there are 4 so-called zones of influence P. O. N (territories): Center-Center, East,North and Wasteland. 1)Center-Center – Nevadian Polygon (Nuclear), Area 51 and its surroundings,as well as part of the city of Winchester,Clark. Entirely under the control and protection of P. O. N. 2)East — part of the districts of Lyon,Already,Douglas and Churchill together with the cities of Dayton,Hunterville and the settlement of Tilburg. Patrolled and secured by P. O. N. 3)North — part of Elko and white pine counties. There is quite a large number of roadblocks and outposts,as well as catacombs and secret bases. Patrolled and secured by P. O. N. 4)Wasteland — no man's territory in the central part of Nevada. Patrolled By P. O. N. The location of organization's forces is not advertised. II)List of units {Format: *] Unitts's name; PUID - ID of the Protectorates's Unit; Types} !) Equipment of units not listed. !) Non-military units are not listed. 1)People 1] Regular troops { PUID: 1P650 Types: Infantryman Light infantryman Heavy infantryman Light machinegunner Machinegunner Heavy machinegunner Rifleman-Grenadier Grenadier Marksman. Heavy marksman Marksman (Deathstorm) Paramedic Heavy paramedic Field Doctor Fighter (melee) AT-rifleman AA-rifleman Flamethrower operator (reactive) Flamethrower operator (backpack) Field engineer Sapper Squadleader Officer } 2] Assault groups { PUID – 1P650 Types{ Infantryman-stormtrooper Heavy infantryman-stormtrooper Heavy machine gunner-stormtrooper Medic-stormtrooper AT-stormtrooper AA-stormtrooper Marksman-stormtrooper Scout Heavy scout Fighter-stormtrooper (melee) Breacher Squadleader-stormtrooper } 3] CBRN-troops { PUID – 1P650C Types: Infantryman-CBRN Heavy infantryman-CBRN Squadleader-CBRN Flamethrower operator - CBRN Stormtrooper-CBRN } 4] Special Forces "Nightmare» { PUID – 1P650SF "Nightmare» Types: Scout Assassin Ghost Stormtrooper Baphomet } 5] Assault Special Forces "Bear» { PUID – 1P650SF "BEAR» Types: Scout Stromtrooper Defender Grizzly Paramedic Grenadier } 6] Anti-Infantry Special Forces "Surt» { PUID – 1P650SF “SURT” Types: Flamethrower operator Demoman Miner Asmodeus } 8] Mobile squad "Knight” { PUID – 1P650 Knight Types: Knight-stormtrooper Knight-defender } 2)Mutants 1] Defender-Juggernaut “Bunker” { PUID – 1P650X DJ Bunker Types: Bunker Teutonic. Iapet. } 2] Biological Combat Prototype “Chimera” { PUID – 1P650X BCP Chimera Types: Chimera Cilin } 3) Robots/drones 1] Cognitive Land Assault Weapon / CLAW { PUID – 1P650R C. L. A. W Types: Standard configuration Transport configuration Assault configuration Nuclear configuration SURT-configuration Plasma configuration } 2]Anthropomorphic Robot for General Purpose – ARGP / Wendigo { PUID – 1P650R ARGP Wendigo Types: Mortemaspis(Deathbringer) — easy ultra-fast configuration Nephilim — heavy combat configuration Whisper — reconnaissance PPI configuration Intruder — configuration with "Advanced improbability Engine» } III) List of operations Here are some well-known and officially confirmed operations of the P. O. N. Operations are arranged in chronological order. Special operations are not advertised. Operations that are similar to contracts are not advertised due to the non-relevance of the term "operation". Operations on liquidation of gangs are not advertised. Operation "Mobilization" - cleaning up and taking control of the territories of Zone 51. Status: success. Operation “Robin hood” - operation for searching,collecting or withdrawing documents and technologies of the Project “Nexus”. Status: success. Operation "Store" - a series of raids on the outposts of the A. A. H. W with the aim of obtaining food and resources. Status:relative success. Losses. Operation “Valentine" - capture object “Ivy Valentine” in for questioning. Was known that the object was potentially a time traveler,was found that the object has a potential future weapon and technologies. The operation was carried out in city *** in parallel to MCC tournament. During the operation, a contact with an unknown creature happened. Operation status: failed. Significant losses. Operation "East" is strengthening position in the territories of the East. Status:success. Operation "North" - strengthening position in the territories of the North. Status:success. Operation "Citizen" - capture of several cities in the East. Status:success. Operation “Humanism” - improvements of the captured cities. Status:in progress. Operation "Bee swarm" - joint with the "Bullterriers" group to eliminate of deserting members of the P. O. N,seized Protectorate technology. Status: success. Operation "Helen" - joint Liquidators of the operation to sweep the catacombs XV03. Status:failed. There are losses. The catacombs are sealed,the entrance is guarded by P. O. N. Operation "Elizabeth" - joint Liquidators of the operation to sweep the catacombs XV04. Status:success. Operation "Morphine" - destruction and removal of the products of clandestine laboratories for the production of opiates,owned by the drug cartel "Grace". Status:success. Operation “Sobriety” - complete liquidation of the drug cartel “Grace”. Status:success. Operation "Reflux" - a subversive act against the group "Lunar Wolves". Status:success. Operation “Christina” - joint operation with Liquidators to secure the territory Riolit town. Status:in progress. VI)Conclusion P. O. N is engaged in the elimination of illegal bandit formations,transactions on the Black Market and testing Protectorate's technologies. As a faction,it is quite ambiguous. Could act as a stabilizer of the situation in Nevada. Additional information will be posted in various documents. --VII)Author's conclusion As we're poor little jewish butty-handy people and do not have any ready-to-be-animated sprites,P.O.N might be useful as a roleplay-only faction. Sprites will be ready as soon as never, I guess. Oh, I know! As soon as I finish my operating system. Check out GladOS faction – Liquidators. Also check out Walther's AAHW AWD (discord?). Also check out Tarraka's stuff – that guy with a Coca-Cola on mouth and a good sense of humor. Also check out other factions – TheCursed, AASAD,etc, all of them seems to be very nice. I proud of this community, as I'm a no one. Holy Order soon (with hoboz, Gospel and The Holy God), Bullteriers PMC – idk. --VIII) Old sprites Bear SpecOps. Dan0ru & gasmask HECU by unknown Several Units. Dan0ru & IsraelNickerson 1P650R Wendigo. Configuration:none. Dan0ru. VEHICLES & CLAW If you're reading this, you're a good person. Out.
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    If you've got the Beta already Pre-Ordered, then you'll find we've added TWO new stages to the game! This is your introduction to the Mining Sector, where the nexus has dug out the foundation of the Science Tower above. There are a bunch of new enemy types to spice up your bullet-soaked adventure to put an end to Project Nexus! Krinkels and I are hard at work on the final Mining Sector stage as we speak, so that we can get to public access ASAP. Catch you guys ALONG THE WAY!
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    It would be great if we could make games for free, but food, utilities, and my house mortgage aren't free, so sadly we have to charge for the game.
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    Removed the 30 minute post editing limit. happy editing.
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    Another sample clip of a shitty meme compilation that I forgot to share.
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    I am thrilled to see that you've found how well that works. We have to make it more clear that Sanford's meat hook is good for messing up MEAT
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    Help me to understand a scenario where not having Tac-Bar would benefit a player's character they're building, because I want to see where you're coming from. And keep in mind that if a player doesn't want Tac-Bar because it conflicts with their concept, they can choose not do buy it. And also that pretty much every top-tier character in the Madness universe has a very high rating on every single skill tree. Jesus, Auditor, Tricky, Hank, Sanford, Deimos...they've all dodged bullets or somehow avoided getting shot by merit of their skill...meaning that allowing anyone to buy Tac-Bar is legit in keeping with the universe we're building (in addition to how Krinkels and I just don't like to prevent players from having the option to do things that are fun, as a rule). The only hard limit to progression that we have planned is for Apotheosis (Legendary) trees. You won't get to have Crackpot magic AND Jesus telekinesis AND Hank combat skill AND be a mini-Mag. That's where you'll choose your direction and stick with it forever.
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    I think most of what you've addressed are things I've taken issue with myself. A lot of it boils down to preference, but the big points that are clear problems are: Grapple is too slow and stops the game while you're doing it. Enemy Tac-Bar stops the game while you wait for the pink bar to drain. I've got a few ideas on how to address this. Grapple DOES need to be a LOT faster than it is. Allowing the next hit in the chain to start more quickly would make a big difference. I might also just add a passive Corpus drain for being in Grapple in general to speed it along. The UI will get touched up eventually also, but not until we settle on the system. As always, I don't mess with UI until we know the system it represents is solid. If we just change grappling again, I've wasted a day creating UI for it. The game requiring you to upgrade your Tac-Bar isn't a problem, since it's not like we cap you out at a max number of skills. I DO want the benefits of armor to be greater but also diminish Tac-Bar quite a bit more than it's doing now. Definitely, the big things we're going to tackle first are those things that slow or stop gameplay. Those are big no-nos.
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    My main issue with tac bars at the moment is the limited effectiveness of the tactics stat on your characters. Aside from the stat having zero impact on how much tac is restored per kill, the way tac bars drain at a set rate puts an effective limit on how quickly you can kill units with tac bars. Whether you have 50 tac or 100 tac, you still have the same down-time of mulling around and waiting for your target's tac bar to drop - It's fine for giving the player time to react to shotguns and being shot off-screen but it ultimately slows the gameplay down, at times bringing the action to a complete halt. Although I've been told it's intentional to force players to use melee or acro to speed up fights and I totally understand if that's the case, it still puts a limit on the usefulness of tactics. As long as there's no effective limit to any of the other core stats this remains an issue. At the moment dexterity is far more valuable to tac bars than tactics itself, which is counter-intuitive to say the least. I'd suggest making it so you can at least speed up the drain of pink bar, i.e. make it so your attacks drain it the same way they drain normal tac once their normal tac has run out. Some folks on the Discord have been suggesting the return of segmented tac bar. Bringing it back would allow a bit more room for error with partial passive regeneration, but I'm against it because it'd limit player performance by capping your ability to restore your bar and it'd slow down gameplay further against tac enemies, at least if I have the correct impression of how it'd be implemented. Might be worth a try. I've also heard complaints about how higher levels of gameplay are more or less impossible without tac journeyman/master, which sort of defeats the purpose of arena being "play the game how you want" as opposed to just making all of your characters Hank-lite. Balance improvements to armor and corpus should rectify this if done properly, but if that route is taken considerations also need to be made in regards to making encumbrance more of a drawback, and characters should be forced to specialize further as well. At core grapples are either completely useless or totally broken. Dealing damage to tac and corpus via normal grapple attacks is incredibly slow, and it takes the player out of the game to just watch everyone wait for you to pound your target to death. Your strength and your button mashing ability seem to make zero impact on the two of you taking turns slapping each other. Disarms are similarly impotent - Because your grapple animation is slower than most high-level melee attacks and there's zero indication of when an enemy is going to fire, it's virtually impossible to disarm anyone you'd actually want to disarm. It doesn't help that improved disarm is broken either. On the other hand ragdolling people with grapple is totally busted. Ragdolls in general are lethal as they let you whittle away tac and use environmental hazards easily, not to mention nuking corpus by running a ragdolled enemy into a wall. Conversely, getting ragdolled by your enemies lets them nuke your corpus and gain tons of free positioning on you. While there are deeper issues that I think need to be addressed in regards to stun mechanics, it doesn't help that you have access to these abilities at virtually zero cost. I think the UI needs a lot of work as well. While the symbols of the attacker and the victim are very pretty, they do basically nothing to explain progress being made towards either result. How much damage are you doing? How close is either participant close to escaping? If strength actually does have any effect on grapple performance, it's not made any more obvious by grapple UI essentially just boiling down to a bunch of vaguely gyrating icons - At the very least, a progress bar would be helpful. Maybe we could see their corpus too, to make grapples an effective way to gain information on enemy status.
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    This meme is legimately accurate lmao Especially playing in Madnes Difficulty
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    Hopefully you are not running into the problems with Flash that Sean is with his last two streams.
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    There are some parts of the games I do a lot of complaining about, too. While it was inspired by battletoads it certainly shouldn't be as difficult. By the time we get to the end we're going to be smoothing a lot of it out, it's a story and an adventure not a humiliating beat down. We gotta get the journalists through the game, after all :)c
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    Added Discord Login Option, Can Be Located In Account Settings Added Social Info Options, Can Be Located In User DropDown Menu (for Discord Add As: USERNAME #1111
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    Few patches and updates. Added A 'Our Members', Located In Browse Added A 'My Posts' , Located In Browse Added Post Reactions As well As Forum Reputation Clubs Now Require Authorization By A Moderator. AAHW Has Been Renamed To The Vault, And Has Dedicated Areas For RPs, Clubs, Fanfics And Animations. Armory Has Been Moved To Et Cetera Thoughts?
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    Chapter 55's finally done... part I, that is. Part II still under works at 2,700 words, but I'm still super proud of this one. Hope those of you who're reading my stuff enjoy! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8688197/55/Madness-Combat-Hank-s-Legacy
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    Look around the room a lil and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    It's a good idea to order one guy to hold position on each side of the stage, though it's definitely possible to do it solo if you run fast enough, as Sanderson said.
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    Interesting reasoning behind the favorites/least favorites. Gonna be keeping an eye on this thread, I don't want to lose sight of what makes maps fun.
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    quite hard to pick not a complete list, by all means