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    If you've got the Beta already Pre-Ordered, then you'll find we've added TWO new stages to the game! This is your introduction to the Mining Sector, where the nexus has dug out the foundation of the Science Tower above. There are a bunch of new enemy types to spice up your bullet-soaked adventure to put an end to Project Nexus! Krinkels and I are hard at work on the final Mining Sector stage as we speak, so that we can get to public access ASAP. Catch you guys ALONG THE WAY!
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    It would be great if we could make games for free, but food, utilities, and my house mortgage aren't free, so sadly we have to charge for the game.
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    Removed the 30 minute post editing limit. happy editing.
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    Protectors of Nevada is a non - governmental paramilitary organization that has launched activities in the state of Nevada. Is a company founded to protect the Separate property of the canadian company "Protectorate" - an engineering company specializing in robotics - in Nevada. Description of the history/description of the PMC: PMC Protectors of Nevada - P. O. N - it was officially registered as a PMC in 2015 year. The main staff were former members of the Criminal organization "Raiders". PMC Protectors of Nevada was created to protect the branches and laboratories of the engineering company "Protectorate". The legal address of the Central office of "Protectorate" - 134-Berry Road,Toronto,Canada. From 2015 to 2021, P. O. N was engaged in (is) contracts for search and seizure, protection of enterprises. The staff of P. O. N were often accused of illegal activities in the underground, transit of drugs and smuggling, extortion of funds from civilians and murder, indecency and other crimes. But it is worth noting that P. O. N is engaged in the protection of cities, the destruction of illegal gangs and the fight against the current informal government of Nevada - A.A.H.W. Information: Structure Staff and troops Troops Structure: The management body is the so - called Leadership, the more accurate name is the Presidium and Headquarters of the PMC "Protectors of Nevada". Fully controls various global operations. Is also part of the company's "Protectorate" as the authority for the administration of the PMC "Protectors of Nevada". The user controls the outposts, a major military settlement, Center-Center and Winchester-East - and the ongoing major speeches of the army,raids and so on. The army is divided into corps, the corps to the brigade; P. O. N territories are divided into three sectors: the territory near the Zone-51 - "Center-Center", the territory in the South - "southern limit", the territory in the North - "Northern limit", the territory in the wasteland - "Wasteland", the territory near Winchester - "Winchester-East". Total corps-5. Staff and troops: Any type of troops is a 1P650-unit. Total military personnel - about 1,100 people across Nevada. Special forces-about 150 people across Nevada. 1P650X - [INFORMATION CLASSIFIED] Robots - [INFORMATION CLASSIFIED] Mutants of Dr. Skender Nadishan -about INFORMATION DELETED in the catacombs X304V. Troops: 1P650: Infantryman { Light foot soldier Infantryman Heavy infantry } Machineg unner{ Light MG MG Heavy MG Heavy MG with ballistic shield Juggernaut } Sniper{ Marksman Infantry with optics Sniper Heavy sniper Brewster } Antipersonnel-Antitank{ Grenadier T-grenade thrower P grenade thrower Operator of the flamethrower T-the operator of the flamethrower } Highest{ Commando Officer Officer-Defender } $Appointment{ Field engineer Orderly Ammo carrier Gunner Signalman Medical assistant Demoman } 1P650 Nightmare Ops{ Assassin Eye Ghost Stormtrooper Baphomet } 1P650 Bear{ Bear-Scout Bear-Stormtrooper Bear-Defender Bear-Grizzly } 1P650 Surt{ Surt-flamethrower Surt-grenader } 1P650 Mortemaspis{ Mortemaspis Armored Mortemaspis } 1P650 Knight{ Knight- stormtrooper Knight-scout } 1P650 X { DJ |Juggernaut Defender| Bunker { DJ Bunker DJ Teutonic Knihht } BCP |Biological Combat Prototype|Chimera{ BCP Chimera BCP Сilin } } 1P650 R{ C. L. A. W{ Standard configuration Transportation configuration Combat enhanced configuration Nuclear configuration Flame throw configuration Plasma configuration } AGR{ Assault configuration Blocking configuration Plasma configuration } Tecamseh{ Rocket booster configuration |Scout| Heavy configuration |Nephilim| Concealed configuration |Rustle| Configuration drive |Codebreaker| } } why has god abadoned us: because of ducking pie 1P650 Bear (GasMask - HECU, others - Dan0ru): Infartyman/Machinegunner/1P650 X DJ Bunker (dan0ru): C.L.A.W (IsraelNickerson): 1P650 R Tecamseh {Standart nonerole conf} (Dan0ru): thats all i think
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    I think most of what you've addressed are things I've taken issue with myself. A lot of it boils down to preference, but the big points that are clear problems are: Grapple is too slow and stops the game while you're doing it. Enemy Tac-Bar stops the game while you wait for the pink bar to drain. I've got a few ideas on how to address this. Grapple DOES need to be a LOT faster than it is. Allowing the next hit in the chain to start more quickly would make a big difference. I might also just add a passive Corpus drain for being in Grapple in general to speed it along. The UI will get touched up eventually also, but not until we settle on the system. As always, I don't mess with UI until we know the system it represents is solid. If we just change grappling again, I've wasted a day creating UI for it. The game requiring you to upgrade your Tac-Bar isn't a problem, since it's not like we cap you out at a max number of skills. I DO want the benefits of armor to be greater but also diminish Tac-Bar quite a bit more than it's doing now. Definitely, the big things we're going to tackle first are those things that slow or stop gameplay. Those are big no-nos.
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    My main issue with tac bars at the moment is the limited effectiveness of the tactics stat on your characters. Aside from the stat having zero impact on how much tac is restored per kill, the way tac bars drain at a set rate puts an effective limit on how quickly you can kill units with tac bars. Whether you have 50 tac or 100 tac, you still have the same down-time of mulling around and waiting for your target's tac bar to drop - It's fine for giving the player time to react to shotguns and being shot off-screen but it ultimately slows the gameplay down, at times bringing the action to a complete halt. Although I've been told it's intentional to force players to use melee or acro to speed up fights and I totally understand if that's the case, it still puts a limit on the usefulness of tactics. As long as there's no effective limit to any of the other core stats this remains an issue. At the moment dexterity is far more valuable to tac bars than tactics itself, which is counter-intuitive to say the least. I'd suggest making it so you can at least speed up the drain of pink bar, i.e. make it so your attacks drain it the same way they drain normal tac once their normal tac has run out. Some folks on the Discord have been suggesting the return of segmented tac bar. Bringing it back would allow a bit more room for error with partial passive regeneration, but I'm against it because it'd limit player performance by capping your ability to restore your bar and it'd slow down gameplay further against tac enemies, at least if I have the correct impression of how it'd be implemented. Might be worth a try. I've also heard complaints about how higher levels of gameplay are more or less impossible without tac journeyman/master, which sort of defeats the purpose of arena being "play the game how you want" as opposed to just making all of your characters Hank-lite. Balance improvements to armor and corpus should rectify this if done properly, but if that route is taken considerations also need to be made in regards to making encumbrance more of a drawback, and characters should be forced to specialize further as well. At core grapples are either completely useless or totally broken. Dealing damage to tac and corpus via normal grapple attacks is incredibly slow, and it takes the player out of the game to just watch everyone wait for you to pound your target to death. Your strength and your button mashing ability seem to make zero impact on the two of you taking turns slapping each other. Disarms are similarly impotent - Because your grapple animation is slower than most high-level melee attacks and there's zero indication of when an enemy is going to fire, it's virtually impossible to disarm anyone you'd actually want to disarm. It doesn't help that improved disarm is broken either. On the other hand ragdolling people with grapple is totally busted. Ragdolls in general are lethal as they let you whittle away tac and use environmental hazards easily, not to mention nuking corpus by running a ragdolled enemy into a wall. Conversely, getting ragdolled by your enemies lets them nuke your corpus and gain tons of free positioning on you. While there are deeper issues that I think need to be addressed in regards to stun mechanics, it doesn't help that you have access to these abilities at virtually zero cost. I think the UI needs a lot of work as well. While the symbols of the attacker and the victim are very pretty, they do basically nothing to explain progress being made towards either result. How much damage are you doing? How close is either participant close to escaping? If strength actually does have any effect on grapple performance, it's not made any more obvious by grapple UI essentially just boiling down to a bunch of vaguely gyrating icons - At the very least, a progress bar would be helpful. Maybe we could see their corpus too, to make grapples an effective way to gain information on enemy status.
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    Added Discord Login Option, Can Be Located In Account Settings Added Social Info Options, Can Be Located In User DropDown Menu (for Discord Add As: USERNAME #1111
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    Few patches and updates. Added A 'Our Members', Located In Browse Added A 'My Posts' , Located In Browse Added Post Reactions As well As Forum Reputation Clubs Now Require Authorization By A Moderator. AAHW Has Been Renamed To The Vault, And Has Dedicated Areas For RPs, Clubs, Fanfics And Animations. Armory Has Been Moved To Et Cetera Thoughts?
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    What're your favorite and least favorite Arena stages? Whether it's for fun value, concept, technical impressiveness or whatever! What're your preferences? Feel free to list multiple if you want! My favorite personally's probably Nexus Projects, if only for one thing really. And it's not pizzas The feeling of diving from the top of the ramp to the bottom to speed up map traversal! Specifically with Dodge 3, but it works well enough with lower tiers. Throwing enemies off said ramps is fun too~ My least favorite probably has to be Murder Room 4, the idea of having a stage take place on an elevator is interesting, but the lasers are absolutely jarring because it's not really super clear where they're gonna hit till they start doing so! And also honestly The Facility, mostly because it seems... unfinished. It's an absolutely gigantic map, mostly full of wide open areas, but without any objectives and only having I think up to 6 enemies at any one time, it all just kinda goes to waste! Teammates pretty much always get stuck in the spawn area behind the fence without player assistance and sometimes (Not quite sure what causes it, but it happens often) the sound channels for doors in a room gets reversed! So enemies coming through what sounds like the left door are actually coming out the right and vice versa~ obviously a bug, but still quite disorientating nonetheless.
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    Hey guys, I'm not dead. It's been a while since my last post. Reason? Well, graduating year is a real grind to my poor fingers and time? Anyway, I predict that next semester will be easy (well, according to my personal opinion of the timetable) so I'll have more time, so hooray for that ? See ya guys soon!
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    Post your Madness memes here. use the Images tab. anything that does not break the forum rules. ?
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    I might want re-design some sprites of my cursed's army. Some stuff are old and need to be remake.
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    Chapter 55's finally done... part I, that is. Part II still under works at 2,700 words, but I'm still super proud of this one. Hope those of you who're reading my stuff enjoy! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8688197/55/Madness-Combat-Hank-s-Legacy
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    We dramatically lowered the cost on armor for the time being. Because you never lose it after you buy it, we had to keep the prices competitive with weapons. We’ll try this new pricing for a bot and see how t goes ?
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    WeirdScience. Made the Sleeper Labs level so bearable, the lack of medical cabinets combined with a marathon of a level made it real tough. I also like Just After Midnight cause that's some top quality beats. makes me wonder if there'll be a soundtrack released when the game comes out?
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    Zed corpus is what gives them the ability to regen. If you somehow managed to acquire a Zed corpus, you'd come back to life 80% of the time when killed, unless it's a headshot. Gestalt corpus is like...9999 trauma capacity. By comparison, player characters tend to have 15. Eventually we want to let players unlock and swap around different corpus types to make better builds, but that's low priority and would come after we get weapon modding into Arena.
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    Right? putting that poor boy down will probably be the most emotional thing we do in PN2 hands down
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    It's a good idea to order one guy to hold position on each side of the stage, though it's definitely possible to do it solo if you run fast enough, as Sanderson said.
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    Free? Ahahahaha u serious boi? do you seriously think devs would let such masterpiece go out for free , ye keep dreamin.
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    I forgot to put these peeps in "cursed" topic... in "morana beast" section... But well, luckly i have this topic for sharing my stuff.
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    I wouldn't mind some temporary allies. Like freeing prisoners of the Nexus or cultists. It could work.
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    Favorite tribute: Madness Deputation Favorite original madness anim: Madness combat 8