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    Hold shift and press space to activate the big dodge.
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    When a weapon breaks it turns into fragments, and you can in fact kill enemies with the fragments.
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    My favorite game is Dead Rising 2, I loved the first one it was a REALLY good game. However I liked the 2nd one a lot more mostly because of multiplayer and the memories of playing with friends and doing fun and creative ways of killing zombies. Me and a couple of friends used to go around the Silver strip and Palisades mall and see if we can kill all the zombies in those sections, we never actually managed to kill all of them but it was really fun! So yeah, this is my favorite game because of good memories, generally fun game play and a stupid ass story.
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    May update this one as I find more, but the main ones are A; that weird thing where trying to throw the first of two dual-wielded weapons throws both for no good reason... And B; Sometime the ability to change pre-mission loadouts just disappears. And when it does, it never seems to return, being permenantly locked Also, Various part of levels in the Mining sector, Especially in Chasms, either do not load properly or their textures are bugged... or both, I dunno
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    Yeah that is one of the most common complaints so far I understand the mooks are not going to necessarily be fair and attack you one at a time though they could at least have the decency to not stunlock you till the heat death of the universe. To be honest melee combat in general this update is very much lackluster and somehow less enjoyable than the previous update. Not to mention really not a fan of despawning empty guns.
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    Hmm, you're right. I'd found my old saves and put them into presumably what I'd thought were the current folders, and they do in fact no longer work. Whoops, my bad. Oh well guess starting again is how it goes. I've been playing through the campaign again anyways. Gotta say; getting stunlocked; not fun or fair. Nothing says 'artificial difficulty' quite like the game literally preventing you from fighting back. :3
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    Beta Version: v1.13.a Bug type: Loadout. Map Where Bug Was Encountered [Difficulty]: The Residential Sector. (Work on any main hub.) Description: When I go switch loadout I notice it when I go to unarmed loadout it show the previous loadout weapons. bug.mp4