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    this is a mod that modifies the game and makes it look like in the first chapters of Madness Combat
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    You grab his helmet and stick it on your head "Light em up Demetri" Demetri walks up to the monster and sprays him full of lead. his whole head is a blood bath.
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    lets trust him, and if he fucks up, just abandon him
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    he's a damn grunt wielding a fully automatic smg, there's a chance of him fucking it up
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    shooting his feet stunned him, for a bit tho
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    his helmet looks like we can knock it off but its too risky
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    you're not saying we should shoot him in the feet?
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    our luck is ass, continue running
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    yeah well fuck you too XD
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    the hand wont do jack shit
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    continue forth with Dmitri to see if you can find some medical supplies
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    say to him, "give my gun back."
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    say, "thats my gun bitch bitch i fucking kill u" (dont actually)
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    look for that grunt that we were getting intimate with
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    We updated the forums and the theme . any issues please let me know
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    If you've got the Beta already Pre-Ordered, then you'll find we've added TWO new stages to the game! This is your introduction to the Mining Sector, where the nexus has dug out the foundation of the Science Tower above. There are a bunch of new enemy types to spice up your bullet-soaked adventure to put an end to Project Nexus! Krinkels and I are hard at work on the final Mining Sector stage as we speak, so that we can get to public access ASAP. Catch you guys ALONG THE WAY!
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    Hopefully you are not running into the problems with Flash that Sean is with his last two streams.
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    Post your Madness memes here. use the Images tab. anything that does not break the forum rules. ?
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    It would be great if there would be a jukebox with madness combat series soundtracks etc < ya know nostalgia n stuff>
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    quite hard to pick not a complete list, by all means