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    Liquidators - it's a non-governmental paramilitary group dealing with the internal problems of Nevada:the destruction of monsters and bandits. Their ideology is to protect Nevada and the rest of the world from biological viruses, anomalies, failed scientific experiments that can lead to catastrophic consequences. Perfectly equipped and organized The faction emerged as a result of a disaster in the Nexus Laboratory, which took dangerous and hostile creatures to the streets of Nevada. Residents of the city huddled in groups, increasing the contingent for the joint destruction of the infection, gradually turning into an independent organization, with its own rules and regulations. Despite the unofficial war with Agency and Nexus core in the beginning of its activity, today the Liquidators - neutral group, as in Nevada it has no ideological opponents, and their activities are directed in a useful direction for all.However, it does not cancel the armed conflicts and firefights in which if necessary Liquidators by all means will take part, after all they are always ready to fight. Liquidators are regular customers on the Black Market. Almost all the financial activities of the group is associated with it. From the sale of property and the purchase of weapons to the trade in information and infrastructure. Also, the Liquidators patrol all kinds of laboratories as observers, and in the event of a disaster in the first place will be able to protect the staff and not to give a dangerous object(like a mutant\zombie) to leave the territory of the laboratory. In addition, they commit trips-patrols in search of anomalies and monsters, study unusual natural phenomena in the form of anomalies, protect private areas, destroy infected enterprises and other objects on orders, at the same time placing those in quarantine to completely eliminate the danger. Their motto: liquidate. Prevent. Secure. STRUCTURE OF THE FACTION: -LORE(wip) -Hierarchy(wip) -Structure of troops(wip) -Armament and equipment.(wip) -Structure of bases and territories(wip) -Resourses -Remark LORE Work in progress Hierarchy Work in progress. Structure of troops Work in progress. Armament and equipment. Work in progress. But you can look at this tho. -Some types of protection. Armor testing.mp4 Armor testing2.mp4 -Class of units: Kshatriyas. Description: Kshatriyas are searchers in low-lit areas (from underground structures to city streets). In order to see in the dark and illuminate the terrain, they use the lighting of their equipment (the picture shows an XLSE (Xenon Lamp Search Equipment aka "Sauron" -equipment with a huge xenon lamp, which technically has a complex structure inside, protected by plastic like police-like shields use (Withstands shotgun shot with a 12GA 3mm caliber!) making it as light and mobile as it could be done. I won’t describe the device, okay? Just know, it is fed from the backpack * on the back).The purpose of their search is reconnaissance / inspection of territories with potential material and not only resource. Whether it is abandoned laboratories, scientific research complexes, bunkers, etc. Kshatriyas are great cartographers with a tremendous memory and a vestibular apparatus. They, of course, can get lost or get lost, but certainly not earlier than a regular traveler. They use in groups of 2 or in groups of 5 people, with only one in a detachment of 5 people - Kshatriya. At the same time, he is not a combat unit. In duets, both can be Kshatriyas, but it doesn’t matter, because in that case they are both armed. Therefore, their skills are: (I use an upgrade system similar to the one that was in MPN 1) "Attentiveness", "Tactics", "Endurance", increased to 30 \ 25 \ 28 points (out of 30) By the way about their characteristics and skills. Their HP without additional armor is 3 points.(Not like in MPN 1). They don't have Tac-Bar, due to the fact that because of the equipment they have low mobility. Weapon skills are relatively low, but sufficient within the normal range to be able to shoot someone. Mostly use automatic weapons (18 and more). Rarely - shotguns. (12). The skills of owning pistols are almost the same as the machine pistols - 12 \ 10. Melee weapons - 13. Hand-to-hand fight - 5-8. Heavy weapon -1-4. Xenon on the chest can also blind potential opponents. Strength ranges from 15 to 20 points. Tactics - 20-25 points. These guys are smart. Leadership - 17. In groups of five people, if there is one Kshatriya, there should be 2 commanders. One is for the warhead, the other for the rest of the route and action plan. Dexterity - 10-14. Because of the equipment, I repeat, their mobility is greatly reduced, but not to a critical level. They can run. As I said above, often Kshatriyas are not a combat unit. Rather, support. To the total: Benefits: their backpacks, which include the following: - Portable radio station and transmitter. -Dynamo machine, which is used as a charging station for almost everything, including a xenon lamp. To restore the spent charge, remove the backpack from the lamp, unclip the clips from the lamp, unfold the engine dynamo handle and turn it to the desired charge level. Their skills in the field of territories and cartography, they are excellent tactics. The lamp illuminates almost everything in front of their nose in a radius of 10-20 meters in front. And the very body protection due to plastic on the lens. Disadvantages: Low mobility. Low protection of the rest of the body except the body. Easy target when conducting combat with human. Some sketches.There are actually a lot more of them, but I don't want to show them all at now. Structure of bases and territories Work in progress. Resources It will be available when the sprites will be ready. Remark Liquidators - this is what I always wanted to do and present to the people. The idea of fraction that specializing in the destruction of monsters appeared in 2014. I would like to focus on the people in fraction. Like, making transport, weapons and ammunition some original things made as if in haste, but giving a huge advantage in combat and maximum efficiency. In addition, it can look cool. Instead of super-beautiful cyborgs (although they have not been canceled). I wanted to make not stupid fools who run with cold weapons straight under the barrel of enemy weapons, but real, brave and experienced fighters, ready for any battle, even the most insane. Not afraid to go on the attack, using tactics and all sorts of improvised means to destroy the enemy. True warriors. Prior to this, unsuccessful attempts were made to thoroughly take up the fraction, but nothing came out. And then came the moment when I thoroughly can take on it. My pleasure and yours. There will be a lot of content, a lot of Lore and sprites. Liqudator is a project in which I will put my heart and soul,will give ideas for roleplaying,sprites for people. And this post is the starting point of my work.
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    I am glad that you liked it, I will try to please you more. As I said, the Liquidators are a neutral organization. So, the alliance is quite real. With the agreement of both parties, of course.