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    What is the status of Zed Survival Mode?
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    Hey guys, I'm not dead. It's been a while since my last post. Reason? Well, graduating year is a real grind to my poor fingers and time? Anyway, I predict that next semester will be easy (well, according to my personal opinion of the timetable) so I'll have more time, so hooray for that ? See ya guys soon!
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    this is a mod that modifies the game and makes it look like in the first chapters of Madness Combat
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    Aspiring / budding game dev here. This is mostly a hard-as-nails (there's a really easy mode too), stylish gameplay mod that I made by editing the script and adding features over the years. This update has some minor changes from the very last (easier easy mode, harder hard mode), which I just kept linking on my Newgrounds news posts. (slight spoilers ahead) Download: https://gamejolt.com/games/madnessnexusmodinfamy/385430 More chaos, and more replayability. More moves and timed counters. More things to dodge, and more reasons and ways to dodge them! Everyone moves faster and headshots matter a bit more (they heal you). I wanted to balance the usage of more moves (unarmed, melee and dodges), randomize enemy abilities, weapons and encounters (some will throw weapons or grapple you, and a Soldat or something scarier can spawn where they aren't supposed to be) and spice things up as much as I can. All mid-level soldiers and characters can occasionally perform low to high level dodges, melee and unarmed attacks (some iframes for some melee). Enemies can aim from afar and even from off-screen (starting at level 3 in story mode), making you weigh whether to dodge or shoot first (it's slightly random, but fine tuned to your reaction time with the rest of game flow, as well as selected difficulty). You can disarm guns with timed unarmed attacks, and swords with timed blocks (the latter is really useful, as subsequent counter-attacks will heal you and pass through enemy blocking and tac-bars). You now have sweet-spots, and usually need to hit tac-bar enemies past your reticle / max accurate range (stay away from mid- range enemy shots for this reason) for the fastest kill. Yeah, I took a few mechanics from PN2, put a spin on some, and made a couple of my own. Sweet-spots and unarmed attacks that can pass through tac-bars (50/50) are in. I tried making grazes, but your health-bar just chips away per tac-dodge until it reaches your last chunk (so heal it back). Nobody keeps track of their mag's load - your ammo bar can dip randomly to encourage attentiveness, conservation, and more close-quarters fights. Your melee and unarmed are more affected by strength (random per hit). Easy is normal, normal is hard, and hard is extra hard. Easier modes just give you more chances and are sometimes just as hard as harder modes. Everything has RNG involved (chance). Pay close attention to everything in a fight and find worst scenario tactics and strategies. You'll find yourself paying attention to the little things, and your heartrate maybe going up as your reflexes adapt to all of them. The skill ceiling's intended to be set really high. Arena mode is now kind of 'endless'. You'll eventually reset levels and some stats, but keep gaining skill points so you can keep playing with them, and that's it. It just keeps you from being too OP. Story mode now has a few branching paths and options (spoils a bit more than the original game). Doors and sometimes entire map layouts are randomized (keeps you guessing which paths to take). Balancing hard-hitting guns with melee combat is one of the toughest things to do. P.S. Entering a door at the same time Sanford throws his hook crashes the game, so wait for the animation to finish first. Also, don't hesitate to play it on Easy. Have fun!
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    I guess I'll re read the rules and find out
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    I'm tired so I'm stopping here for today, I'll be back in like what...5/6 days? I don't know, feel free to suggest while I'm gone.
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    Take your gun and head back to your car. Stitch yourself up
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    Say "He wasn't like the normal zombies, he could speak and use weapons. I was able to snag his gun from him before he could shoot me, though."
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    Wow, Jeremy's the unluckiest Grunt ever ? Grab the gun and dome him.
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    stick your hand in his mouth and try to yank his lower jaw off.
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    Put a hole in his head
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    stitch yourself up and then continue
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    Order them to turn around and lie down, hands flat against the floor. To make sure they stay down, kill them, then take anything valuable you have space for.
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    Grab some bandages out of the medkit on the wall, keeping your gun trained on the other two guys
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    I may be a bit late.. but I'm here. And I would like to apologize for those times where I godmodded, I was young back then so I didn't really know when to stop. On another note I'm kind of ashamed of what my "OC" turned into, as in the end it was, like you said, pretty much just an auditor ripoff.
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    Sometime soon I'm going to experiment with controller support on PC. If that can be made to feel GOOD, we'd be down to port it to consoles someday. It's not a high priority atm though.
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    Plamza Burst 2 was my childhood, still remember playing in in 2013...nostalgia.
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    My God, PB2. Yeah... can't forget it man. I used to be GeNo's clan leader. Met a bunch of people, including DoomWrath and Stryde. I'm actually planning on making two videos on my channel about PB2.