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    Yep. The team's aware it's broken, they're not gonna bother fixing it because they're currently working on revamping the intro anyway. You'll just need to hit the "Skip tutorial" checkbox in the character creation screen to bypass it.
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    It would be nice to have zombie grunts that got infected by zombie companion actually on our team than being still a enemy.
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    Bandits are animals, yes. but chances are, no. I don't like shooting dogs in games and I don't want this to be a game where that happens.
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    Endless arena mode is definitely getting integrated into Arena when we get back to nailing that beast to the ground. Half because a deathmarch is the best way to run Arena mode and half because hand-crafting waves for every stage at every difficulty is arduous, and pointlessly taxing. We've gotten on paper how we will be running it and it's just a matter of time.
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    Summer. Within the first half of summer if I had to take a guess considering the original release date was May.
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    This mod is pretty whacky and absurd. I sent pm for permission to some dude on wiki page to use his mod to make my own mod. I mean i didn't add those items and HQ sfx. Concept of this mod is simple. It turns antagonists into zombies and making some of them super fast. Here you can download this little apathetic thing i call my "mod". Download Link
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    I started up PN2 Arena Mode today, and when I loaded into the base I noticed one of my sqaudmates' name had appeared next to my character's name. By the looks of it I could only control him with a controller, but I don't have one plugged in and have never used a controller when playing PN2. I couldn't see any way to get rid of this. Also, when I pressed (I) to enter my inventory, this is what I saw:
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    I updated the first map,it is that before it did not look very good
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    Audanti has a really awesome system set up on the CRM Discord for the more intense RPs. So yeah, you should definitely take a look at that instead; there might be an RP area for the forums soon though, who knows? Especially if a certain Elite comes back around. ?