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    open your PN1 mod File then click on your PN1 mod.text use notepad++ use ctrl+F. it's going to how you window Say Find. use this text push r:this, 'myName', 'Player' for your PN1 mod this text is for your Player in PN1 you see all info about your Player. callMethod push r:this, 'headType', 'civ' setMember push r:this, 'bodyType', 'civ' setMember push r:this, 'handType', 'civ' setMember push r:this, 'footType', 'civ' this is for custom player body that you post down at applyStats setMember push r:this, 'myMagic', 'jesus1' this is for Magic-Bar to keep Magic-Bar in arena delete setMember between myCharacter and amSpecial that you can keep Magic-Bar ever time you press new Start in arena mod
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    Before Arena can be considered 'done' full weapon customization will absolutely be a thing. The random roulette workstation is a long tired proof of function. Weaponry preferences already exist for enemies during the story campaign, plugging that into Arena isn't going to be a huge leap.
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    this mod modifies the game making you can play a new story I am warning you that I am going to start working on this mod when I finish the old days mod
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    I play Nuclear Throne sometimes, even thought it's possible to make MC mod or something like that. I don't really like EtG. You know, that type of stuff you just don't like. Also played Broforce and Streets of Rogue, yeah, they're good too. I'll try Deadbolt and then Hotline Miami, never even heard about first one. Thanks for answering!
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    one of my qualms with weapons that fire caseless ammunition is that you lose out on that sweet outpour of brass.
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