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    USMC cykas
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    Bruh Sean or someone needs to give me Moderator on here, I swear I'm not just a user
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    this is a mod that modifies the game and makes it look like in the first chapters of Madness Combat
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    Protectors of Nevada is a non - governmental paramilitary organization that has launched activities in the state of Nevada. Is a company founded to protect the Separate property of the canadian company "Protectorate" - an engineering company specializing in robotics - in Nevada. Description of the history/description of the PMC: PMC Protectors of Nevada - P. O. N - it was officially registered as a PMC in 2015 year. The main staff were former members of the Criminal organization "Raiders". PMC Protectors of Nevada was created to protect the branches and laboratories of the engineering company "Protectorate". The legal address of the Central office of "Protectorate" - 134-Berry Road,Toronto,Canada. From 2015 to 2021, P. O. N was engaged in (is) contracts for search and seizure, protection of enterprises. The staff of P. O. N were often accused of illegal activities in the underground, transit of drugs and smuggling, extortion of funds from civilians and murder, indecency and other crimes. But it is worth noting that P. O. N is engaged in the protection of cities, the destruction of illegal gangs and the fight against the current informal government of Nevada - A.A.H.W. Information: Structure Staff and troops Troops Structure: The management body is the so - called Leadership, the more accurate name is the Presidium and Headquarters of the PMC "Protectors of Nevada". Fully controls various global operations. Is also part of the company's "Protectorate" as the authority for the administration of the PMC "Protectors of Nevada". The user controls the outposts, a major military settlement, Center-Center and Winchester-East - and the ongoing major speeches of the army,raids and so on. The army is divided into corps, the corps to the brigade; P. O. N territories are divided into three sectors: the territory near the Zone-51 - "Center-Center", the territory in the South - "southern limit", the territory in the North - "Northern limit", the territory in the wasteland - "Wasteland", the territory near Winchester - "Winchester-East". Total corps-5. Staff and troops: Any type of troops is a 1P650-unit. Total military personnel - about 1,100 people across Nevada. Special forces-about 150 people across Nevada. 1P650X - [INFORMATION CLASSIFIED] Robots - [INFORMATION CLASSIFIED] Mutants of Dr. Skender Nadishan -about INFORMATION DELETED in the catacombs X304V. Troops: 1P650: Infantryman { Light foot soldier Infantryman Heavy infantry } Machineg unner{ Light MG MG Heavy MG Heavy MG with ballistic shield Juggernaut } Sniper{ Marksman Infantry with optics Sniper Heavy sniper Brewster } Antipersonnel-Antitank{ Grenadier T-grenade thrower P grenade thrower Operator of the flamethrower T-the operator of the flamethrower } Highest{ Commando Officer Officer-Defender } $Appointment{ Field engineer Orderly Ammo carrier Gunner Signalman Medical assistant Demoman } 1P650 Nightmare Ops{ Assassin Eye Ghost Stormtrooper Baphomet } 1P650 Bear{ Bear-Scout Bear-Stormtrooper Bear-Defender Bear-Grizzly } 1P650 Surt{ Surt-flamethrower Surt-grenader } 1P650 Mortemaspis{ Mortemaspis Armored Mortemaspis } 1P650 Knight{ Knight- stormtrooper Knight-scout } 1P650 X { DJ |Juggernaut Defender| Bunker { DJ Bunker DJ Teutonic Knihht } BCP |Biological Combat Prototype|Chimera{ BCP Chimera BCP Сilin } } 1P650 R{ C. L. A. W{ Standard configuration Transportation configuration Combat enhanced configuration Nuclear configuration Flame throw configuration Plasma configuration } AGR{ Assault configuration Blocking configuration Plasma configuration } Tecamseh{ Rocket booster configuration |Scout| Heavy configuration |Nephilim| Concealed configuration |Rustle| Configuration drive |Codebreaker| } } why has god abadoned us: because of ducking pie 1P650 Bear (GasMask - HECU, others - Dan0ru): Infartyman/Machinegunner/1P650 X DJ Bunker (dan0ru): C.L.A.W (IsraelNickerson): 1P650 R Tecamseh {Standart nonerole conf} (Dan0ru): thats all i think
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    Glad to have this, taking a minute to make the date system uniform would really help with clarity of when things happened though.
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    It's time to work on this mod
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    Hey guys! Just here to tell you about my Fic Madness Bloodlust! It's basically Crossover Fanfiction made by your's truly and everyone's favorite Chad, Spirit9871. Bloodlust a Isekai but with the Madness Crew being stuck in a fantasy world and having to fight the evil army of the Black Dogs! Will our crazy crew get along long enough for them to save the world? Probably not. But hey there's lots of Gore, Swearing, Jokes and a few sexual themes (but nothing too lewd). Still, I hope ya enjoy this fic. More coming madness day 2019! Link : https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13072416/1/Madness-Bloodlust
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    That is a fair point. They can really clump up on you. I'm stickynoting more guns, again.
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    This update mainly contains a whole slew of bug fixes for the story levels as well as some bug fixes for Arena such as the removal of the duplicated MR1. That being said there are still more bugs to root out so I implore you all to do your duty and report any and all you find!
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    After playing multiplayer with my brother in campaign, the mission where we first meet gestalt bugged out and the screen turned black at the end. Frustrated, I went to play arena mode, with my crew members being kinda buggy, with only 2 names listed on the right side of my screen, yet all 4/5 of my crew members still followed my command. The 5th, however, didn't move, only for us to realize that it was being controlled by my brother. Excited, we tried playing an arena match, only for all crew members to revert to normal, meaning he couldn't control anyone, and all 5 names were listed on the right side of my screen. Interestingly enough though, I then pressed pause, toggled the "player one is controller" function, then turned it back off. Right after turning it back off, my brother was somehow able to regain control of the crew member. So this is basically an early way to play multiplayer in arena mode! Please let me know if you guys could replicate it. Here's a pic of me replicating the procedure using a freshly created character. [Edit]: Again, all one needs to do is just press pause with at least one crew member currently following you, and then toggle the "player one if controller function" on and back off. This also seems to turn any other crew members into non-moving players as well, so maybe there's a possibility to play more than just 2 players, but I'm not entirely sure. And if any crew member dies, the game will perceive it as if you died, meaning the match must be redone.
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    I have been having tremendous fun with Arena mode lately, but there has been a consistent (and pretty much the only) problem that has been bugging me. There are several ways to permanently loose weapons that you bring into stages, and this really lowers the fun potential of stages when I suddenly have to micro-manage all the weapons that me and my squad-mates have. For instance, to keep all of the weapons I bring to battle, I have to forcefully keep at-least one of these above just simply enjoying the action: Having to purposefully handicap myself by keeping an ammo-less gun on me after it is all spent, since I have a chance of permanently loosing it if I drop/throw it. Being too scared to pick anything up in-case I loose my main weapon(s) when the stage ends. Having to worry about squad-mates dying with valuable weapons and keeping an empty slot JUST to pick up their weapons, or in-case they just straight up drop/throw them for some reason. Having to force myself to keep my main weapon in my secondary slot when I'm low on Corpus, since if I die I loose that weapon permanently. This makes it excessively annoying when you just want to go in guns-blazing, but you don't feel like loosing your extremely expensive/hard to find/perfectly modded weapon forever. I was wondering if there was a system that could be implemented so that you and squad-mates each are allowed to have 1 personal weapon (akimbos would count as 1 too) that cannot be lost during stages. (if they die, drop it or throw it, it would be put back in their stash/the storage box at the end of the stage) This could be optional, so if some people prefer the challenge or just don't care, they could disable it. For me, this would vastly improve Arena mode, since I could spend more time getting into the Madness, and less time spending a ton of money on the exact mod combo I had on a gun, or farming a particular stage to get a particular weapon (possibly several times if you want to gear out your squad after a beat-down). And yes, I understand it degrades the challenge, but I personally like the collection aspect of the game far more than the challenge of permanently loosing your cool stuff because you died to something or left it on the ground for a minute. And hey, if it could be made optional, there wouldn't be that much reason to complain about it since you could simply disable it.
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    Found one more for the pile. The classic flashing red corpus block outside of an Arena level. I decided to avoid death in Facility by exiting the level. 2019-04-12 22-55-39.mp4
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    I do not know,but when I have Windows installed again, I swear I'm going to try to finish the mod as quickly as possible
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    How about this boi from the game which will never get the third part?
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    Obviously, it'd need a design change and a different name, but I thought the concept would be rad. This is the Shishkebab (specifically, the Fallout 4 version), a makeshift weapon made from a sword and an attached gas tank with numerous nozzles coming out of it, effectively covering the blade in flames when activated. The sword will always emit fire when brandished, but the flames will become brighter and hotter when swung. Now, the idea of a "fire sword" isn't exactly obscure, so this may have been suggested, or even implemented in the game, I just wanted to put it out there in case you weren't considering it already.
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    Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zqb4cht4odmc8vb/Madness_Project_Nexus_External_Biography_Mod.swf/file Credits: 裸奔撸炮顶风露鸟 Screenshots:
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    Mah first fan art : D
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    pm63 is a sexy as hell gun, and the idea of tossing in more guns that require one at a time reloading would give way to the sks, or an sks clonelike. It'd be great for lower level 'adequate' firearms.
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    step 1: you to install notepad++ in your Desktop you need to install Madness project nexus 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/odnnkgdbxus006b/Madness+Project+Nexus+8.1.rar you need to install Flasm in File you well get flasm for mod PN1 http://flasm.sourceforge.net and you need flashplayer after you install all on your desktop you need to make a new New folder you can call any name you like on your PN1 mod and you need to rename the name of PN1.swf for any name you like and pout all this on your folder you make step 2: now you need to open CMD in cmd you need to type cd C/Users/your PC NAME/Desktop/Mod files/flasm16win this you need copy form your Folder you make you Klick Enter you type flasm -d your mod name.swf > to mod.txt you after you done swf to txt you will see Text Document say your mod.txt open Text Document you will see a lot of stuff in your mod.txt step 3: start make mod so you need to install my PN1 txt i make for all https://www.dropbox.com/s/y75v5mtxyfmkm61/madness project nexus.txt?dl=0 it's help you to make PN1 mod storyProgressWorld0 this is for open all PN1 StoryMod when you start new game in story mod it's well start on Ep1.5 you can change any characters in story and arena step 4: how to change in arena characters so you need to find push r:this, 'myName', 'player' this will Find your madness Project nexus 1 arena play you can play any characters you like step 5: after you done make your PN1 mod save and go to cmd type flasm -a mod.txt is going to say all change in PN1 and start pn1 and have fun with your own PN1 mod and before upload your pn1 mod make sure Nothing Broken and delete links in your pn1 mod that make your mod be faster when you do sfw to exe step 6: you well need to install adobe flash player 10 for doing SWF TO EXE only adobe flash player 10 https://www.adobe.com/support/flash/downloads.html#flashCS5 if you have a Questions for PN1 mod Tutorials you can add me on my Discord account $Asriel$#5689 and i well help you
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    Liquidators - it's a non-governmental paramilitary group dealing with the internal problems of Nevada:the destruction of monsters and bandits. Their ideology is to protect Nevada and the rest of the world from biological viruses, anomalies, failed scientific experiments that can lead to catastrophic consequences. Perfectly equipped and organized The faction emerged as a result of a disaster in the Nexus Laboratory, which took dangerous and hostile creatures to the streets of Nevada. Residents of the city huddled in groups, increasing the contingent for the joint destruction of the infection, gradually turning into an independent organization, with its own rules and regulations. Despite the unofficial war with Agency and Nexus core in the beginning of its activity, today the Liquidators - neutral group, as in Nevada it has no ideological opponents, and their activities are directed in a useful direction for all.However, it does not cancel the armed conflicts and firefights in which if necessary Liquidators by all means will take part, after all they are always ready to fight. Liquidators are regular customers on the Black Market. Almost all the financial activities of the group is associated with it. From the sale of property and the purchase of weapons to the trade in information and infrastructure. Also, the Liquidators patrol all kinds of laboratories as observers, and in the event of a disaster in the first place will be able to protect the staff and not to give a dangerous object(like a mutant\zombie) to leave the territory of the laboratory. In addition, they commit trips-patrols in search of anomalies and monsters, study unusual natural phenomena in the form of anomalies, protect private areas, destroy infected enterprises and other objects on orders, at the same time placing those in quarantine to completely eliminate the danger. Their motto: liquidate. Prevent. Secure. STRUCTURE OF THE FACTION: -LORE(wip) -Hierarchy(wip) -Structure of troops(wip) -Armament and equipment.(wip) -Structure of bases and territories(wip) -Resourses -Remark LORE Work in progress Hierarchy Work in progress. Structure of troops Work in progress. Armament and equipment. Work in progress. But you can look at this tho. -Some types of protection. Armor testing.mp4 Armor testing2.mp4 -Class of units: Kshatriyas. Description: Kshatriyas are searchers in low-lit areas (from underground structures to city streets). In order to see in the dark and illuminate the terrain, they use the lighting of their equipment (the picture shows an XLSE (Xenon Lamp Search Equipment aka "Sauron" -equipment with a huge xenon lamp, which technically has a complex structure inside, protected by plastic like police-like shields use (Withstands shotgun shot with a 12GA 3mm caliber!) making it as light and mobile as it could be done. I won’t describe the device, okay? Just know, it is fed from the backpack * on the back).The purpose of their search is reconnaissance / inspection of territories with potential material and not only resource. Whether it is abandoned laboratories, scientific research complexes, bunkers, etc. Kshatriyas are great cartographers with a tremendous memory and a vestibular apparatus. They, of course, can get lost or get lost, but certainly not earlier than a regular traveler. They use in groups of 2 or in groups of 5 people, with only one in a detachment of 5 people - Kshatriya. At the same time, he is not a combat unit. In duets, both can be Kshatriyas, but it doesn’t matter, because in that case they are both armed. Therefore, their skills are: (I use an upgrade system similar to the one that was in MPN 1) "Attentiveness", "Tactics", "Endurance", increased to 30 \ 25 \ 28 points (out of 30) By the way about their characteristics and skills. Their HP without additional armor is 3 points.(Not like in MPN 1). They don't have Tac-Bar, due to the fact that because of the equipment they have low mobility. Weapon skills are relatively low, but sufficient within the normal range to be able to shoot someone. Mostly use automatic weapons (18 and more). Rarely - shotguns. (12). The skills of owning pistols are almost the same as the machine pistols - 12 \ 10. Melee weapons - 13. Hand-to-hand fight - 5-8. Heavy weapon -1-4. Xenon on the chest can also blind potential opponents. Strength ranges from 15 to 20 points. Tactics - 20-25 points. These guys are smart. Leadership - 17. In groups of five people, if there is one Kshatriya, there should be 2 commanders. One is for the warhead, the other for the rest of the route and action plan. Dexterity - 10-14. Because of the equipment, I repeat, their mobility is greatly reduced, but not to a critical level. They can run. As I said above, often Kshatriyas are not a combat unit. Rather, support. To the total: Benefits: their backpacks, which include the following: - Portable radio station and transmitter. -Dynamo machine, which is used as a charging station for almost everything, including a xenon lamp. To restore the spent charge, remove the backpack from the lamp, unclip the clips from the lamp, unfold the engine dynamo handle and turn it to the desired charge level. Their skills in the field of territories and cartography, they are excellent tactics. The lamp illuminates almost everything in front of their nose in a radius of 10-20 meters in front. And the very body protection due to plastic on the lens. Disadvantages: Low mobility. Low protection of the rest of the body except the body. Easy target when conducting combat with human. -Class of units: Civil Protectors. The Civil Protector units act as overseers of the civilian population and the General situation in the patrol zone. They are trained and equipped to maintain public order against riots and protests, also represent a rapid reaction force. Perform the functions of the informal police in terms of counteracting armed individuals and groups threatening the interests of the Liquidators fraction and the interests and lives of innocent citizens. Equipment Civil Protector officers wear protective helmet-masks with chin strap and visor to protect the head and face from hand-held melee weapons, as well as from shots from firearms. The helmet can withstand a 9-mm shoot pistol at a bullet speed of 315+-10 m/s, as well as reinforced with materials that will protect the officer from dangerous chemicals such as acids. The visor is made of tinted polycarbonate(from a similar polycarbonate as purchased shields, which will be discussed later). Also, each helmet is equipped with headphones and a radio microphone. Reinforced armor(shown in the picture) - for the protection used body armor II-A Class of protection according to the classification of the National Institute of justice USA. It can withstand a shot from a smooth-bore hunting rifle, as well as bullets caliber .357 Magnum. Provides complete protection to the torso of a soldier against ballistic damage, including protecting the hips and lower parts of the torso. Shoulder pads are used to protect the neck and shoulders. In this protection, the Civil Protector officer is a well-protected combat unit with medium mobility(can confidently run, but doesn't use somersaults and similar movements). Mobile armor - includes light bulletproof vests of the II class of protection(maintain .357 Magnum). Does not have shoulder pads and protection for the hips. It is a less protected, but more mobile combat unit. Weapons and combat tactics: Soldiers of Civil Protection almost always act in the composition of the brigades or groups on 5 people. As such, the soldiers followed the order and patrolling/guarding the area(as well as bases and departments), сounteracting criminals and gangs and destroy their place of residence. Each such group includes: -Two shields in Reinforced armor. Have a police baton, shield and submachine gun. Most often it is MP-7 or MP-9. Also, the Shields can be equipped with pump shotguns with rubber bullets. The shields themselves are of two types: Conventional-bulletproof, manufactured in Nevada, or polycarbonate shields used in riots and protests. They are officers of the front, and thus take the first hit on themselves. In case of detection of the enemy, they put shields in the direction of the attacker and cover the rest of the fighters. Their priority task is to protect and cover their teammates. They also attack the enemy with submachine guns covering teammates when they are reloading. Batons are used against lightly armed opponents or civilians. -Two soldiers in Mobile armor - the Carabinieri. The main combat unit of the group. Equipped with one of the following types of weapons:assault rifles, carbines, tactical submachine guns, automatic/pump-action shotguns. They have tear gas and stun grenades. Use tracer bullets mixed with the usual(about every 5th bullet). Wear modified police batons and pistols(mostly Five-Seven). In case of detection of the enemy, they stand behind the back of the Shields and fire to kill, looking out(without sticking his head) their backs. In addition, they are using other cover, actively rolling over and make maneuvers. Trying to fire from different points of space, without departing from each other far. -The commander in Reinforced armor. Equipped with insignia on the helmet or shoulder pads. In rare cases, wears a beret instead of a helmet. Also equipped with an assault rifle or carbine with pistol(for example Five-Seven). In case of detection of the enemy also stands behind the Carabineris. Negotiating with the Dispatcher, learns(as all team members) information about objectives, rewards, reminders and sends a detachment to respond to certain incidents (such as the location of the destroyed units or other criminal acts). CP soldiers will often use very simple tactics, such as firing from behind cover, rolling over, covering for each other, or running to the wounded or reloading for covering. Usually they attack in an aggressive manner: either taking heavy fire, or do not give the enemy show up from behind cover without stopping shooting. Tries to get as close as possible to the enemy, actively using grenades. However, in critical situations such as the death of 3 fighters or 2 counting the commander, provided that the enemy is not at the point of death(then squad makes a rush and trying to finish off the enemy), the numerical or technical superiority of the enemy, or upon receiving orders from the Dispatcher adopts defensive tactics, and expects reinforcements. If possible, a party of 5 can split up and fire from several points, with such arrangement: Shield - Carabinier; Shield - Commander; Carabinier. As the disparate groups they negotiate with each other and work together. As a fast traveling using wheeled transport. Most often it is either an SUV type Chevrolet Suburban, or modified cars produced in Nevada(In this way shields cling to the mounting on the roof). Often SUVs are equipped with bumper guard and can churn a particularly armored enemy, but this rarely happens. Some sketches.There are actually a lot more of them, but I don't want to show them all at now. Structure of bases and territories Work in progress. Resources It will be available when the sprites will be ready. Remark Liquidators - this is what I always wanted to do and present to the people. The idea of fraction that specializing in the destruction of monsters appeared in 2014. I would like to focus on the people in fraction. Like, making transport, weapons and ammunition some original things made as if in haste, but giving a huge advantage in combat and maximum efficiency. In addition, it can look cool. Instead of super-beautiful cyborgs (although they have not been canceled). I wanted to make not stupid fools who run with cold weapons straight under the barrel of enemy weapons, but real, brave and experienced fighters, ready for any battle, even the most insane. Not afraid to go on the attack, using tactics and all sorts of improvised means to destroy the enemy. True warriors. Prior to this, unsuccessful attempts were made to thoroughly take up the fraction, but nothing came out. And then came the moment when I thoroughly can take on it. My pleasure and yours. There will be a lot of content, a lot of Lore and sprites. Liqudator is a project in which I will put my heart and soul,will give ideas for roleplaying,sprites for people. And this post is the starting point of my work.
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    I thought that this would be the typical organization that only wants to protect Nevada and destroy the typical AAHW, no? However it is noted that this has differences with PON (Protectors of Nevada) as for example your organization not only wants to protect Nevada but the whole world of anomalies such as monsters, viruses and other harmful organizations that use science for the aforementioned and I hope you enjoy your stay here and enjoy what you do seriously you have talent and it shows and you have an impressive creativity I would like to join this faction however I am already in one and that is quite loyal to her and her leaders (the cursed) but I would like an alliance between the liquidators and the cursed
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    Hi ...Well basically ........ he kills the agent ............yes...............Tell me what you think......... shooting test.mp4
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    could somebody upload a version of the game and post it here?