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    Switch to your Desert Eagle and fire back, since you can't retain the meatshield with a two-handed weapon.
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    throw away that pistol without any ammo and pick up the nearest shotgun
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    Take cover. Longer you're exposed, the more likely chance your enemy can strike a crippling shot.
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    There is still enough to change but don't worry because this year the mod will be released
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    this mod modifies the game making you can play a new story I am warning you that I am going to start working on this mod when I finish the old days mod
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    Make sure to download this update as it introduces controller support, a new file path for saving, changed controls, and new story levels such as Deimos and Jeb working together! GOOOOOOOOO! Edit: Also contains co-op modes
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    Can we have pettable dogs instead?
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    Bandits are animals, yes. but chances are, no. I don't like shooting dogs in games and I don't want this to be a game where that happens.
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    Should I change the sleepwalkers for this grunt?