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News and development of the game

Forum Rules (It Ain't the Wild West)
  1. Insults & Trolling - No trolling or deliberately offensive comments to anyone on the forums. Got a problem with someone? Wait til the game comes out and then blast them online in a deathmatch (once that feature is included). Plus it hurts our feelings ?
  2. Spamming - No spamming or re-posting of a thread of comment. We saw it the first time, and we don't need to see it again.
  3. Explicit Images - Use of nudity or other explicit images are not allowed on the forums in anyway, even in the junkyard...period.
  4. Sharing / Hacking Accounts - You are not allowed to impersonate/share/hack other accounts. The current engine makes it very easy to find out who you are, and you will be banned with a happy slap.
  5. Copyrighted Material - The use of links to download, share, or give information to access copyrighted material such as games, music or movies is prohibited. We may or may not support your right to share, but this isn't the place for it.
  6. Reporting Posts - See that exclamation mark button on someones post? Only use that for reporting people for breaking the rules. Use it to advertise or promote your threads to us and we will report YOU, with our FISTS.
  7. Asking for Help - Feel free to ask moderators or other forums members for advice, but check the forums for the answer first ?
  8. Real World Issues - Remember, this is a game development forum. The point is to have a lighthearted and creative environment to discuss game issues and expectations. There are sites out there to discuss your personal and political problems, but this isn't one of them.
  9. Don't Acknowledge Bots - Using the Quote feature to repeat a Bot's message is the same as spamming links to the forum. Bots get removed from the forums for that, and you're likely to get the same treatment. Best case scenario, you'll look foolish responding to a post that's going to be deleted.

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