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  3. open your PN1 mod File then click on your PN1 mod.text use notepad++ use ctrl+F. it's going to how you window Say Find. use this text push r:this, 'myName', 'Player' for your PN1 mod this text is for your Player in PN1 you see all info about your Player. callMethod push r:this, 'headType', 'civ' setMember push r:this, 'bodyType', 'civ' setMember push r:this, 'handType', 'civ' setMember push r:this, 'footType', 'civ' this is for custom player body that you post down at applyStats setMember push r:this, 'myMagic', 'jesus1' this is for Magic-Bar to keep Magic-Bar in arena delete setMember between myCharacter and amSpecial that you can keep Magic-Bar ever time you press new Start in arena mod
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  6. Zandermanith

    Kingpin Mode

    It was a Kickstarter tier that was never reached, but it's still a maybe for post-release content if the game does well.
  7. ColonelPKA

    Interactive game

    Okay, go to actual cover (the wall the hole was made), drop the meatshield, switch to the Desert Eagle and reload.
  8. alex10e

    Kingpin Mode

    Just wondering, is kingpin mode thrown out the window? I know that it was kind of an unsure feature and it's okay if it's not part of the game, but I would like to know just because it seemed like a cool idea. Thanks!
  9. I hate this and that I left the server that one time.

  10. Mr.Krinkels

    Just some questions

    Before Arena can be considered 'done' full weapon customization will absolutely be a thing. The random roulette workstation is a long tired proof of function. Weaponry preferences already exist for enemies during the story campaign, plugging that into Arena isn't going to be a huge leap.
  11. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    With your last two bullets you aim for the chest of the person you've been trying to kill and fire, both shots hit him directly in the chest causing him to fall over unconscious, one out of the two others start to drag the body off to the side to give medical attention. the other one continues to fire before reloading. What do you do?
  12. Доброго времени суток Доктор посоветовала Препараты Регоникс (Regorafenib) - Regonix (Регорафениб)
  13. Приветствую вас Идет молва Высочайшее качество лекарств Crizalk Кризотиниб - Кризалик Crizotinib
  14. M4K3R

    Version 1.12D released a few days ago

    is it really pirating when you can't even get the game legit anymore?
  15. X!Chara

    Madness Project:Nexus mod Old Days

    this is yes
  16. ColonelPKA

    Interactive game

    >No armor Scrap that, aim for center mass (chest/abdomen) instead. More vital organs to target.
  17. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    You switch to your Five-seveN and start to aim at the soft spot of the man with the rifle (which is his head since he's literally wearing no armour) and fire, you end up missing 2 shots but you scrape his head again, but just by looking it doesn't look very deep.
  18. Zandermanith

    story mode Impossible Door [1.12.D]

    Try going into the game's Properties on Steam and "Verify the integrity of the files", that might work, but if it doesn't, it's unfortunately a bug that as far as I know doesn't have a consistent solution.
  19. PN2 in November? Maybe...

  20. ColonelPKA

    Interactive game

    Switch out the Desert Eagle for the Five-seveN, aim for a soft spot in the rifle enemy's armor and fire. Give them that to laugh at.
  21. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    Nah, that'd be a bit stupid if It did in my opinion
  22. ColonelPKA

    Interactive game

    Does switching to the Five-seveN take up a turn?
  23. M4K3R

    Searching for something to play?

    you should try out starsector its like mount and blade but its in space and you can be a drug dealer
  24. M4K3R

    sonic or mario

    bubsy the cat
  25. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    You try to shout "You picked the wrong guy to shoot, motherfuckers!" in the most intimidating voice you can manage, but you end up sounding like a stuttering confused mess, they chuckle then continue to fire hot lead at you. You fire your last two bullets at the one holding some sort of assault rifle you've never seen before, it only ends up scraping his head but at least the scrape looks deep? what do you do next? (Sorry for really late response, won't happen again, I think?)
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