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  2. Don't install this mod i canceled madness project realm mod
  3. i had one flaw in my plan i dont know how to get the full game so i only have the demo
  4. Yesterday
  5. So, I've been into Madness Combat for about 9 years now, probably 10. And ever since that Friday Night Funkin' Tricky mod? I haven't been too interested in it because I know one thing: the fandom is actual dog shit. And the mod brought attention to Madness Combat. Am I mad? No, not at all, Madness Combat deserves more attention. But along with the FNF fandom finding out about Madness Combat, it made 8-13 year olds obsessed with it. I'm pretty sure everyone knows damn well about that stupid internet rule such as 'Rule 34'. Well I've seen plenty of kids make a shit ton of weird art of the Madnes
  6. Last week
  7. that nice mod for Madness Project Nexus
  8. Because I download 2 times is said it harm my computer
  9. Oh ok thanks you I will download and see what will happens If it said harm my computer what will I do?
  10. I do not think it is, since flash player died nobody can play flash games on the browser, but on pc (offline) it is possible.
  11. It won't harm your computer, that's what it thinks. But in reality it's modded and it isn't a virus. So no need to worry
  12. Sorry bro is harm my computer got any safe download?
  13. Sorry dude is not working is said it could harm my computer got any mediafire was safe! please I love this mod
  14. Wow 2 years later..... Where is the REALM Mod!
  15. This mod also have a lot of new songs in Madness Project Nexus Story Mode Also This mod also will be updated too if a new mod come out.
  16. How can you played cause mine is said IT COULD HARM MY COMPUTER!
  17. Hey guys just let you knows I download this mod is said IT COULD HARM MY PC GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't believe here it said
  18. This mod is made by Коля Буторин His YouTube Video: Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10hQpdXCuoBA8bJe8uaCR26cF7RXjsKzK/view This is He said : If you want to transfer your sol data to new version but you cant do it because of onedrive, write me somehow... i hope this madness project nexus mod will be best mod of classic version )) I think i only one working on such things... I never saw any mod with such cool stuff. I hope i will add new campaign oneday
  19. Will there be DLC to the game? ( besides the soundtrack) A cool DLC would to add skins / reskins to the game or a weapon pack for arena and playground. Skins such as white hank, pink hank, or classic hank , all in one bundle ( or separately) or add more hats for arena mode As for weapons, you could add, tricky sign, ragdoll ( playground exclusive), and more throwable stuff. (PS: I have only played the demo of Madness: Project Nexus, So this is from a "demo player" perspective)
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