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  2. Look at the video link in description, of the owner.
  3. "Fancy little illusion might not be so quaint after I put a round through this door." One handing the pistol in his right hand he let off a quick shot determined to match as close as he could to where he found the original round.
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  6. I've noticed this really funny glitch, where if you go behind a car, and dodge backwards twice you can go outside the map. It's really funny but I hope they patch it.
  7. That mod is canceled. Old Days Mod has a beta download in the new youtube video posted by the creator itself.
  8. can you give me the Madness Project: Nexus mod Old Days
    1. ghastboy


      Can you give me the Madness project nexus-Mods-Project Nexus Forums link ?

    2. Haida


      Madness Project Realm is dead and Madness old days is by Kumagaro not me

  9. This directory dont work. I cant remember where i first dropped the mods. I formated my pc and now i cant seem to find the place to put the mods. Anyone help?
  10. If we could afford the money LMAO
  11. “Got it! Go ahead.” The door closes, and the scene seems to shift. The peeling green paint on the walls fades into a full coat of dark green, and the decrepit hall morphs into a new, cleaner version. The world before is gone, and this time capsule is all that is.
  12. I unironically want a Netflix adaptation of Hank's Legacy. Keanu Reeves as Christoff is a must.
  13. Dr. G

    okey people

    how to have follows
  14. Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix this.
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  16. oh god it looks bad the head is too fucking big and body too pls fix this shit.
  17. if you're in a "Clash" (2 melee weapons attacking at the same time) Mash the left mouse button. If you're in a grapple, you can do the same or mash the movement keys as well.
  18. Я объединила Madness Project Nexus и Raze. Изменения: главные герои, враги, оружие и музыка. Мод по-прежнему сырой, но я буду обновлять его. https://www.mediafire.com/file/g3987c9t7yl0ieb/Madness_Project_Nexus_%28Raze%29.swf/file
  19. Dr. G


    i wanna play it!!
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