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  3. Think the counters are because of really good timing, so pat yourself on the back for that. MERC Gunners are a pain in the ass, hit them in the back of the head with a thrown axe or a quick burst from your sidearm and they should kneel fast. Hirelings just kind of pick skills for themselves based on their class, which can change as well once they get good enough.
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  5. Title says it all. Replicated three times now across different patches, guessing that's the moment to submit a report innit? The unarmed Mag Agent who drops in from the roof in the third wave of Endless Train also has a penchant for doing his cool one-handed coup de grace, even though he has no gun so he looks like a doofus. I kind of like it though.
  6. video where i stucked. It also happens that in the story campaign on the street Sanford just stands still and does nothing go until you come for him, and then can run away to another place to kill opponents. (sorry for my bad english, I'm russian)
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  8. Hello guys, i come here because i wanted to know if anyone has any idea of how the hireling level up system works? I would like to know why i am able to counter berserkers charge attack even though i dont have the necessary skill unlocked yet. I also want to know how to beat the big beefy armored guys with double smg before unlocking tactical journey man!
  9. Alright so, On the Foundry map (I haven't made it very far into the video game), if you jump into the lava and kill yourself, you still have the ability to start the wave and you can start it but also be dead. This bug doesn't do anything helpful or really harmful but I was just curious of what would happen.
  10. The Flash version was only slow due to issues WITH Flash, a Steam download of the game wouldn't help the fact that it'd still be slow as hell. Also the new arena update in Nexus 2 (well it's just Nexus now, and the original is called Nexus (Classic), but point stands) adds the original arena map to be played.
  11. Hi, I am just wondering if we can get a steam download version of the original madness project nexus, maybe even come out with nexus 2. As we all know the online flash drive version is not FPS friendly hahah... but yea, this would be great I think.
  12. Now, heads up! This is probably a problem that doesn't apply to like 90% of the playerbase who owns this game currently. It's my fault for not upgrading my PC in like 7 years but, the frame rate (again this is mostly just a me problem because i have a shit pc) is like 12 fps on the lowest settings, and I reach the minimum specs for the game that are displayed on the Steam page but like no matter what size I set the screen, beyond like 800x600 resolution the game is unplayable, and lower has the same frame rate throughout but just a smaller screen size which makes the tiny text that was introdu
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  14. Help please, we are trying to play with remote play, and the Xbox one, and switch controllers wont connect, it's a mess. help please
  15. Most satisfactory. Any reading material is appreciated, the lobby is rather dry and don't get me started on the breakroom.
  16. He stirs, but doesn’t wake. Might want to try again.
  17. That's what I thought. Thank you ^u^
  18. The imprint system is not yet implemented. You'll accumulate them as you complete the Arena's campaign, which is as of yet incomplete.
  19. I've seen the Imprint system, and unlockable classes for your characters, and was wondering if it has been implemented yet, or is that being saved for a future update? I've beaten the game since the new update but Nada. I did have to skip some levels due to broken doors.
  20. It is unfortunate as I was going to sink some time into an experiment play through
  21. Yeah. You're not the only one. I wouldn't worry about it though. Probably gonna be fixed relatively soon.
  22. Hi, I hope this post isn't spam or anything of that nature. I just happened to notice my game updated from patch L to patch M. however this broke all of my options and my game entirely. I'm sure you dudes are gonna push another update to fix it but I wanted to make a post just incase anyone else had this issue and again sorry in advance is this is posted incorrectly or in poor taste Cheers!!
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