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For those hardcore volunteer testers who want to make Project Nexus the best possible game it can be. This club is beyond typical bug reports. We are actively seeking issues within the game by breaking boundaries and provoking errors so that Swain can fix them. THIS GAME WILL BE CLEAN, SO HELP US.

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  2. I don't know if this was seen already but I noticed that it wasn't appearing here. There is a bug that happens when you start up a new arena mode game. After the orientation fight, boss-man doesn't more nor does he talk at all. I've done the following to see what changes 1) restarted the game and a new arena mode to see if that fixed anything ( it didn't) 2) attempted to change graphics to see if that did anything (no) 3) uninstall and then reinstall the game (no) 4) attempt to push him manually into the next room. (he kind of fidgets but nothing else) if there is anything that I can do I would love to know
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    Welcome, Bug-Destroyers!

    Well I already posted two bugs that were a dozy to encounter a few weeks back. Really should have put them on the Discord but was not thinking at the time and members seem to be using this area as well.
  4. Good afternoon, gentlemen. I'm Swain, and I have the dual purpose job around here of: Creating the bugs you'll find in the game, and Destroying those bugs. Game bugs and issues happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's sloppy code or laziness, but more often than not, it's because some upgrade to Unity3D changes the way things work that the game engine used to rely on. At other times it's because it's impossible to predict every little way a new feature is going to interact or interfere with another existing feature. That's where you guys come in! The Agency Against Game Bugs is the first and last line of defense against a broken game. While I may be the only one with hands-on access to the game code and am therefore the only person able to correct mistakes, I still need helpful and dedicated players such as yourself to help me find the glaring issues that are keeping Project Nexus from being the perfect version of itself. So, how do we do this? Step One: Find those bugs! First we need to catalog the bugs in the game. After we are aware that an issue is occurring in the game, we can take it to step two. Step Two: Reliably Reproduce Bugs It's not usually possible to resolve a bug if we have no clue what's causing it. Putting together a checklist of things that will reliably cause the bug to repeat is essential to nailing down whatever is causing it. Depending on how game-breaking the bug is, this step might be difficult to follow. It is, however, very important! _________ That's it for now! I'll edit this topic with more instructions and clarifications when it's necessary. For now, welcome aboard! Swain