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The Swain

Version 1.09.a and 1.09.b Are Out!

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If you've got the Beta already Pre-Ordered, then you'll find we've added TWO new stages to the game! This is your introduction to the Mining Sector, where the nexus has dug out the foundation of the Science Tower above. There are a bunch of new enemy types to spice up your bullet-soaked adventure to put an end to Project Nexus!

Krinkels and I are hard at work on the final Mining Sector stage as we speak, so that we can get to public access ASAP. Catch you guys ALONG THE WAY!




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1.10A has been released it contains a new level Last Leg with the Ghoul boss fight. It also has new Halloween masks for Arena. In addition the piston bug that was present in areas such as the Fortress level is confirmed fixed so no need to use the ragdoll method to get past the piston sinking you through the floor. 

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Forgot to add about the piston bug fix.

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