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Found 24 results

  1. Mateusz

    bug Still going

    v1.10.b,In Interactive Mode when changed to Bandit Brute,Bandit Brute kept walking without holding the key 20181111_212038.mp4
  2. they just dont rotate its like they're dead(noticed a few mins later: apparently every fan(vent fans,the fan next to the pc where you can hire squad mates etc.) have stopped spinning
  3. giroexspress

    bug 1.10A sliding pickup bug

    Hey so for the moment never try sliding to pick up weapons cus if you hit a wall your character will seize up and become uncontrollable until they are moved in some big way (ie ragdolling or losing a corpus). this is especially infuriating with later murder room death traps especially the falling floor as you get stuck on the cover and then the quarter floor your standing on starts getting ready to fall and you gotta hope these schmucks can do enough damage to you to get free
  4. the three pistons before the first Sheriff room always stay out when you use the terminal again. If you time it to when they are extending out, then they stay out, but if you time it to when they are retracting then they retract one last time and then extend one last time before they stop. one way to get past this is to grenade jump on to the extended pistons but I haven't been able to pull that off yet, so I can't confirm that.
  5. SlygorTheThird

    bug [V1.09B] Boom factory pistons broken

    The bomb factory in the industrial zones pistons are bugged, when I try to stand on the one that leads to the bridge over the wall of flames, the collisions must be broken or something as I just kind of sink into it and get stranded at the bottom, unable to progress in any way.
  6. vulo365

    bug [v1.10A]Seeking asylum bug

    On the Seeking Asylum level, during the final battle vs Jeb, when he is fighting stays randomly on the same place and gets bugged.
  7. emersald

    bug [1.09b] buffed weapon mod bug

    well, in my opinion this is one of the most annoying bugs in the game, it happens when you mod a weapon very nice, specially rifles and heavy weapons, when you get a certain mod the weapon doesnt shoot and all the money you spend didnt worth it. in the next video you will see a perfect example of this bug. This m249 has 20 of damage and 70 of recoil, a beautiful weapon but look, it doesnt deal damage to enemies. i hope this get fixed because it cant continue like this
  8. Basically, after the truck crashes in the prologue I try to progress via the green arrows on the floor (this is after you lower the bridge over the chasm) when I step on it, all that happens is the screen changes to the next one, but hank no longer moves. I can't change character, I can't access the menus, everything just freezes up but like, the game is still running? So Hank is just stuck standing there doing nothing, once or twice hes triggered the back arrow and simply changed screen but STILL not moved.
  9. MeatBag

    bug The Fan in Murder Room 1

    It doesn't seem to be hacking up the cannon fodder that I shove in there. They die, but no corpse, or blood splatter happens. They simply vanish and the counter goes down. That was the highlight of my arena mode character. EDIT: When I killed a grunt by shoving him to death, and his corpse fell in the fan, his head was chopped off, and blood splattered on the wall. It works with already made corpses, but not with those who die by the fan, apparently.
  10. LuGamer011

    bug Elevator bug (v BETA 1.09.b)

    Hello, today I'll show a bug that makes my game in history mode un-playable. It happens in the version 1.09.b . The thing is, when I play the level The boom factory the elevators glitch making this happen. And I can't afford some level parts, like the bridge. Hope you can fix it! -LuGamer011 from Argentina. P.S sorry my bad english BUG IN BETA v 1.09.b.mp4
  11. vulo365

    bug [v1.09b]Flood control bug

    In the "Flood control" level final zone some objects for covering have some bugs. Besides, sometimes the guns can't be taken.
  12. vulo365

    bug [v1.09a]Interactive mode bug

    In the interactive mode of the game some characters can't pass through the doors due to their big size, neither through the biggest doors.
  13. skit mänsklig

    bug V(1.0.9b)Silenced guns dont shoot

    well i was surprised by the update 1.0.9b comin out so fast but i noticed that silenced gus dont shoot bullets anymore so please fix it
  14. There's no invisible wall to protect player from falling: No special moves needed, i just stepped here. This section is right after second valve, but maybe there's some more missing walls...
  15. I don't think they supposed to look like this. You know guys, it would be really good if you'll make changelogs.
  16. Lobones12

    bug 1.09.a arena mode bug

    I'm having some problems with playing some arena mode levels. So far, I have tried to play training room and murder room but nothing happens. I just load into the map but it doesn't start. Not even the wave 1 sign or skip button appears. And neither does the countdown to the fight.
  17. I can't destroy this power box in "Deep Storage" level, or I'm doing something wrong. I tried to shoot, use Nexus Bolts, throw weapons, and nothing happened. Also, clearing the room didn't help.
  18. Kill534

    bug [v1.07.a] Menu

    So, Ever since the last Alpha update, my menu screen in PN2 has been glitching out. There's no buttons on the menu screen and there's a loud distorted audio that plays whenever I appear on the menu. I also can't click or do anything but can only press the Enter key and just play Story mode, nothing else and nothing more. I've had help from Swain and Krinkel themselves but all the options they tried have failed and I was stuck like this forever. Again, this has been happening since the last Alpha update up to this day.
  19. Deimos

    bug Mag killing bug

    it very hard to explain but just watch this (beta 1.07a) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9tlJ5ipHhA&feature=youtu.be
  20. So I was playing the mission in story Inner City (first one in residential area) and I was getting on just fine until I reached the first part where you go outside (the one with the boxes to the left of you that you can vault over). When I was clambering back over the boxes Sanford was standing where I would end up once I had finished clambering. However when I finished climbing my character got momentarily stuck inside Sanford before getting ragdolled and launched over the fence and out of the map. I fell down and afterwards respawned in the area to the right of the door where you come outside from.
  21. I'm wondering if there are any plans to improve the enemy spawns in arenas with multiple rooms? The Arena mode is a treat to play, but one thing that's constant in pretty much every arena stage that includes multiple rooms is enemies getting stuck in whatever rooms they spawn in, thus forcing the player to go out and hunt them down! And after hunting them down, if there are allies in the room you were previously in, they'll more than likely already be in conflict with the new group of enemies that just spawned. They don't have the best chances at facing a G03LM on their own! There are a few random props/locations in certain stages enemies occasionally get stuck on, but the locations I've noticed are pretty much guaranteed are the bar stools in Club Advent and on the frame of just about any doorway, since they all use the same door model. I'm still having a lot of fun with the game regardless of enemies getting stuck or not, but I'd just like to know if any tweaks are gonna be coming in the future! Thanks!
  22. Is it just me or does Training Room 3.0 just straight up not function on Normal difficulty? It functions on easy. I dunno if it functions on hard or Madness or not since I can't get past normal. Upon entering the stage, the arena start text and such won't appear, the game will stutter periodically to varying degrees till after about half a minute the game comes up with a fatal error stating "Too many heaping sections." I also noticed when hitting Quit before it crashes that all the arena text appears simultaneously in the split second between hitting Quit and being sent back to the hub. Running the game on Windows 10 64-bit with a GTX 1070
  23. Mykelgames moat.gg

    bug [1.07a] certain levels dont work

    ok, well in arena mode, i enjoy it alot, its the real reason i like project nexus 1, but my issue with some of the arena maps is...some are broke, it kinda breaks progression when on maps like the murder room 2, or training room 3.0 some are broken for me, and most people say its broken for them, and i kinda hate it, this game is very much in the oven for some maps, the game itself is perfect but some maps that fucks with ur progression gives me aids, ill list the maps here: nexus projects, the murder room 2, abandoned outpost red skull, the murder room, and training room 3.0.
  24. Seancglover

    bug How To Post A Bug Report

    One important thing to do when posting your bug reports, is to specify the current build of the game, this can be located in the bottom corner of the game's main menu. post the current build at the front of your Post Title i.e; [1.07a] the next step is to apply a prefix of 'Bug' and then use the tag's to specify what type of bug you happen to have, this makes it easier for us to search through specific problems on specific parts of the game.