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  1. Strangerj

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    Initiative is yours. You stun the guy leaning against it, and he’s dazed. Knife him, quick.
  2. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    “Well,” Lyle starts, shrugging. “Wolfie here hates werewolves cause one of them almost bit his head off, Mr. Sei over there with the eyepatch lost it to a shapeshifter serial killer, I-“ Daniel speaks up. “Lyle? Shut up.” Daniel continues. “Right. Three weeks ago, something strange happened. Two somethings, actually. One: a small town in the Pacific Northwest ceased all contact, and sorta... combusted. Executioner, that’s you. Bishop will meet you there. Two: a skyscraper in New York locked down, tight. Then, yesterday, guy stumbled out with a bullet wound to his head, tattoos all over him, all symbols and shit. Hammer, that’s you. Any questions?”
  3. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    (Then let’s start.) A nervous looking man with black hair stands at a projector. He is Daniel ‘Danny’ Crowley, and he is in charge of briefing you. ”Ahem. Two items on the heat sheet today. But first, introductions. I’m Danny. I’ll be tech support for both of you.” ”Alistair Pascal.” Says a man wearing a forest green camo jacket and band tee and jeans. ”Emily Hawkins.” Says a woman wearing a splitter camo jacket over her shoulders and skirt and black dress shirt. This goes on for some time, and you meet, in quick succession: Harvey Blackburn, a soldier with a vendetta for werewolves, Travis Lyle, former governor candidate, Sei Misaki, a Japanese one eyed detective, Kazunori Kisata, a Japanese clairvoyant, and a navigator for Pascal’s team, Stephen Matterson, a redheaded psychologist who is absent, Fritzgerald and Nathaniel Brewster, twin spirit mediums, one with anger issues and a bandaged arm, and Eleanor Hawkins, sister to Emily, and very different to her. Well, go on, give your name.
  4. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    OPERATIVE ACTIVATED: DETECTIVE. SYSTEM UPDATED. (So, wanna start now, or wait for others?)
  5. Strangerj

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    “Set. And...” He kicks in the back door, tossing a grenade. “NOW! EISENADLERS, KILL!” There’s three ways you can enter. A window that would prove best for stealth is far from the door, and off the path. The front door, a excellent place to bust in and start killing. And the ever popular blowing a hole in a wall, forgoes stealth entirely.
  6. Strangerj

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    “I’ll go in back, distract them. You go in front, get as far as you can, and blow something up.”
  7. Strangerj

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    What you can see of it is fairly boring. Single story building with an antenna and a watchtower nearby. No guards outside, probably went inside to avoid the shrapnel. ”We should take it quiet-like.”
  8. Strangerj

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    You reach the station by dark, as said. “We could go in loud and fast, or silent and deadly. Which do you think?” (Roll for perception.)
  9. Strangerj

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    The tank’s moving away, slowly but surely. ”Yes, yes! It’s moving. We’re three klicks to the radio station. We’ll get there by dark.”
  10. Strangerj

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    “There’s only two of us. We can’t possible crew a Sherman. God... damn it. I think it’s moving away, quick, peek.”
  11. Strangerj

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    “Wallace bit it. Wally. Whatever.” Kellogg, having ducked into the same building as Carters, grumbles. “Any ideas, sarge? We’re stuck till that tank goes. If only I had my... Nah.”
  12. Strangerj

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    Further on you see actual buildings, not just piles of rubble. You hear the familiar rumbling of the tank’s dreaded threads. ”Duck into a building, now!”
  13. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    (If the following text doesn’t clue you in, this is not a Madness RP, but more of a general paranormal shitshow RP, cause too much Powerwolf.) Something is coming. Something bad. Something supernaturally bad. Something purely evil. They call it: The Black Angel. But it has many more names: the Peacock Angel, The Purifier, the True God. They themselves are the Brotherhood of True Dreamers. That is, of course, where you come in. You stop these assholes from destroying us all. The Office Of Special Liaisons, also known as Saint-Lawrence’s Order, deals with the unexplainable, the weird, the odd, all that and more. Currently, they’re facing a DEFCON 1: an unknown force attempting to bring about mass chaos and destruction. A threat even fully staffed teams would struggle with. Let’s do this. Character sheet: Name Callsign:: Age: Appearance: Weaponry: Superstitious? Yes/No? Rules: Everyone has 150 health. When it hits zero, you will be Downed: you can only heal yourself or crawl away. Rolls are 1-100. You have limited ammo in your gun, but infinite mags (I ain’t keeping track of brass spent). You can have two +5 boosts (or one +10) to Healing (keeping you and your allies in the fight), Combat (shooting your way out of places), Systems (hacking/magic) or Diplomacy (talking your way out of places). Link to Briefing and Characters/Teams: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HOfok-hEXqPX95IIad-feTfJFp3kcGa2V6PpvLqHwPk
  14. Strangerj

    Writing the War?

    Resembling armies mainly means weapons and tactics, I’d say. And that makes sense. From what we’ve seen they’re basically the military industrial complex down to a T, big, bulky, terrifying. I’d say the main trio also has the advantage of being ‘lone attackers’, i.e. they can slip into places without needing twenty logistics guys, and wreak merry Hell on them. I’d say the AAHW is great for all out war, but not one-on-one combat. Their strength would be numbers, and the A-AAHW’s is flexibility.
  15. Strangerj

    The Trenches of Nevada [RP]

    No medical items are found. ”The unknown soldier, I suppose. Alas, we hardly knew them. May they rest eternally.”