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  1. Here is a free space to ask or comment about whatever you feel like so long as it pertains to resources or aspects of NFRP 2nd Edition I do have a Discord specifically for NFRP, but its access is limited to those I have met and have personally given a link.
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    NFRP 2nd Edition

    WELCOME! To the much anticipated [And very late] 2nd Edition of the Nexus Factions Role Play! For those that have seen or played in the 1st NFRP, you will be pretty familiar with the rules of this new Edition. However, there have been a multitude of changes, enhancements and tweaks to the existing systems of playing. For which, I will provide a link to the 2nd Edition Master Sheet [NFRP 2nd Edition Master Sheet] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lw31TsaGrf6CQ0XMI1MVBfq8kS88KSmYed2CS6nyzuU/edit?usp=sharing It is recommended that all players read through the 'How 2 Things' sheet to get an understanding of the systems that are in uses for this Role Play. Player Requirements I do not expect players to be completely serious 100% of the time, but do not join if you wish to make the entire game a meme show of ridiculousness. There are other Role Plays for that and are more tooled for that style of play. Grammar: It does not need to be perfect. Your punctuation does not have to be spot on. Your spelling doesn't have to be bee worthy. But please, things will be much easier for all of us and for your character if your intentions are understood by everyone; at the very least the GM. The less time spent deciphering your English the more time can be spent playing the game. Meta-Gaming: Just don't do it. Taking the fun out of an experience that would be suspenseful for your character takes the fun out of everything for everyone. If you have a problem, a question or a comment with/about the Role Play: Whether it is with a mistake with Loot, the unfairness of a battle or if an NPC is not to your liking; DO NOT POST IN THE MAIN ROLE PLAY THREAD [This Thread] ABOUT IT! Please Direct Message me on the forums or contact me through Discord and discuss it with me personally. There will also be a thread in 'The Junkyard' for such concerns. Perma-Death: Your player will die if he or she dies in combat. All players get ONE free Revive, all others must be found or purchased in game. Do not kill other players as a joke and do not rush into battles willy-nilly [This last one is more of a suggestion. If your player dies and you do not have a Revive you will have to make a new character and start from the beginning just as a new player would.] DBAA: Don't Be An Asshole. Do not pick on or otherwise antagonize other Players outside of character. We're here to de-stress and have a good time. The less Political/Social/Personal issues we have in play the better time all of us will have. Tampering with Character Inventory Sheets: If you try to add items that you have not looted, give your character attributes and skills they did not earn or otherwise falsify information on your Character Inventory at any time this will result in an instant ban from the Role Play. Mistakes are tolerable. Knowingly Cheating is not. Sheets will be monitored by the GM as well as trusted Moderators. Posting: Post at your convenience. If the GM is active, please allow at least 10 minutes before contacting the GM about your post. The GM will get to it when it is possible. If your Post gets skipped for any reason, please kindly remind the GM and the GM will respond to it. Please do not spam. Posting with conversations with other players is encouraged but do not take up the time of the whole Role Play for idle chatter. Adding New Content: If you have a request for a Feature, Armour, Weapon, Consumable, Skill or Enemy, please look first to see if it has been implemented. If not, make a post about it in the Comment Thread in the Junkyard and the GM will see about implementing it. Creating a Character At the bottom of the NFRP 2nd Edition Master Sheet will be a link to a sheet by the name of "Character Inventory Sheet Key" 1) Copy this Sheet 2) Add a name for your Character 3) Re-Title the Sheet in the name of your Character 3a) [Adding a Backstory and Appearance of your Character is completely optional but appreciated. At the very bottom of the sheet there will be space to do this. Please do not edit the main structure of the sheet too much. For the sanity of the GM] 4) Send the link of your Character Sheet to the GM. The GM will then approve your sheet or give you a suggestion on your sheet. Your character will start with: 1 Revive Token [After death in battle or otherwise, you will revive 6 hours later or at the morning of the next day.] 500 Nexus Notes [The Currency of the Nexus] 3 Talent Points [Can be added to any Talent Attribute. (These starting points have no restrictions. Put them where ever you choose)] YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING YOUR INVENTORY SHEET! The Plot (...Finally) You are a simple Survivor You do not know much about what has happened to this world that has turned it into such a Wasteland But you do know that you are fed up with just being a simple civilian, a survivor hanging on day to day. It is time to change. The AAHW has set up an HQ at the far North East Sector of the city. The Fight with the Anti-AAHW in the City of SIN has prompted them to loot your city for all the resources they can find. Stay out of their territory and they will not pay any mind to you. But they have lots of valuable goodies ripe for the taking, only if you are strong, brave and smart enough to take them. Their territory will constantly expand to the South West, Day by Day. Likewise, all other Factions will be expanding their territory. The more territory your faction has, the more Members, Weaponry, Armour and Consumables will be available to you at your Base. The City, a large metropolis, takes 16 hours to walk across without interruptions. The middle of the city is the Financial District. The East of the city is the Industrial District. The North is the High End Residency. The West is a Commercial District of large shopping malls, shops and smaller homes. The South district is Lower Income Housing. Surrounding the city, and taking up the lower Southern District are The Slums The Night Time: No one will be outside of their safezones. Because the night is owned by the Darkness. If you chose to leave your base at night, all Experience, Nexus Notes and Blood Tags will be doubled. The Day Time Lasts: 14 Hours The Night Lasts: 10 Hours Choose between the following factions to Start off allied to. Bandits A Faction of many Factions. Numerous, Low Resources, Large Territory Area, Large amount of members. Chaotic Members. Constant Infighting. Somewhat Safe Zones Enemies to most alliances Most prominent in the South East and Southern areas of the city. MERCs A militant faction. Mercenaries that are paid to fight for other Factions. This Faction will take 20% of your Nexus Notes after each mission you do for them. Heavily Equipped. Lots of Safe Zones. Lots of Vendors with Lots of weapons and armour. Generally friendly but suspicious of all new members and passersby. Unofficial Alliance with the AAHW Most Prominent in the North West, West and Central Areas. Random Civilian Faction A faction of which you are the leader or a valuable member of. Low Resources. Few Members. Almost No Equipment. Small Safe Zone. But you dictate the growth or destruction of this Alliance. Scattered throughout the City, in all Districts. As you progress through the world you will find other factions, big and small. Alliances or Wars with these alliances are commonplace. Choose your friends wisely else they will choose others over you. [As you start, you will receive a sort of tutorial where you will obtaining your starting weapons and get a handle on what your faction is all about. The world you are in is large, dangerous and filled with loot and mystery.]
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    [Did not realize you posted so long ago. Sorry about that.] "Yes, that will be all. Thank you for your time." At which point you were whisked off to where ever you were. It was much like a blink. At one moment you were stood in that weird room, the next you were back. [I think that is about all that I needed to test. Once I get more of the sheets filled out I can start the actual Role Play]
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    Ignoring the question, Mr Suit takes the last weapon which was slung off his opposite shoulder: the Dragunov. Miss Seer jots down a few more notes before saying: "It is necessary. It'll be over in a bit." But doesn't elaborate any further. Mr Suit then fires 1 round into your chest 1 bullets make contact Each bullet does 45 Damage You armour absorbs 15 Each bullet does 30 damage * torso multiplier = 30 Damage You health is now at 30/60Hp {So, one shot from a weapon of that high a level will kill you in 2 shots, baring your deflection stat (which is not an absolute)}
  5. ArgentCosmonaut


    "As in, that it is a proper counter against the specific armour you are wearing. Just powerful enough, as it were." Miss Seer said. At which point, Mr Suit fired another burst at your head. 3 bullets make contact Each bullet does 18 Damage You armour absorbs 15 Each bullet does 3 damage * headshot multiplier = 18 Damage You health is now at 42/60Hp
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    Totals: Absorption: 15 Damage Deflection: 17% Stamina: +1 [+1 Meters of movement] Stealth: 4 Appearance: 4 Vigor: 2 [+10 Health] Luger P08 [D 5 | R 24 | Mg 8] SR-3 [D 18 | R 40 | Mg 20] Dragunov [D 45 | R 95 | Mg 10] "Miss Seer. And to answer your questions, it was all decided at random. You and the armour were just as likely to be chosen as not to be chosen. As for your arrival here, certain secrets must be held, but it wouldn't be entirely false to say that you are both 'are' and 'are not' here." Mr. Suit dropped the Luger, the weapon disappearing the moment it touched the ground, and then took the SR3 off of his shoulder and readied it. He fires one burst from the weapon [3 Bullets] at your chest 1 bullet does 18 damage - 15 absorbtion from armour Each bullet does 3 damage * 3 bullets = 9 Damage 60 HP - 9 damage = 51/60HP left Mr. Suit nods and reloads the weapon. Miss Seer makes a few nods and says: "This weapon is a match for your armour."
  7. ArgentCosmonaut


    Another figure walks out from behind the well dressed and masked individual. It is another rather smartly clothed individual. A woman, holding a clipboard and pen "Mr...... Petkus," She says, looking down at her notes: "You are here for a normal testing of current reality testing systems. Do not worry to much. Any damages, whether physical, emotional or mental shall be as if they never happened. And yes, Mr. Suit here is to conduct the testing. I am here to take notes. It's not science unless you gather valid data, afterall." 'Mr. Suit' readies the Luger again, this time firing at your head, with amazing accuracy and every bullet hitting without head to the deflection stat of your helmet. Ballistic protects 90% of all damage no matter how weak the weapon. Luger does 5 damage * .1 = .5 damage per bullet. [Round up to 1 Dmg] Every bullet does 1 damage * Headshot Damage Multiplier (x2) 2 damage * 8 shots = 16 damage These shots ring your bell a little bit harder, the bullets bouncing of your helmet, but you are not any worse for wear as getting shot goes. Your headache soon fades and you are back to 100%
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    [At work and on break. Able to access all the files I need.] [How damage works depends on the type of armour you are wearing. Ballistic, Clothing or Heavy Armour. The type of armour counts depending on what part of your body the enemy is attacking. So limbs will depend on gloves and pants. Head will depend on the helmet. Torso depends on chest armour.] [Damage will then round to the nearest whole number that is not zero] He first uses the Luger, firing the whole clip without regard to Ranged points at your chest. Clothing protects 75% of all damage no matter how weak the weapon. Luger does 5 damage * .75 = 1.25 damage per bullet. Every bullet does 1 damage * torso shot damage multiplier of 1 1 damage * 8 shots = 8 damage. You receive 8 damage, but your wounds heal almost immediately and you are back at the full health of 60hp
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    Combat Helmet [A 4 | D 7% | Dur 70 | Sth 1 | Ap -1] Military Dress Shirt [A 2 | Dur 150 | S 2 | Sth 1 | Ap 5 | V 2] Military Pants [A 5 | D 5% | Dur 170 | S -1 | Sth 2 ] Combat Boots [ A 6 | D 3% | Dur 220 ] Totals: Absorption: 15 Damage Deflection: 17% Stamina: +1 [+1 Meters of movement] Stealth: 4 Appearance: 4 Vigor: 2 [+10 Health] In front of the newest individual in the test chamber appears a man in a black suit, wearing a gas-mask and a rather old looking hat. He has 3 weapons. Luger P08 [D 5 | R 24 | Mg 8] SR-3 [D 18 | R 40 | Mg 20] Dragunov [D 45 | R 95 | Mg 10] [I gotta get ready for work, so we'll have to pick up on this tomorrow.]
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    Alright, pick out some armour from the 'Armour Closet' and I'll pick out 3 weapons for it. One that is underpowered for the total absorption of what you pick One that is matched to it And one that is completely overpowered for what your armour is.
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    As for the overhauling, yes, this is what I was seeking to do. S070, in fact, was a member of the original NFRP. And by plot, I'm meaning why the players have a reason for doing what they do in the world that has been created. In the previous Role Play, it was more or less finding a faction to follow and do missions for them, but evolved into turning into a wild fight against the AAHW as they began to take control of the city. Around this time, the roleplay died. The armour, is more of a test to see how damage will work in this roleplay compared to the old on. There was an instance where a member fought 20 bandits, all of which managed to shoot at him and land hits and he did not take any damage due to the class of his armour. I am trying to plan around this and balance it. So, a decent amount of the armour will be tested, all of which is up to your choice on what to take. Additionally, the roleplay is open to change. Meaning: Skills, enemies, weapons, armour, ect can be added at any time and found [Given time to impliment them and possibly balance them]
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    Yes, the Agility is a 'Talent' that you can invest points into. If you look at the 'Character Inventory Sheet Key' you'll get an idea of how they work. There is also a link to the 'Character Talents Sheet' that'll explain how they work in a better detail Character Talents [Complete!] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aDU2CGJRotZq5f1LrPn6l-HgAgwkyKsQsPHPnrqphRQ/edit?usp=sharing Character Inventory Sheet Key [Complete!] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tCKk4JgcSXpnL4GoDYOyLQYQ9QV31BwdgoHg558d3co/edit?usp=sharing And if you don't mind. Any character would suffices, but you don't need to use any. I don't know when this will turn into an actual Role Play. I need a few more active players to be able to move on with things. I'm also currently working on a few things in order to make the system more complete [Mostly just shorthand edits and bestiary conversions] as well as work on the plot of the whole thing before I can go into a full roleplay mode.
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    [In the actual Roleplay, there would be a check for agility to see that you manage to make it. Probably something low, around a 3 or so. But for the purposes of the testing here, i'll say that you made it.] You manage to climb up into the attic, the space empty, save for cobwebs and a window at the far end of the space. Below, the bandits have climbed up the stairs into the room you were just in. They fan out and break into the other rooms, searching them. They, however, do not notice the attic panel you crawled up into and eventually leave the building You have successfully evaded the Bandits, however, be careful as walking into areas could have you being spotted by them again. [And the chase went as I had planned it. Bandits are rather easy to escape from in general, so long as you are smart with your direction you are running; which you were. Now, I want to test armour on a player and damage that the player will sustain from lower to higher level weaponry from enemies.]
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    [Stairs do not require 2 MP, they just count as moving between rooms] The stairs are sturdy, enough so that you manage to make it up the stairs with a few minor squeaks. Just as you make it to the top of the stairs, do you hear the sound of many pairs of footsteps enter the room you just left. You find yourself in a hallway. Another door to your left and a door behind you, right above the stairs on a landing. You also notice a panel in the ceiling that would lead to the attic, 25 meters away. It will cost 2 movement points to jump up there. Going to the first door is 20 meters, the second door is 10. You are 1 turn away from evading the bandits. You have 2 Movement Points left. The bandits are 1 room away and will make it to you in 1 turn. They can move 60 meters every turn
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    [The power is currently off in the building. Sorry, i should of mentioned that. The light that you can see by is coming through some high windows] New Weapon Acquired Rusty Rebar: Damage: 7 | Weight: Medium| Durability : 20/20 The next room is a bit different, 20 meters square, in that it is in various states of destruction: The studs in the walls a bare, various amounts of wiring is poking out from places in the wall, debris is covering the floor. There is a staircase to your left. You can hear the bandits beating down the door, their voices raised again. You are 2 turns away from losing the Bandits You have 2 Movement Points left The bandits are 2 rooms away from you. They can move into your room in the next turn. [Sorry for all the editing, still trying to compile things in a neat way.]